SB Classes Vol#9

June 12, 2015 in Damaghosa Dasa by Riya

SB classes vol 9

NoD 7     Hearing and speaking Srimad-Bhagavatam is the

religious process which elevates one to the platform of serving and

loving the Supreme Personality of Godhead.”

750628SB.DEN                   Lectures                  227240/530501

atah sri-krsna-namadi

na bhaved grahyam indriyaih

sevonmukhe hi jihvadau

svayam eva sphuraty adah

Krsna, His name, His fame, His attributes, His activities…

Sri-krsna-namadi na bhaved… Namadi means “beginning from the holy

name.” So not possible… So if we keep ourself on the material

platform, then for thousand years we may chant, it will be difficult.

That is called namaparadha. Of course, holy name is so powerful that

even by chanting with offense, gradually he becomes pure. Therefore we

should not give up chanting. Any circumstances, we should go on

chanting Hare Krsna. But the warning is that if we keep us on the

material platform, then it will be not possible to understand Krsna,

His holy name, His attribute, His form, His activities. It will not be


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inquired from Arjuna, “What you have decided?” Arjuna replied, nasto

mohah smrtir labdha karisye vacanam tava: “Now I am quite in

knowledge. I shall execute Your order.” This is mukti. When we are

prepared to execute the order of Krsna, that is the platform of mukti.

Therefore it is said, kecit kevalaya bhaktya vasudeva-parayanah.

Simply by executing the order of Vasudeva one becomes mukta. Just like

master and servant. If the servant executes the order of the master,

he is faultless. If the servant declines to execute the order of the

master, however qualified he may be, he is useless. So therefore it is

said, kevalaya bhaktya: “without any contamination, simply ready to

execute the order of Krsna, or Vasudeva.” Therefore it is called

vasudeva-parayana. Therefore it is, in the Bhagavad-gita it is

confirmed, bahunam janmanam ante jnanavan mam prapadyate: “After many,

many births of struggling, when one is actually jnanavan, wise, he

surrenders unto Me.” So either you become karmi, jnani, or yogi, you

are not mukta. Mukta means, I have already defined, mukti hitva

anyatha rupam sva-rupena avasthiti. When you stay in your own original

position to execute the order of Krsna, that is mukti.

760515SB.HON                   Lectures                  227289/530501

he is liberated. One who has this fixed-up mind, that “How I shall

render service to Krsna?” and if he tries his best, then he becomes

immediately mukta unless he changes his decision. That is… Every

time is possible. Even one is mukta, liberated, he can be also fallen

down unless he is very strong in his determination. Maya is always

there. Daivi hy esa gunamayi mama maya duratyaya. But if one is

determined that “I shall stick to the service of Krsna,” maya will not

touch. That is kevala bhakti. If sometimes it appears that he has

deviated out of past habit, that is excused. Api cet suduracaro

bhajate mam ananya-bhak, sadhur eva sa mantavyah. But not intentional.

We should not fall down and deviate from our path of devotional

service intentionally. That will not… That is very great

criminality. We must try our best, kevalaya bhaktya.

760515SB.HON                   Lectures                  227299/530501

So this is the only way. Otherwise in this age severe austerity,

tapasya, celibacy, charity, and so on, recommended. Tyagena

satya-saucabhyam yamena niyamena va. These are the methods, gradual

process of transcendental life. But in this age, especially in this

Kali-yuga, it is very, very difficult, almost impossible. So best

thing is take to this Krsna consciousness, kevalaya bhaktya, simply

this understanding, that “Krsna is my eternal master; I am Krsna’s

eternal servant. So let us exchange our feelings of master and

servant. Then I shall be perfect.”

Thank you very much. (end)

760516SB.HON                   Lectures                  227325/530501

The whole idea is that we are in this material world. That is

miserable. Under the spell of illusion, we are thinking we are very

happy. They do not know is actually happiness. What is happiness? But

there is no argument for these rascals. They are thinking they are

very happy. That is maya’s praksepatmika-sakti, covering energy. Just

like you are seeing a hog eating stool, but he is thinking that he’s

very happy. But you are seeing, “Oh, what abominable life. He’s eating

stool.” So this is the position. Those who are advanced in

civilization, for them eating of stool is unthinkable. But for the

hogs and dogs, it is very palatable. This is the difference. Just like

we are recommending, “No illicit sex, no meat-eating, no intoxication,

no gambling.” So somebody is thinking, “Then what remains to enjoy?

Everything is finished. Life is finished.”

So according to different grades of person, the taste is also

different. You cannot expect that the taste will be the same. “One

man’s food, another man’s poison.” This is an English proverb. One

man’s food is another man’s poison. Therefore the society is divided.

That is scientific method, class. Catur-varnyam maya srstam

guna-karma-vibhagasah. That is God’s creation, four classes, men. And

the fifth class is almost rejected. Up to fourth class. First class,

second class, third class, fourth class. And below fourth class, from

fifth class, they are not human being. So taste of different classes

are different. But one thing is that in whichever class we may belong,

if you take to Krsna consciousness, then you’ll become one. People are

wanting unity. There is United Nation organization, but so long we

keep ourself on the material platform there cannot be unity. That is

not possible. Only in the spiritual platform there can be unity.

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Ivapagah. So here is one significant word, sura-kumbham. Everything is

washed very nicely. If you go to the river, you can wash very nicely.

But just see how much infectious is liquor that the any pot or any

bottle which was filled up with liquor, they cannot be purified. This

is Vedic civilization. How much condemned is liquor! Because a pot was

filled up with liquor, you cannot use it for any other purpose. It is

lost. Even if you wash it very nicely, no, it will not be accepted.

Finished. Similarly, there are many processes of purification; they

cannot be as useful as bhagavad-bhakti. Bhagavad-bhakti is so nice

that Krsna says that “You surrender to Me,” sarva-dharman parityajya,

“and immediately you become immune from all reaction of sinful

activity, immediately.”

dharmah svanusthitah pumsam

visvaksena-kathasu yah

notpadayed yadi ratim

srama eva hi kevalam

So there are different varieties of religious system, but if you

execute your particular type of religious system very perfectly but

the result, if you do not become attached to Krsna, your love for

Krsna is not awakened, then simply by performing such ritualistic

ceremony or rules and regulation of your religious system, if you do

not become develop yourself to love God, then it is all useless waste

of time. It has no meaning. That is the test, how to become, how to

advance in loving service of the Lord. That is the… Then you are

religious, you are philosopher, you are great man, you are everything.

Otherwise, if you do not awaken your dormant love for Krsna, or God,

then all such labor is useless. Srama eva hi kevalam.

750701SB.DEN                   Lectures                  227390/530501

or other. Do anything, but you remember Krsna. That is the instruction

in the Bhagavad-gita also. Yudhyasva mam anusmara: “You fight; at the

same time, you remember Me.” “How it is possible? I am busy, and I

have to remember Krsna?” Sometimes this argument is put forward. But

that argument is not strong. Rupa Gosvami has given a very nice

example that a woman, if she is attached to some man and she has a

fixed up time to meet the man at some place or at some hour, so she

may be engaged in household affairs very busily, but she is expecting,

“When that hour will come?” This is very factual example. The mind is

there, “When that meeting will take place?” Similarly, you can

remember Krsna. The… It is a crude example, but it is possible that

you be busy in so many ways, but at the same time you can remember

Krsna. That is wanted. That is Krsna conscious. We have no objection.

You do business, you do this, you do that. But if you can always

remember Krsna, then your life is successful. It doesn’t matter. Yena

tena prakarena manah krsne nivesayet. And if you remember always

Krsna, that means you are becoming purified. You are purified


750701SB.DEN                   Lectures                  227394/530501

rules and regulation. And another complaint I was hearing that we are

not taking prasadam, especially the grhasthas. No. That is not good.

You should take prasadam. Krsna baro doyamoy, koribare jihwa jay,

swa-prasad-anna dilo bhai, sei annamrta pao, radha-krsna-guna gao,

preme dako caitanya-nitai. Krsna baro doya… Our tongue is the

greatest enemy. Ta ‘ra madhye jihwa ati, lobhamoy sudurmati. The

tongue is the greatest enemy, and if you can control the tongue, then

you can control all the senses. Otherwise tongue will dictate, “Give

me this kind of food, give me this kind of food.” And if you don’t

take prasadam in the temple, then our tongue will dictate, “Now you

can prepare some nice food. Let us take it.” That will not help us in

our Krsna consciousness. Whatever Krsna…, krsna baro doyamoy,

koribare jihwa jay. Krsna-prasada means to control the tongue. Our

main enemy is the tongue. In another place it is said, sevonmukhe hi

jihvadau svayam eva sphuraty adah: “God realization becomes by keeping

the tongue engaged in the service of the Lord.” Sevonmukhe hi

jihvadau. The tongue has to be first of all engaged, not the hands and

legs. “I have to serve Krsna. So yes, I am ready. I am expanding my

hands. I am going there.” But sastra says, “No, no, no. Not your hands

and legs but your tongue. This is the one. First of all engage your

tongue.” This is astonish: “How can I serve with tongue? If I have to

serve, I have got my hands and legs, my eyes and I…” No. Sastra says

tongue. This is very peculiar. Sevonmukhe hi jihvadau svayam eva

sphuraty adah. If you engage your tongue… So how to engage my

tongue? What is the business of my tongue? Two business only: to

taste, or eat, and chant. Chant Hare Krsna with tongue and take

krsna-prasadam–you will conquer Krsna. This is the program.

Sevonmukhe hi jihvadau. So if you do not control your tongue, if you

feel inconvenient in taking prasadam, that means you are not making

progress. This is the… This is the formula. Sevonmukhe hi jihvadau

svayam eva sphuraty adah.

So in our other branches, all the devotees, they take together

prasadam. That is nice. Why one should be not liking to take prasadam

in the temple? What is the fault? No, this is not good. We should…

Everyone should take prasadam. You see still if you go to Jagannatha

Puri. Even outsiders who go there, they do not cook. Strictly, they do

not cook. They purchase prasadam. And if you go there, one thousand

men–because there are pilgrims, they are coming, there is no–you

will get immediately ready prasadam, purchased from the the market,

the Jagannatha Puri, still. And there is no such thing as infection. I

am taking your prasadam remnants. Whatever you left, I am… He is

taking. Even if you are outcaste, if you are not brahmana, still there

  1. Because prasada is transcendental. It is not material thing. So

one must have faith that it is not material. It cannot be infected by

any material things. In this way prasada should be taken. It is called

prasada-seva, not “prasada enjoyment.” Seva means giving service.

Prasada is as good as Krsna; therefore prasada should be respected as

good as Krsna. As soon as one gets prasadam, immediately he touches on

the head because it is Krsna, absolute. In this way we have to be

trained up as it is prescribed in the sastras.

So those who are attached to Krsna consciousness movement and those

who are attached to the service, they should take prasadam,

first-class prasadam. Everyone likes the taste of the prasadam. I used

to go in my household life to take prasadam in the temples and pay

them. I used to do that. And I used to go… Especially in Sri

Ramapur, there are two temples, one of Jagannatha and one of

Radha-Vallabhaji. So it was very nice. On Sunday I used to go to take

prasadam. So you should be habituated to prasadam as far as possible

unless you are very sick, you cannot take. That is different.

Otherwise you should take it. Sevonmukhe hi jihvadau. Then we will

remember Krsna, and that will keep us fit and immune from all

infection of material miserable condition.

760518SB.HON                   Lectures                  227403/530501

ayam loke panthah ksemo ‘kuto-bhayah. First of all we are so ignorant

that we do not know what is the aim of life. The modern education,

modern civilization, they are so much misled that they do not know

what is the aim of… Ask anybody, very learned scholar, scientist,

philosopher, or medical man, engineer, lawyer, that “What is the aim

of life?” Nobody knows. They think aim of life–eat, drink, be merry,

and enjoy, that’s all. This is aim of life. So that is not the aim of

life. That eat, drink, be merry and enjoy, that is being done by the

cats and dogs and hogs. So do you mean to say that this human form of

life is also meant for that purpose? No. Human life is meant for

understanding “What I am? What is God? What is relationship with God?

Why I am here in this material world? Why I am suffering?” These are

the questions for human life. Eating, sleeping, mating, that is wanted

because we have got this body. So suppose there is car and a driver.

So the petrol and grease, these things are required for the car. But

you cannot eat petrol and grease and live. That is not possible. You

have to eat something else. So we are thinking that the bodily

necessities, petrol and grease, is my food(?). That is the mistake.

So therefore they do not know what is the aim of life, and the

nature’s law is, unless you come to the point of understanding what is

the aim of life, the nature will go on punishing you in so many ways.

Little mistake, you’ll be punished. Daivi hy esa gunamayi mama maya

duratyaya. We have come to this material world, disobeying the Supreme

Personality of Godhead. So just like police: as soon as you become

outlaw, the police will take you and the police will go on punishing

you unless you become lawful. This is the… So without understanding

“Why I am put into the jail?” if I simply think that “It is all right.

Let me remain here and suffer the punishment,” jail life is not for

happiness. That is, everyone knows. Jail life is for punishment.

Similarly, in this material world everything is punishment, but by the

illusory energy you are thinking, “This is all right.” Every step

there is punishment. Just study your life or my life. What is that?

That beginning from the womb of my mother, when the body is formed,

the soul, spirit soul, is injected in the womb of the woman, and then

the formation of the body takes place. So the body grows. And now

imagine when we are in the womb of the mother, how much difficult

position packed up in a bag, airtight bag. If we, at the present

moment, if I put into some airtight condition, within three minutes I

shall die. Within three minutes. But similarly, just like packed the

child remains within the womb of the mother. It is very, very painful.

But by the grace of God he lives. He lives. Otherwise it is

suffocating. Just imagine if you are put in a airtight box, tied up,

hands and legs. How long you can live? So we remain in that condition,

unconscious stage. Then, when the body is formed, we get our

consciousness. Therefore at the age when the child is seven years, er,

seven months old, it moves because he feels the pains.

So in this way we have to remain within the womb of the mother. And

when the body is formed, time is right, then by nature’s way the child

comes out. But he forgets that “I was in such condition. Now I am

relieved.” But he forgets. The mother or the father or the relative

takes him. Bhaktivinoda Thakura has sung these different conditions.

So we forget. That is spell of maya. Then, even in this childhood,

there are so many pains. Just like our… Here are children. They are

crying. There is some pain. But we cannot understand what is the pain.

Suppose some bug is biting. He’s crying and mother is thinking that

“He is hungry, so he’s not stopping. So just…” Our point is: just

try to study this life, how much painful it is. This is the human body

and what to speak of the dog’s body, cat’s body? You study very

minutely. You’ll find, from the beginning of my life in the womb of my

mother up to the death point, simply miseries. Simply miseries.

700115SB.LA                    Lectures                  227414/530501

Maya has got two things: avaranatmika and praksepatmika.

Avaranatmika means just like a dog or a hog, he is in a, encaged in a

body, eating stool, living in a very filthy place, but still, the hog

is feeling himself that he is happy, he’s happy. This is called

avaranatmika-sakti. Any abominable condition we may live, but maya

will cover our intelligence and we will think that we are living very

nice. This is called avaranatmika-sakti. Otherwise he cannot live. If

an animal or a dog or hog thinks that he’s in most abominable

condition of life, then he cannot live. But he enjoys. A dog is

chained up by the master, but he thinks that he’s very happy. He does

not think that “I am completely dependent and I am chained up. I have

no independence, I cannot freely move.” Even his chain is taken away,

he wants to be chained. This is maya. In any condition of life,

everyone thinks that he’s happy. But actually he does not know what is

happiness. This is called maya.

700115SB.LA                    Lectures                  227419/530501

So literatures also, there are different kinds of literature. For

the crowlike men there are different kinds of literature. And for the

swanlike men there are different kinds of literature. So swanlike

men…, swan means hamsa. From nature’s study you can see. The swans,

they have got a special qualification. What is that? If you give a

swan milk mixed with water, the swan will take out only the milk

portion, and the water portion will remain. That means those who are

swanlike men, they take the essence, not the adulteration. Similarly,

there are elevated persons who are also called paramahamsa.

Paramahamsa. The same example of the hamsa, swan. Paramahamsa means

they are interested with the essence of this world, not with the

adulteration. What is the adulteration? The adulteration is matter and

the essence is spirit. Just like this body. What is this body? This

…   So we have to utilize. The paramahamsa means they take the essence.

What is the essence of this body? The essence of this body is the

spirit soul. So one should try to understand what is science of that

spirit soul. They are not interested with the adulteration. Just like

the example is given: the swan. The swan takes out the active

principle. The swans, they live in a very nice place where there is

very clear water, nice garden, nice fruits, flowers, birds chirping.

You will find, these white swans are there. When I was in London I saw

there was a, there is a nice Regent Park. There are many swans. The

park is mostly flower, rose flower, nice park. So they are living

there. And the crows, where they live? They’ll go where you throw away

all nasty things. They will go and enjoy there. You see, the crows.

Why? Why the crows does not do like the swans, and the white swans do

not do like these crows? These are the different qualities. The whole

world is moving in different qualities. Therefore the quality of

goodness, that has to be acquired in human form of life. This temple

is meant for the persons who are in the quality of goodness, those who

are after the essence of the world–paramahamsa. And this, our Krsna

consciousness movement is also meant for the paramahamsas. Not for the

crowslike men but swanslike men, those who are white swans, trying to

live in a very nice place, clear water, nice tree, nice fruits.

…   So this Krsna consciousness movement is trying to create a

population of paramahamsa. That is our propaganda. We are not trying

to create a class of men like crows or cats and dogs, but like the

hamsas. Of course, it is very difficult. When you try to create some

M.A., pass boys and girls, their number will be very little. Because

anything valuable, the customer is very little. If you want to sell

jewel, in the jewelry shop hardly you will find one customer in a day,

or two customer in a day. But in a beef shop or a meat shop you will

find hundreds of… You see? So as soon as a thing is valuable, the

number of customer will be less. So don’t consider the quality of the

good by estimation of the number of customers. The customer may be

very little, but you should try to understand what is the quality of

…this morning we had ceremony, initiation. The second ceremony will be

for offering sacred thread. So one who has got this sacred thread, he

is called dvijah, twice-born. Twice-born. Once born by the father and

mother, and the next birth is given by the spiritual master and Vedic

literature. Vedic literature is the mother and the spiritual master is

the father. As in every birth the necessity of father and mother is

there, similarly, in this birth also, spiritual rebirth, there is

necessity of mother and father. The mother is this Vedic knowledge,

and the father is the spiritual master.

…also. So this man, Ajamila, contacted a prostitute. Dasi-patih

ajamilah namna nasta-sadacarah dasyah samsarga-dusitah. And because,

although he was born in a nice family, he contacted the association of

a prostitute, his sadacarah, his well-behaved life, became lost.

Well-behaved life… Sadacarah and duracarah. Sadacarah means those

who are following the regulative principles, they are called

sadacarah. And those who are not following the regulative principles,

they are called duracarah. So here it is said that dasyah

samsarga-dusitah. Being contaminated by the association of the

prostitute, he lost his life of well behavior. And what is that? How

did he lose his well behavior? Bandy-aksaih kaitavais cauryair

garhitam vrttim asthitah. He accepted the profession of cheating,

gambling. Bandy-aksaih kaitavais. Stealing, cauryaih, and garhitam

vrttim. Those are condemned profession. Now these condemned

professions have become ordinary profession in the civilized society,

but according to the Vedic civilization, these things are condemned

things. Cheating or gambling, cheating and speaking lie, bandy-aksaih

kaitavais. And stealing. These are condemned profession. But he

adopted all these things because he was associated with a woman for

illicit sex.

So illicit sex is so bad thing. This is the example. If we indulge

in illicit sex life, then we won’t care for all these abominable

actions. That was the example by Ajamila. We shall come to understand

later on that he was married, but he left his legal wife, and he

contacted a prostitute, and the association of this prostitute, he

became a thief, a cheater, a gambler, a liar and so many nice things

simply for maintaining the family. So we shall not take much of your

time. This is a long story. We shall narrate again next week. Please


Thank you very much. (end)

760519SB.HON                   Lectures                  227500/530501

instruction is also absolute, Krsna’s pastimes absolute. Everything.

That is Absolute Truth. There is no difference. In the material world

the name and the thing is different. Suppose here is mango, so mango

is the thing and mango is the name. So if I simply say “Mango, mango,

mango,” there is no mango. There must be the thing, mango. That is

duality. This is the world of duality. Absolute means the name mango

and the mango thing is the same. Otherwise what is the… If they’re

different, then what is the use of chanting Krsna? Krsna chanting

means Krsna, this word, and Krsna the person, the same. Therefore by

constant chanting means constantly associating with Krsna. Then we are

becoming purified. Purified.

700115SB.LA                    Lectures                  227425/530501

for offering sacred thread. So one who has got this sacred thread, he

is called dvijah, twice-born. Twice-born. Once born by the father and

mother, and the next birth is given by the spiritual master and Vedic

literature. Vedic literature is the mother and the spiritual master is

the father. As in every birth the necessity of father and mother is

there, similarly, in this birth also, spiritual rebirth, there is

necessity of mother and father. The mother is this Vedic knowledge,

and the father is the spiritual master.

750704SB.CHI                   Lectures                  227540/530501

Deity. This was still going on. Even one is very low in mentality,

still, if he is challenged that “You are talking this false. Now speak

before the Deity,” he will hesitate, “No.” This is India still. You

cannot speak lies before the Deity. That is offense. Don’t consider

that Deity is a marble statue. No. Svayam bhagavan. Just like Caitanya

Mahaprabhu. As soon as He saw Jagannatha Deity, He immediately

fainted. “Oh, here is My Lord.” Not like us: “Oh, here is some

statue.” No. It is the question of appreciation. So you appreciate or

not appreciate, the Deity is the Supreme Personality of Godhead

personally. We should always remember. So we shall be very careful

before the Deity, not to commit offense. In serving Him, in offering

Him prasadam, in dressing Him, we should always think, “Here is

personally Krsna.” He is personally, but due to our lack of knowledge,

we cannot understand it.

750704SB.CHI                   Lectures                  227542/530501

passion and ignorance, the ignorance and passion are base quality, and

goodness is first-class quality. So the human life means we are born

either in the base qualities… Nobody is born in the first-class

quality. One who is born in this material world… May be somebody has

taken his birth in the mode of goodness, but very rare. But maybe.

Mostly they are born in the base qualities, ignorance and passion. But

the sastras are there. Anyone can be raised to the first-class quality

by training. That is human civilization.

janmana jayate sudrah

samskarad bhaved divjah

veda-pathad bhaved vipro

brahma janatiti brahmanah

This is the process. When you take your birth, that birth is not

significant–a sudra, fourth-class man. Everyone is born fourth-class

man. So if you keep them fourth class and degrade them into fifth

class, sixth class, then how there will be peace? How there will be

peace? Therefore in your country, in America, they are now perplexed,

“Crime, Why and What to Do?” Because you kept them fourth class, and

they are going down to be fifth class, sixth class, how you can expect

peace? It is not possible. If you do not elevate them… He is already

born sudra, janmana jayate sudrah. Now you have to reform him.

Samskarat. Samskara means reforming. You are born sudra. You are

inclined to do something, so many things–intoxication, illicit sex

and drinking and gambling and meat-eating. These are all sudra

qualities or less than that. Sudras also, they abide by the Vedic

orders. Sudras also do not do whimsically whatever he likes. Sudras,

they are taken among the, in the Vedic society… Because sudras also,

they are last class, fourth class, they are eager to follow the orders

or the orderly things as given by the brahmanas. Therefore sudras, up

to sudras, accepted as bona fide classification. And below the sudras,

they are called candalas, candalas, fifth grade. They are also

mentioned, kirata-hunandhra-pulinda-pulkasah. Everything is analyzed.

So human civilization should be to raise the fourth-class man to

the first-class man. That is human civilization. But there is no idea

who is first-class man. Everyone is a drunkard, everyone is illicit

sex hunter, and everyone is gambler, and everyone is meat-eater. Where

is first-class man? There is no first-class man. All fourth-class man.

And they are being taught simply how to manufacture big, big

skyscraper, and every year, new model of car. Is that civilization?

That is not civilization. You may be advanced in technology. So

technology means technician. Suppose a man knows how to work in

electricity, in so many things. Does it mean he is a learned man? No.

Learned, first-class man, that is given in the Bhagavad-gita: samo

damah satyam sucis titiksa arjavam jnanam, vijnanam astikyam

brahma-karma svabhava-jam. These are the first class. There is nothing

mentioned that “electrician” or a “motor mechanics” and a…

(laughter) So you are misled. Therefore you are facing this crisis,

that “Crimes, and Why and What to Do?” So unless you take to Krsna

consciousness, how to create first-class man, you are doomed. You must

know this. Therefore, those who have taken to Krsna consciousness, it

is my request that you help your countrymen how to become… At least,

there must be a section of men first-class so that people will see.

They are appreciating. I know that. When I was going from Los Angeles

…   So one Ajamila was delivered by chanting Narayana’s name, you can

deliver many millions of Ajamila. The process is the same. The process

has not changed. Therefore he is quoting that itihasam atra

codaharanti imam itihasam puratanam. It is spiritual. It is not that

now the mode has changed. No. What was potent millions of years ago,

that is potent still. That is spiritual. It does not change. Therefore

it is said, itihasam puratanam. Although it is very old, but the

effect is the same, effect is the same. In the old times people used

to eat and get satisfaction; the same satisfaction is now also.

760520SB.HON                   Lectures                  227556/530501

duhkhalayam asasvatam. Duhkha means unhappiness; alayam means place.

Duhkhalayam asasvatam. That is also temporary. Duhkhalayam asasvatam,

napnuvanti mahatmanam samsiddhim paramam gatah. So this is place of

duhkhalayam. Any commonsense man can understand that Krsna says in the

Bhagavad-gita… You may challenge, “Where is the unhappiness? We are

very happy.” Madmen. Krsna points out, “No, it is not place of

happiness.” Why it is not place of happiness? Now, janma-mrtyu-jara

vyadhi-duhkha-dosanudarsanam. Why don’t you see the real unhappiness?

This is real duhkha, or unhappiness. What is that?

Janma-mrtyu-jara-vyadhi. You have to die. You have to take birth

within the womb with so much risk that even your mother can kill you.

Is it very happiness? At the present moment the mother… When the

child sleeps very peacefully, that “I am on the lap of my mother,” now

the time has come when the mother is killing the child. So is it very

happiness place? That you cannot trust even your mother, what to speak

of others. The time has come, degraded, that… Naturally a child, he

thinks, “I am safe now with my mother.” But the Kali-yuga is so cruel

that even with mother you are not safe. And still you say it is a

place of happiness? This is called illusion. It is not place.

760521SB.HON                   Lectures                  227596/530501

practical. Simply theoretical knowledge, no practical application–he

is not brahmana. Therefore Krsna said, guna-karma. Only guna is not

good. Guna and karma. Karma means some act. Suppose you are initiated

as a brahmana. That is not finish, that “Now I am initiated. I have

got sacred thread. I can do all nonsense thing.” No. You must act as a

brahmana. Then you are brahmana. You always remember that. They are

criticizing in India that I am giving a brahmana’s position to these

mlecchas and yavanas. You should be very careful so that we may not be

subjected to criticism. If there are so many foreign brahmanas in

India and I am making brahmana in the Western countries, if they are

still fallen, then what is this attempt? My attempt is futile. So

kindly be responsible, those who are second initiated. If you fall

down, then the whole movement becomes false. That is happening. So

kindly rectify if that is happening, that guna-karma. You must acquire

the qualities and must act accordingly. That is practical. Suppose one

man is educated as medical man, but after taking his degrees he is

playing football. So will anybody call him a medical man? He might

have the qualification, medical qualification, but because he is not

practicing as medical man he is useless. That is the sastra

injunction. Yady anyatrapi drsyeta tat tenaiva vinirdiset. If one has

acquired some quality but he practices differently, then he should be

called by the name of that practice. A medical man, after passing

medical examination–I am giving you crude example–if he is, he

becomes a football player, then he will be called a football player,

not a medical man. These are the sastric injunction.

760521SB.HON                   Lectures                  227599/530501

The Vedic civilization, the brahmanas, they used to live in the

forest, and the king would offer them some cows. So they will draw

some milk. And in the forest there are fruits, so they will eat fruits

and milk. And if the disciples go to the village, beg some food grain,

then sometimes they cook some food grains. Otherwise the brahmanas

used to live in the forest, drink milk and take fruit. That is

sufficient. There was no need of jumping here and there. Anywhere you

keep cows. And what cows to maintain? No expenditure. The fruits? The

skin thrown away, and the cow will eat. And in exchange it will give

you nice foodstuff, milk. Or it will eat in the grazing ground, some

grass. So there is no expenditure of keeping cows, but you get the

best food in the world. The proof is that the child born simply can

live on milk. That is the proof. So anyone can live only on milk. If

you have got the opportunity to drink one pound milk maximum, not very

much–half-pound is sufficient; suppose one pound–then you don’t

require any other foodstuff. Only this cow’s milk will help you. It is

so nice. And it gives very nice brain, not pig’s brain. So it is so

important thing. Other…, why Krsna says go-raksya? He did not say

that “pig-raksya.” No. “Dog-raksya.” No. Now they are interested in

dog-raksya instead of cow-raksya. This is the civilization. They’ll

spend millions of dollars for dog, not for cow.

So this kind of civilization will not bring any peace and

prosperity. You have to take Krsna’s civilization if you want

actually… That is human civilization. That is stated in the


bhoktaram yajna-tapasam


suhrdam sarva-bhutanam

jnatva mam santim rcchati

If you actually want santi, peace, then you try to understand only

three things. What is that? Sarva-loka-mahesvaram: Krsna is the

proprietor of everything. Just like we ask every day, “Who is the

proprietor of the sea?” They do not know. Theories. But Krsna said, “I

am the proprietor,” sarva-loka-mahesvaram, “not only of this sea.”

This Pacific Ocean is only one, insignificant. There are millions of

Pacific Ocean flying in the sky. So who is the proprietor?

Sarva-loka-mahesvaram. Krsna says, “I am.” You are not proprietor.

There must be some proprietor. So who is that proprietor? Krsna says,

“I am the proprietor.” You have to know it, whether Krsna is not

proprietor. He says, “I am proprietor,” but if you are doubtful, prove

that He is not proprietor. But that you cannot do. Or bring another

person who can claim like that, that “I am the proprietor.”

…   So let us (sic:) admission by Caitanya Mahaprabhu: krsnas tu

bhagavan svayam. Yare dekha tare kaha krsna-upadesa. Caitanya

Mahaprabhu’s, this Krsna consciousness movement propagana, what is

this propaganda? He says that “Every one of you become guru.” He wants

not rascal imitation guru but real guru. That He wants. Because people

are in darkness, we require many millions of gurus to enlighten them.

Therefore Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s mission is, He said, that “Every one

of you become guru.” Amara ajnaya guru haya tara ei desa. You haven’t

got to go foreign countries. Wherever you are, you teach; become guru.

It doesn’t matter. Ei desa. He says, ei desa. If you have got power,

you can go other country, but it doesn’t require. In whichever

village, whichever country or town you are, you become a guru. This is

Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s mission. Amara ajnaya guru haya tara ei desa.

“This country, this place.” So, “But I have no qualification. How can

I become guru?” There is no need of qualification. “Still I can become

guru?” Yes. “How?” Yare dekha tare kaha krsna-upadesa: “Whomever you

meet, you simply instruct what Krsna has said. That’s all. You become

guru.” Everyone is very anxious to become guru, but rascal does not

know how to become guru, a simple thing. So many gurus come from India

in this country, all rascal, but they will not speak what Krsna has

instructed. Maybe for the first time this has begun in Krsna

consciousness. Otherwise all rascals, they instructed something else,

some meditation, this, that, all cheating.

Real guru is he who instructs what Krsna has said. It is not that

you maufacture your teaching. No. That is Caitanya Mahaprabhu. There

is no need of manufacturing. The instruction is already there. You

have simply to say, “This is this.” That’s all. Is it very difficult

task? Father said, “This is microphone.” A child can say that “Father

said this is microphone.” He becomes guru. Where is the difficulty?

The authority, father, has said, “This is microphone.” A child only

can say, “This is microphone.” So similarly, Krsna says that “I am the

Supreme.” So if I say, “Krsna is the Supreme,” where is my difficulty,

unless I cheat others to become the Krsna or the Supreme? That is

cheating. But if I say the simple truth, that “Krsna is the Supreme

Personality of Godhead. He is the proprietor of everything. He is to

be worshiped,” then where is my difficulty?

So that is our mission. All of you who have come to Krsna

consciousness movement, that is our request, that you, all of you,

become guru but don’t speak nonsense. That is request. Simply speak

what Krsna has said. Then you become brahmana. You’ll be guru, and


Thank you very much. (end)

750706SB.CHI                   Lectures                  227728/530501

alternate day, not daily. One day starving, and the next day, a little

butter. But he was observing his regulative principles, taking thrice

daily bath and offering dandavat, what is called? Counting, numerical.

Just like we count twenty-five rounds minimum, so Raghunatha dasa

Gosvami was also chanting by counting. Similarly, he was offering

dandavat. You offer dandavat, the same way. That is also counting.

Sankhya-purvaka-nama-gana-natibhih. Sankhya-purvaka, keeping a

strength, a numerical strength, just like we are advised at least

sixteen rounds. So these things were going on. Not that because he was

taking little butter alternate day, he lost his strength. No. The

strength was all right. So the fasting means if you don’t feel weak,

then you fast. Not that you imitate Raghunatha dasa Gosvami. That is

not possible in the beginning. But it is possible if you practice, if

you practice. Nidrahara-viharakadi-vijitau catyanta-dinau ca yau

sankhya-purvaka-nama-gana-natibhih kalavasani-krtau. So everything is

possible. But that is advanced spiritual life. It is no use imitating

a higher authority, Haridasa Thakura. Just like he was chanting not

sixteen rounds, but 164 rounds. So that is not possible. Gradually,

sanaih sanaih, gradually, we have to practice.

750706SB.CHI                   Lectures                  227729/530501

impersonal. Then, as you gradually increase, then Paramatma

realization. That is meditation. That is meditation.

Dhyanavasthita-tad-gatena manasa pasyanti yam yoginah. The yogis, by

meditation, they observe the Supreme Personality of Godhead Visnu

within the heart. That is yoga system perfection. And above that,

there is personal realization, Bhagavan. So when you realize the

Personality of Godhead, then you become a Vaisnava. This is gradual


…dasi-patih, contacted and remained as husband, wife, or friend. So by

the contact of this prostitute, the result was nasta-sadacara, he

became lost of all gentle activities. Nasta-sadacara. Sadacara

means… Sat means gentle, and acara means behavior, gentleman’s

behavior. What is that gentleman’s behavior? That we teach, that “You

don’t take meat, don’t have illicit sex, no gambling, no intoxication,

rise early in the morning, take bath, chant Hare Krsna, attend

mangala-aratrika.” These are called sadacara. So on account of his

contact with this prostitute, although he was born in a brahmana

family and he was reformed up to the point of initiation, he fell a

victim. And as soon as he fell victim to that prostitute,

nasta-sadacara. Dasyah sam… Why sadacara, why he should lose? Dasyah

samsarga-dusitah. Because he is associating with this prostitute,

therefore the next sequence is that he should be bereft of all gentle


750706SB.CHI                   Lectures                  227733/530501

whatever people will give, that’s all right. People used to give

brahmana. So pathana-pathana yajana-yajana dana-pratigraha. A brahmana

would receive… People were very honest, that “This man is teaching

our children. He does not charge. This man is teaching me how to

worship, how to become well behaved.” So they have no scarcity,

enough. So he would simply use as much as he required; balance he will

give in charity. Not that keep in stock for tomorrow. No. That is not

brahmana’s business. Whatever is come today, I use it for my

necessities of life, and balance, I give to the poor or somebody else,

somebody else, somebody…, or make some festival. So pathana-pathana

yajana-yajana dana-pratigraha. So we require some income for our

maintenance. So this was the brahmana’s business. There is no question

of doing some business or making some profession or going to the

office or going to the factory. This is not brahmana’s business.

result. As you reap so you…, as you sow, so you reap. Therefore this

movement is specially meant for making first-class, second-class men

at least. Or even third class, fourth class. But what is this? You are

producing sixth-class, seventh-class, tenth-class men, and you expect

that there will be no crime, people will be happy, it will be

peaceful? That is not possible. If you want to be happy, peaceful,

then you must take this movement, Krsna consciousness, and try to

create at least a group of men first class. Just like we are doing

that. People will see their behavior, their character, their mode of

life, and at least they will be attracted.

750706SB.CHI                   Lectures                  227739/530501

Prabhupada: Anyway, so bandi. Bandi means now especially in the United

States, nobody goes out at night. No gentleman goes out at night. In

our Brooklyn temple nobody goes out at night. Just see. America is so

advanced in civilization, and the result is that one cannot go on a

street at night. In India it is so poverty-stricken. Still, even in

villages, they are freely moving, man, woman, at dead of night. They

know there is no danger. Still, although they are so poverty-stricken

now… You will be surprised that in 1942 there was an artificial

famine created by the government. People suffered starvation, and poor

men, they died out of starvation. But there was no report of stealing.

No report. One American gentleman went there, “If this is the

condition in our country, there would have been revolution. And these

people do not even steal others’ properties, dying starvation.” Lonely

man is going. He will arrest him, “Give me whatever you have got.

Otherwise I will kill you.” So this is bandi.

760522S2.HON                   Lectures                  227752/530501

So this is moral education, and in the sastra it is also said that

there are seven mothers:

adau mata guru-patni

brahmani raja-patnika

dhenur dhatri tatha prthvi

saptaita matarah

Real mother and guru-patni, the wife of spiritual master or teacher.

Adau mata guru-patni, brahmani, the wife of a brahmana, and

raja-patnika, the queen, she is also mother, raja. Dhenu, cow. Dhenu,

dhatri, nurse. Dhenur dhatri tatha prthvi, as well as the earth. Earth

is mother because she is giving us so many things, fruits, flowers,

grains for our eating. Mother gives for eating, cow gives us milk.

This is sense. But if one becomes addicted to prostitute hunting then

he will be fallen. That is the example. Then he’ll become thief,

rascal, cheater, drunkard, and so on, so on, so on.

760522S2.HON                   Lectures                  227760/530501

So we should be very serious. We should not fall down from the

standard of Vedic culture. If you are actually serious about stopping

this, manah sasthani indriyani prakrti-sthani karsati. This is

struggle for existence. In this material world everyone is struggling

to survive. But who is surviving? That way, materialistic way of life

will not help you to survive. That is prakrteh kriyamanani. Nature is

so strong that you must die. “I am very strong.” You may be very

strong, that’s all right. There is a, I mean to say, joking story that

one man thought how to avoid death–Hiranyakasipu. So he thought that

the Yamaraja is the superintendent of death, he comes to take. So I

shall make such policy that he may not come to me. What is that

policy? “Bring some stool. I shall smear over my body, and out of bad

smell he will not come.” So he began to smear stool on his body at the

time of death. So this is going on. They are making body very stout

and strong so they will survive. Nobody will survive, sir, unless he

is Krsna conscious.

Thank you very much.

760522SB.HON                   Lectures                  227772/530501

Otherwise it is waste of time. That is not the Vedic system, simply

waste of time. And if there is really talk between one philosopher to

another philosopher… Just like Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya and Caitanya

Mahaprabhu. Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya was a great scholar, and Caitanya

Mahaprabhu…? Who can speak about scholarship? So Sarvabhauma

Bhattacarya was defeated by Caitanya Mahaprabhu. He was elderly

person. There may be talks on philosophy, but if one party is

defeated, the defeated person, he must be disciple of the winning,

victorious party. But at the present moment we’ll go on talking for

years together, and nobody is defeated; nobody is going to be

disciple. Then what is the use of talking like that? So this kind of

things will not do. We have to follow the Vedic principle that either

remain without guru… And if you want to make a guru, first of all be

convinced that “He is fit to become my guru.” But generally people,

they don’t want transcendental knowledge. They want some material

profit. So if the guru can give him some gold, not all, then he

accepts him guru or the God or something like that. So this way will

not help us.

750707SB.CHI                   Lectures                  227788/530501

So Sukadeva Gosvami, therefore, he remained within the womb of his

mother for sixteen years. And as soon as he got out from the mother’s

womb, immediately he left home. You will read in Bhagavatam. So father

was going after. After all, father, that “This boy, going out. My dear

son, come back. Where you are going? Where you are going?” He didn’t

care. He didn’t care. He went away. There are persons like that. They

don’t want to be attached to this material affection. Mayara vaibhava.

These are expansion of the illusory energy. That is sense. That is

first-class understanding. Actually, there is no need of this material

world. Just like somebody says that “If all the prisoners become free,

how the prisonhouse will go on?” And is it a very good proposal? The

prisonhouse, as soon as it is stopped, as soon as it is closed, that

is good for the society. Why there should be prisonhouse at all? But

they want to maintain the prisonhouse and very anxious, “If people all

are set free, then who will fill up this prisonhouse?” They question

that, that “If all people go to back to home, back to Godhead, then

how this world will go on?” (laughter) That is their anxiety. But we

say the sooner you close this business and all of you go back to home,

back to Godhead, then everything is very nice.

750707SB.CHI                   Lectures                  227796/530501

So in the fire the soul cannot be adahyo ‘yam, it cannot be

burned. And we get information, as there are worms in everything,

earth, water, fire… In the fire there are worms. They are called

agni-po(?). Where is the scientist? But we get this information from

the sastra. Agni-po(?), worms within the fire. And Krsna says, above

all–this is also Krsna’s statement–imam vivasvate yogam proktavan

aham avyayam. There is kingdom. There is city. There is population.

Otherwise, how Krsna went there long, long ago, forty millions of

years, and He instructed this Bhagavad-gita to the sun-god? Vivasvan,

his name, is also there. Not fictitious. This is the parampara system.

Imam vivasvate yogam proktavan aham avyayam.

760522S2.HON                   Lectures                  227759/530501

knows what is that struggle for existence and what is the platform of

becoming fittest. Nobody knows. It is we are preaching. If you remain

in this material world, then struggle for existence will continue. And

fittest means one who has come to the spiritual platform. He is

fittest to survive. What is survival? Who is going to survive? Do you

mean to say that by cultivating health culture, big, strong, and you

will survive? Nobody will survive. So who will survive? Only Krsna

conscious. If he is strictly Krsna conscious, then he will survive.

Tyaktva deham punar janma naiti mam eti. The Krsna conscious person

who has studied Krsna only (?) perfectly, then he is fit. This body is

also… This body is not permanent, that’s a fact. But tyaktva deham,

after giving up this body, no more material body–spiritual body.


So we should be very serious. We should not fall down from the

750708SB.CHI                   Lectures                  227836/530501

you open a varnasrama college, there will be no student. Because they

will think, “What is this nonsense, varnasrama? Let us learn

technology. We shall get good salary. We shall earn money.” Yes. So

Caitanya Mahaprabhu immediately said, eho bahya, age kaha ara. In this

age it is not possible, varnasrama-dharma.

760524SB.HON                   Lectures                  227852/530501

So everyone is engaged in so-called duties but forget the real

duty. This is called maya. By the spell of maya we forget what is the

objective of life, what is the aim of life. This is called maya. We

are thinking this is our duty. No. Real duty in the human form of life

is here is a chance whether you want to go to home to back to Godhead

or again you want to go to hell, the repetition of birth and death.

That is your choice.

Otherwise why there are so many scriptures,

religious system, all over the world? It is not only in India.

According to the capacity of understanding, in every civilized human

society there is a system called religion. It may be Hindu religion,

Christian religion or Buddha religion–these are major religious

systems–but the aim is how to make a solution of the problems of

life. That… But because they do not seriously discuss nowadays the

religious propensity, tendency of the human society decrease. It has

become a also money-making business. The priestly order, they think

that “As others make some money by working hard, by professional or by

doing some business or working, so we shall also earn some money by

showing the church or temple or the mosque.” They have taken it like


Therefore people have lost faith in religion. This is the reason.

Because those who are in charge of the religious department, the

brahmanas, those who are in charge of religion, the priestly order or

the maulanis (?) or the brahmanas, they’re the same order, their duty

is to keep people enlightened in the real mission of life. That is

their duty. But if they’re also doing the same thing, sense

gratification, how long they can cheat others? Therefore people have

lost faith in religion. This is the reason. But that is not good.

Because the system of religion has become polluted, we should not give

up religion. That is our prime duty. Karamayi tasya eka bhusesya (?).

760525SB.HON                   Lectures                  227894/530501

So this is natural. Similarly, we have got a natural feeling for

Krsna. If you study thoroughly, that is called meditation, that “Whom

I love.” Say for the first time, I love my body. If there is some

danger I try to protect myself from the danger. That means I love my

body. So the next question will be: “Then why don’t you love a dead

body?” Suppose your wife or husband, you love, because the husband and

wife is in the body, dehino ‘smin yatha dehe. So I love the body

because the spirit soul is there. This is right conclusion. Otherwise

who is going to love a dead body? Nobody. Now if wife’s husband has

died, son has died, he’s crying. You can say that “Why you are

crying?” “Oh, my son is gone, my husband is gone.” “Nobody gone. It is

lying here.” “No, no, no. He’s not.” So after death we understand that

this dead body is neither my husband nor my son. Late experience. But

in the beginning there is no such experience. That is called illusion.

He’s understanding that this dead body is not neither my father, nor

my husband, nor my son. He’s different from. That is practical

example. Otherwise why not take the dead body of your husband or son

and keep it? No. That is not possible.

So it is clear that the soul is different from the body. But

because we are fools and rascals, we learn it after death. That is

foolishness. Not in the beginning. In the beginning the Bhagavad-gita

says, Krsna says, that asmin dehe, “Within this body, the soul is

there.” “No, no. I don’t believe.” Dull brain cannot understand. But

after death, he sees, “Yes. The body’s not my son. The body’s not my

husband.” So that is foolishness. The foolish person understands late,

and the intelligent person understands very quickly. That is the

difference. So I love my body. I love my husband’s body, my wife’s

body. Why? The real husband, wife or son is within the body. Therefore

we love. Then the conclusion is that the soul is important more than

the body. Then the question will be that “Why you love the soul?” Then

the answer will be “Because the soul is part and parcel of Krsna.”

Krsna says, mamaivamso jiva-bhuta. So ultimately the conclusion is

that I love Krsna and, because the soul is part and parcel of Krsna,

therefore I love the soul. And because the soul loves within this

body, therefore I love… There is no difficulty to understand. But so

long one is under illusion, he’s under the bodily concept of life.

Therefore sastra says that one who is in the bodily concept of life,

he’s animal. He’s animal.

Go-kharah. Go means cow and kharah means ass. I repeatedly say this.

So unless we understand that I and you, we are not this body, there is

no question of spiritual understanding or spiritual education.

750712SB.PHI                   Lectures                  227934/530501

So we should utilize this time to make solution of the life that we

are repeatedly dying and again accepting another body. So how they

will understand unless they come to the proper guru? Therefore sastra,

says tad-vijnanartham: “If you want to know the real problem of your

life and if you want to be enlightened how to become Krsna conscious,

how to become eternal, go back to home, back to Godhead, then you must

approach the guru.” And who is guru? That is explained, very simple

thing. Guru never manufactures idea that “You do this and give me

money and you become happy.” That is not guru. That is another process

of earning money. So here it is said, mudha, everyone who is simply

living in the fool’s paradise, manufacturing his own ideas like

Ajamila… Somebody has taken, “This is my duty,” somebody has… He

is a fool. You must know what is your duty from guru. You are singing

every day, guru-mukha-padma-vakya, cittete koriya aikya, ar na koriho

mane asa. This is life. This is life. Guru-mukha-pad… You accept the

bona fide guru, and what he orders you, carry out. Then your life is

successful. Ar na koriho mane asa. You rascal, you do not desire

…that. But if he makes addition, alteration, then he is finished. No

addition, alteration. You have to approach guru–guru means the

faithful servant of God, Krsna–and take his word how to serve Him.

Then you are successful. If you concoct, “I am very intelligent than

my guru, and I can make addition or alteration,” then you are


760526SB.HON                   Lectures                  227949/530501

friends, small children, but the girls are married early, so they go

to their husband’s place, thirteen, fourteen years. But because they

prayed to Katyayani when they’re not married, they prayed to Katyayani

that “Krsna is so beautiful. Please give me Krsna as my husband.”

Krsna is all-attractive, so Krsna fulfilled their desire, and that is

vastranam. Of course, these things are not to be publicly discussed,

but still you are little interested in Krsna.

760526SB.HON                   Lectures                  227952/530501

wants apartment. Ato grha. Grha means apartment. So long he remains

brahmacari there is no need of apartment. He can dine right out on the

street. (laughter) But as soon as they’re joined together, immediately

apartment, grha. Then how to maintain the apartment? Then he must have

land. Because formerly there was no industry. Everyone must produce

his own food by tilling the field. So to produce food he must have

some land. So land was available, still available. One can produce.

But they have left that process of livelihood. They are taking to


701215SB.IND                   Lectures                  227962/530501

So when he was just on the point of death, naturally he had affection

for his son, so he was calling, “Narayana, Narayana, Narayana,

Narayana, please come here, please come here.” That is natural. I know

my father, when he was dying, so I was not at home. So he lived for

one day to see me. He was always inquiring “Whether Abhay has come

back, come back,” like that. So by the paternal affection he showed

that. Similarly, the Ajamila was also calling, “Narayana, Narayana.”

And in the Bhagavad-gita it is said, yam yam vapi smaran bhavam

tyajaty ante kalevaram. This practice means at the time of death if

one can remember Krsna, Narayana, then the whole life is successful.

At the time of death. Because the mentality, status of the mind at the

time of death, will carry him to the next life. Just like the flavor

is carried by the air, similarly, my mentality will carry me to a

different type of body. If I have created my mentality like Vaisnava,

pure devotee, then I shall immediately transfer to Vaikuntha. If I

created my mind as an ordinary karmi, then I will have to stay within

this material world to enjoy the type of mentality which I have

created. If I keep myself as a businessman, doing business…

Naturally it is done so. One gentleman in Calcutta, he was a very big

businessman, and he was dealing in shares. So at the time of death he

was crying, “Kamahatti, Kamahatti shares.” Kamahatti shares at that

time was very popular to the people. So at the time of his death the

result will be that he might have taken his birth as a rat in the

Kamahatti mill. It is possible. At the time of death, whatever you

think, that will carry you to a type of body. Krsna is very kind. Ye

yatha mam prapadyante. Anyone whoever begs from Krsna any any benefit,

any type of benefit required from Krsna, Krsna gives him: “All right.

You are thinking like rat, so you become a rat. You are thinking like

a tiger; you become a tiger. You are thinking like a devotee, you

become a devotee. You are thinking of Me, please come to Me.” That’s

all. Simple truth.

   So by chanting Hare Krsna we have to mold our thinking power,

always thinking of Krsna. If you always think… That is recommended

701215SB.IND                   Lectures                  227969/530501

Actually sannyasa means to fully surrender.

Nowadays in India there are so many sannyasis, some three million

sannyasis. They are wandering all over the country. They have no food

problem. Still, although India is considered to be poverty-stricken.

Either sannyasi or grhastha, nobody has to have problem. You have

created such… Simply artificially you have created such problem.

760527SB.HON                   Lectures                  227976/530501

you think that “I’m the car…” The car is dead. The car is moving

because you are alive. Similarly, this dead body, this body is dead,

already dead from the very beginning, but it is moving on account of

the soul. This is knowledge. It is dead from the very beginning.

Therefore in the sastra it is said that… What is that? I am just now

forgetting. Oh, apranasya hi dehasya mandanam loka-ranjanam. Apranasya

hi dehasya. Deha, deha means this body. So either it is dead or alive,

it has no life. Apranasya hi dehasya. Deha, he is not alive. It is

always dead.

701217SB.SUR                   Lectures                  228004/530501

So that practice is required. Simply by… Mahato bhayat. Here it

is also said, nisamya mriyamanasya mukhato hari-kirtanam. The

hari-kirtana is so glorious. If anyone at the time of death,

mriyamana, mriyamana, one who is just dying… In a Bengali proverb it

is said, parable, bhajan koro sadhan koro murte janle haya: “Whatever

you do, spiritual activities, they will be tested at the time of

death.” All your chants that you are practicing, this will be tested

at the time of death. If you can remember Krsna, Hare Krsna,

hari-kirtana, at the time of death, then you are successful..

701217SB.SUR                   Lectures                  228012/530501

They saw that they were not ordinary men. With four hands. Because

within this universe, four hands, only Lord Brahma has got four hands.

Nobody has got four hands. But they were four-handed. So they

understood that “They are not ordinary living entities. They must be

some extraordinary demigods or some upadevata, almost like demigods.”

Siddha-sattamah: “Or you are coming from the Siddhaloka.”

701217SB.SUR                   Lectures                  228038/530501

Revatinandana: It will all be one thing(?), spiritual into material or


Prabhupada: Material means when the consciousness is not Krsna. That

is material. The same example, that iron rod, if kept to the fire,

gradually it becomes warm, warmer, and at last it becomes red. When it

is red, it is no longer iron; it is fire. Similarly, by spiritual

association, your body gradually becomes spiritualized. And at the

perfection stage, there is no more material activities, simply the

760528SB.HON                   Lectures                  228084/530501

.. There is discussed in psychology also how this remembrance

comes all of a sudden. The example is given just like in a lake all of

a sudden you’ll find there is a bubble. So similarly, the mind is the

subtle matter. That is described in the Bhagavad-gita, bhumir apo

analo vayuh kham mano This gross is this land, bhumi, earth, straw.

Water is a little more subtle. Just like in land you can stand, but in

the water you cannot stand. It has become little subtle. Then fire,

then air, and then ether. This is the position, from gross to subtle.

And then mind. Still finer than the ether is the mind. And then

intelligence. And then false ego, and then the soul. These are the

different position.

So we have to go to the platform of soul. That is spiritual

education. But there are so many other stages. Somebody’s stopping in

the mind. He’s thinking that this is the final. Philosophy, poetry,

imagination, the mind mental… As we see that mostly your Western

philosophers, they are stuck up on the platform of mind. That’s all.

They’re thinking this is the final. So far I’ve studied only Socrates.

He has reached up to the point of soul. Otherwise, all Western

philosophers, they’re on the mental platform. So anyway, we have to go

farther, farther. So the dreaming is the function of the subtle body,

namely mind, intelligence and false ego. You’re not free, the subtle

body. So those who have no knowledge how material things are acting,

covering the soul, they utmost they can think of the mind, the

activities of the mind–thinking, feeling, willing, psychology, or

writing some books, some mental speculation philosophy. They think

this is final. That is not final. You have to go farther to the

intellectual platform, then egoism, then soul. That is described in

the Bhagavad-gita:

indriyani parany ahur

indriyebhyah param manah

manasas tu para buddhir

buddhes tu ya para sah

Krsna is giving all intelligence. That is, through gross

understanding, this indriya, the senses.

So those who are in the lowest stage of knowledge they are in the

bodily concept of life–the indriya, the senses. Just like cats and

dogs, they cannot think more than that. So, but Krsna advises, “No,

don’t stop here.” Indriyani parany ahur. Bodily concept of life, sense

pleasure, they think it is all. There is no more other. Those who are

little above the bodily concept of life, they find pleasure in the

mind. And farther, they find pleasure in intellectually. And in this

way the thing is very complicated. It requires very cool brain to

understand all these things. But those who are meat-eaters, they are

very troubled. They cannot understand. For them the subject matter is

very, very difficult. That is described in the Srimad-Bhagavatam,

nivrtta-tarsair upagiyamanad

bhavausadhac chrotra-mano-‘bhiramat

ka uttamasloka-gunanuvadat

puman virajyeta vina pasu-ghnat

Pasu-ghna. Pasu means life, or living entity. Pasu-ghna, ghna means

killer. So unless one who is killing himself or killing this animal…

Both are killing. The killing of the animal in the slaughterhouse,

that is gross killing. And another killing is one who is killing

himself without knowledge. That is also killing. He got this human

form of life, but without sufficient knowledge he’s killing himself.

Mam aprapya. He cannot understand God. That is killing himself. This

human form of life was given to him by nature’s way, that “Now you

understand God.” But he’s wasting time by surfing in the water. You

see? He got the chance of understanding God–he doesn’t care for that.

He’s unnecessarily laboring whole day in the sea, so that he’s

developing the mentality at the time of, you think of swimming in the

water, and the subtle body will carry him to the fish journey.

750714SB.PHI                   Lectures                  228099/530501

So he was calling his son, Narayana. So the parsadah,

visnu-parsadah–parsadah means associates or attendants–they

immediately came. Just like in your city, the police is wandering in

the car, and if somebody calls for police, immediately he is present,

similarly, the attendants of Lord Visnu, they are also wandering

throughout the universe and searching out somebody who is engaged in

chanting the holy name of the Lord. So if you chant holy name of the

Lord, they are very much pleased and they immediately come. That

happened to Ajamila. He did not mean Narayana. Maybe or may not be,

but he was calling his son. But the attendants of Hari, or the order

carriers, they took notice of the chanting only. That’s all. They did

not care to know by “Narayana,” Ajamila, what he was meaning.

750714SB.PHI                   Lectures                  228100/530501

So anyone who is chanting the holy name of the Lord, he is taken

care of immediately by the attendants of the Supreme Lord, especially

at the time of death, because that is the last moment. The account is

taken at the last moment. If you practice Hare Krsna, naturally at the

last moment you will be inclined to chant Hare Krsna. Yam yam vapi

smaran bhavam tyajaty ante kalevaram. It is so nice. If we practice in

this life chanting Hare Krsna mantra, then gradually my core of heart

will be cleansed and everything will be manifest: my position, my

duty, what is God. Everything will be manifest. It is so nice.

Ceto-darpana-marjanam. Because we are filled up with so many rubbish

dirty things, we cannot understand the science of God. But if you be

practiced to chant Hare Krsna maha-mantra, then your heart will be

cleansed and you will see things as they are. Ceto-darpana-marjanam.

And as soon as we are able to see things as they are, then our

material bondage is over. Because first of all I will see… People

are making research work about the bodily cells, how they are working,

and so many things, simply on the body. But as soon as you become

cleansed of your heart, then immediately you understand, “I am not

this body, so what is the use of studying the cells and atoms and this

and that? I am not this body.” Immediately. “Actually, I am not this

body. I am simply wasting my time in studying.” The same thing,

example, that I am in the car, I am studying the machine only. I

forgot my destination, where I have to go. I am busy with studying the

car. What is the use? You must know. You have got a good car. You must

know where is the destination, where you have to go. That is your

business. The business… Of course, it is secondary. If you want to

know what is the car, that is secondary; that is not your main

business. The main business is how to utilize the car and go to my

destination. That is intelligence.

760529SB.HON                   Lectures                  228114/530501

So this is the benefit of chanting Hare Krsna maha-mantra. Both the

order carriers of Yamaraja and order carriers of Lord Visnu, they’re

everywhere, just like the police is everywhere. But as soon as you

call them, from the police’s station they immediately inform the

patrol police on the car, immediately he comes. If there is such

material arrangement within the government, how much nice arrangement

is there in the supreme government?

So we have to practice this, that Hare Krsna maha-mantra. If we

practice, there is chance at the time of death repeating the same

thing, Hare Krsna maha-mantra. So immediately you are saved, not to go

to the yama-mandira. The powerful name, holy name is as good as the

Supreme Personality of Godhead. There is no difference–absolute.

Absolute means… Just like here if I simply chant “mango, mango,

mango,” there is no mango. Mango is different from the name mango. If

I want to eat mango, the substance mango I must have. So there is

difference between the name and its substance. That is

material–duality. But in the absolute world there is…, means

there’s no duality. The name mango and mango: the same. This requires

advanced knowledge. So there is no difference between Krsna the name

and Krsna the person.. There is no difference.

750716SB.SF                    Lectures                  228137/530501

So this dasi-pati, this is also significant word, “the prostitute’s

husband.” Prostitute means… They are, in Sanskrit, called pumscali.

Pumscali means they are moved by other men, pumscali. There are three

kinds of women: sairindhri, pumscali… In this way there are

divisions. So some women, they are very easily carried by men. So that

is not very good. Therefore I am instructing our GBC’s that “Let our

little girls be educated to become faithful and chaste.” That is their

qualification. No education required. And the boys should be trained

up to become first-class men, samo damas titiksa, like that. And

literary, Sanskrit and English, that will make them perfect. If the

husband is first class and the wife is chaste and faithful, then the

home is heaven. This is the formula. Dampatyoh kalaho nasti tatra srih

svayam agatah.

murkha yatra na pujyante

dhanyam yatra susancitam

dampatyoh kalaho nasti

tatra srih svayam agatah

Everyone is trying to become fortunate. Now, Canakya Pandita gives

three things, formula, “If you want to be fortunate, then do these

three things.” What is that? Murkha yatra na pujyante: “Do not give

any credit to the rascal.” That is first qualification. Don’t be

carried away by the rascal. Murkha yatra na pujyante. If you worship a

rascal, then your life is spoiled. You must worship a really learned

representative of God. That is very good. And dhanyam yatra

susancitam: “Food grains, they are properly stocked.” Not that for

your foodstuff, getting your food grain or earning your livelihood,

you have to go hundred miles, fifty miles. No. At home, you produce

your food grain and stock it. In India still, they work for three

months during this rainy season, and they get their food grains for

the whole year. You can save time so nicely. So these things are

required for happy home….and the third thing, most important,

dampatyoh kalaho nasti: “There is no disagreement between husband and

wife.” If these three things are there, then you haven’t got to pray

to the goddess of fortune, “Kindly be merciful.” She will

automatically come. “Here is a very nice place. I shall stay here.”

So this Ajamila, he was dasi-pati. He was a husband of a

prostitute. So he was not happy. He was attached. Another thing is…

That is also Canakya Pandita. He says, dusta-bharya. Dusta-bharya

means this prostitute. Dusta, who is polluted by another man, he is

called dusta. Strisu dustasu varna-sankarah abhibhavat. Therefore

human civilization must be very careful that the women may not become

polluted. Strisu dustasu. Dusta means she is not satisfied with

husband. She wants new, new. That is called dusta. So Canakya Pandita

says, dusta-bharya: “If the wife is dusta,” dusta-bharya satham

mitram, “and friend is satham, hypocrite, talking very friendly, but

he has got something, design…” That is called satham mitram. Satham

means hypocrite. So “If somebody’s wife is dusta and friend is

hypocrite,” dusta-bharya satham mitram bhrtyas ca uttara-dayakah, “and

bhrtya, servant, does not obey, he argues with the master…” Master

says, “Why did you not do?” “Oh, I am this…” No argument. Bhrtya

should be very silent. Then he is faithful servant. Sometimes master

may be angry, but bhrtya should be silent. Then master becomes kind.

But if he replies on equal level, oh, then it is very bad.

Dusta-bharya satham mitram bhrtyas ca uttara-dayakah, sa-sarpe ca grhe

vasah: “And you are living in a apartment where there is a snake.” So

if these four things are there or one of them, not all the fours, then

mrtyur eva na samsayah: “Then you are doomed.” You are doomed. Your

life is spoiled.

760530SB.HON                   Lectures                  228159/530501

So you have to understand from the sastra, sastra-caksusa. The

Vedas say that you have to see through the sastra, through the

authoritative sastra. With these blunt eyes what can you see? You’re

so much anxious. Everyone says, “Can you show me God?” What you can

see? What is the power of your eyes? You cannot see even your eyelid.

The eyelid is attached to the eye. Can you see? So how you can see

God? You’re so imperfect. Just like if there is some particle within

the eyelid, we become embarrassed. But the eye is attached. Why not

see and take it away? This is practical. So what is the power of your

eyes? You cannot see the nearest and you cannot see distant place. You

cannot see in darkness. So many conditions. So you’re always under the

conditions, and you declare “Independent.” How foolishness it is. Your

senses are all imperfect. No senses are perfect. You can use the

senses under certain condition only. I’m claiming “This is my hand,”

and as soon as there is some nervous disability it is paralyzed,


So actually we are claiming that “This is mine,” but you have no

right to claim it. You’re dependent. Suppose if you live in a rented

apartment, you cannot claim that this is your apartment. It belongs to

the landlord. You’re allowed to stay here under certain conditions.

You’re not proprietor. Similarly, this body is Krsna’s. What is this

body? Bhumir apo analo vayuh kham mano buddhir… It is constituted of

these things: earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intelligence and

ego. And Krsna says, bhinna me prakrti astadha: “These are Mine, My

things.” You cannot create water. You cannot create earth. You cannot

create fire. You cannot create ether. Nothing. So this body is

pancabhuta, five elements. So you have not created. Krsna has created.

So how it is your body? It is Krsna’s body. He has given you the

concession that you can live. “You can live peacefully. You can enjoy

the products which are given to you. I have given you food grains. I

have given you fruits, flowers. Or, even if you want to eat meat, that

also I have given you.” You cannot produce an animal. So everything

you are eating, given by God. Your body is given by God. Your mind is

given by God. And you, you also the soul, you’re also part and parcel

of God. So what is your independent existence? There is no independent

existence. This is knowledge. Not only that. Because you have

forgotten that everything belongs to Krsna, He is also sitting within

you. Isvarah sarva-bhutanam hrd-dese ‘rjuna… Sarvasya caham hrdi

sannivis… Again He says hrdi, “in the heart.” Sarvasya caham hrdi

sannivista, mattah smrtir jnanam apohanam ca. Everything is there.

701216SB.SUR                   Lectures                  228203/530501

are not this, not this. We are eternally… Just like Caitanya

Mahaprabhu immediately says, gives to you the highest philosophy,

jivera svarupa haya nitya krsna dasa. Tatastha-sakti jata acintya

bhedabheda-prakasa. In two lines He has given the whole idea of

jiva-tattva. Jivera svarupa haya nitya krsna dasa. You can explain in

so many books these two lines. The real identity of the living entity

is that he is eternal servant of Krsna.

750718SB.SF                    Lectures                  228274/530501

like if you want to swim in the water, you have to learn it; you have

to practice it. But within the sea or water even a small fish, he can

very expertly swim, a born qualification. You cannot go against the

current of the sea or the water of the river, but a small fish takes

pleasure going against the current. Tulasi dasa has said that to go

against the current is very difficult. Even an elephant is washed

away. But a small fish, because he has taken shelter of the ocean, he

can go against the current. This is the… So if we take shelter of

Krsna, then even the current is against, we can go because… The same

example: the fish has taken shelter of the ocean. Although very small

animal, he can go against the…

…pita-kauseya-vasasah. In Vaikuntha, people, they also dress with

yellow cloth, pita-kauseya, or this saffron color. This is Vaikuntha

dress. Kauseya, pita, the dress, garments. Kiritinah: “with helmets.”

Kundalinah: “with nice earring.” Kiritinah kundalino

lasat-puskara-malinah, “and very nice flower garland.” This is

Vaikuntha dress. Lasat-puskara-malinah, sarve ca nutna-vayasah: all

young men. In Vaikuntha there is no old age, although they are

eternal. That is the real form of the spirit. The old age is due to

this body, material body. Material thing is born and stays for some

time, and then it is annihilated. So up to the time of annihilation,

it becomes so old, nasty, bad-looking. But in the Vaikuntha there is

no such thing. Nityah sasvato ‘yam.

…   The Vaikuntha planet, because that is spiritual body, that is

nityah sasvatah. Never it become… Just like Krsna or Narayana or

Visnu. They are not old. You will find all these pictures of Narayana,

Visnu, Krsna–all young men. So they are also… The inhabitants of

Vaikuntha on the spiritual planet, they are also exactly of the same

feature. You everything get exactly like God. This is Vaikunthaloka.

The opulence is also like that. Sarsti. There are five kinds of mukti,

liberation. One is sayujya, to merge into the existence. That is also

mukti. But Vaisnava does not like such kind of mukti. They think to

merge, to become one with the Supreme and lost our individuality, that

is, Vaisnava thinks, as hell. Kaivalyam narakayate. Why? We shall keep

ourself, our individuality, the body exactly like Krsna. In the Goloka

Vrndavana they keep exactly like two-handed Krsna. In the Vaikuntha

they also keep themselves four-handed as Visnu, Narayana. So the

Vaisnavas are very intelligent. They want to keep themself in as good

as God. Sometimes more than God, Vaisnava. That is very intelligent.

What is the use of becoming one? I lose my individuality. So that is

jnani’s aspiration. But the bhaktas, they want to keep association

with Krsna or Visnu in the same opulence, same prosperity, everything,

bodily features the same, everything.

750718SB.SF                    Lectures                  228278/530501

dhanuh, bow; dhanur-nisanga asi, the arrows and the sword; gada, club;

sankha, conchshell; and cakra, disc. As Visnu has Sudarsana…

Sankha-cakra-gada-padma. There are fourteen different forms of Visnu

according to the position of the weapon in different hand, beginning

with sankha-cakra-gada-padma, then cakra-gada-sankha-padma, in this

way. These description are there in the Caitanya-caritamrta. And

according to the change of the weapon, the different names are there.

One visnu-murti is called Vamana; one murti is called Govinda. In this

way there are twenty-four forms of Visnu, sankha-cakra-gada-padma,

according to Their placing in different hands.

750718SB.SF                    Lectures                  228280/530501

That is not possible. Living entities are everywhere. Even

in the fiery planet like the sun, there are. But we are rascals. We

think everyone is rascal like us. Atmavat manyate jagat. If one is

rascal, he thinks all other rascals also. That is nature. He cannot

think that “Somebody is more intelligent than me.” He thinks, “I am

rascal; therefore everyone is rascal.” Atmavat manyate jagat. This is

the formula. You will find the example: just like a deaf man. He

speaks very slowly. He thinks the other man is also speaking slowly.

No. He is deaf. Other man is crying, but he is hearing very slow.

Therefore a deaf man speaks very slow. He thinks that he is speaking

slow. So atmavat manyate jagat. This is the nature.

So because we cannot live in the fire, it does not mean that there

is no such living entity whose body is made of fire. Because I cannot

live in the water, don’t think there is no living entity. Huge, big,

big living entities are there within the water. Why should you think

there is no living entity? Similarly, the watery living entities, they

701219SB.SUR                   Lectures                  228340/530501

So markata-vairagya is not necessary. Real vairagya. We do not

indulge in so-called sannyasi or brahmacari. If one is unable, he must

become a grhastha, live like a grhastha, and not that “I pose myself

as a brahmacari or a sannyasi, but I have got illicit sex life

secretly.” This is markata-vairagya. Markata-vairagya is not wanted.

Real vairagya. Real vairagya means one who can sacrifice everything

for Krsna. That is vairagya. Karma-phala-tyaga–that is karma-yoga.

One should give up the result of his fruitive activities to Krsna.

That is karma-yoga. Anasritah karma-phalam karyam karma karoti yah.

Anasritah karma-phalam. One who is not desirous to enjoy the fruits of

his activities, fruitive activities, anasritah karma-phalam, but does

it as a matter of duty… “Krsna wants it. Krsna will be satisfied by

doing this.” Karyam: “It must be done.” Just like Arjuna. Arjuna, for

his personal interest, he was not willing to fight. But when he

understood that “Krsna wants this fighting,” then he took it as

karyam: “It must be done. It doesn’t matter whether I like it or not,

but Krsna wants it. Therefore I must do it.” That is called anasritah

karma-phalam karyam karma karoti yah, sa sannyasi. He is sannyasi. Na

niragnir na cakriyah. Niragnir and akriya. Akriya means they are

freed, all kinds of fruitive activities. So they are not sannyasis,

they are not yogis, but a yogi is he who gives away the result of his

activities to Krsna. Anasritah karma-phalam karyam karma karoti yah.

701219SB.SUR                   Lectures                  228361/530501

elevate them? For elevating them, this…, not the Vedic system is to

be followed but Pancaratriki. Pancaratriki… Just like we are trying

to elevate these Europeans and Americans according to

Pancaratriki-vidhi. Everyone should be followed. It is not that

Indians should not follow; only the others will. No. It is for

everyone, Pancaratriki-vidhi. The Pancaratriki-vidhi means that if

anyone has got little tendency for being elevated to the sreyah

platform, he should be given chance. That is called

Pancaratriki-vidhi. Just like diksa, initiation. Sudras are not given

initiation. A sudra cannot be initiated. Only the brahmanas can be

initiated, or dvija, or the vaisyas and the ksatriyas, the higher

caste, not the sudras. But according to Pancaratriki-vidhi, even the

sudras or less than the sudras, kirata-huunandhra-pulinda-pulkasa,

everyone can be initiated by a bona fide representative of Krsna, not

by others. That is the system.

Syamasundara: Does one become elevated by following the karma-yoga

principles only?

Prabhupada: It will take a long, long time, and failure is possible.

In this age, nothing is possible for the fallen people.

harer nama harer nama harer nama eva kevalam

kalau nasty eva nasty eva nasty eva gatir anyatha

This is the injunction. If you want to be elevated to the perfectional

stage of life, then you must chant this Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Krsna

Krsna, Hare Hare. That will help you. No other method, measures, will

help you. You can try for it, but there is every chance of failure.

But if you follow this path, as enunciated by the sastras and

elaborated by Lord Caitanya, then there is chance. And actually we are

seeing that is being done.

Prabhupada: No, that is not for the advanced stage. Those who

cannot… Just like the materialistic persons, they cannot understand

why we are worshiping Deity. They are puzzled. They think, “Why these

fools are taking one brass doll and worshiping as God?” They laugh.

You see? They cannot understand. They are hard… What is called? It

is impossible for them. Therefore they have been recommended that “You

think of God, the universal form.” That they like, their meditation,

that universal form. They cannot understand or concentrate on this

form, krsnas tu bhagavan svayam, dvi-bhuja-muralidhara, Syamasundara

form. They cannot. But by this arca process we are giving chance to

everyone. But for the materialistic person it is difficult. They think

that they are idol worshipers. But actually, the Vaisnavas, they are

not so fools that they will worship an idol. Therefore they have been

recommended to concentrate on the universal form.

Revatinandana: We always encourage chanting Hare Krsna, is that so?

Prabhupada: Yes. That is the only method in this age. By chanting Hare

Krsna, one’s… The reservoir of understanding will be cleared. And

then you, he can receive, he can receive the spiritual knowledge.

Without cleansing the heart it is very difficult to understand and

receive spiritual knowledge. All these reformatory

measures–brahmacari, grhastha, vanaprastha–they are simply the

cleansing method. And bhakti is also a cleansing method, vidhi-bhakti.

But by engaging oneself in this Deity worship, he also becomes

cleansed. Tat-paratve… Sarvopadhi… As he becomes enlightened or

advanced in understanding that he is eternal servant of Krsna, he

becomes purified. He becomes purified. Sarvopadhi means he doesn’t…

Sarvopadhi. He tries to eliminate his upadhi, his designation, that “I

am American,” “I am Indian,” “I am this,” “I am that.” So in this way,

when you become fully eliminated of this bodily concept of life, then

nirmalam. He becomes nirmala, uncontaminated.

properly, not like that. Sa bhaktah prakrtah smrtah. Arcayam eva

haraye… Even in this process, when they are engaged in Deity

worship, arcayam haraye yat-pujam sraddhayehate, with great devotion

doing, but na tad bhaktesu canyesu, but he has no sympathy with others

or he does not know what is the position of a devotee, then sa bhaktah

prakrtah smrtah: “He is called material devotee, material devotee.” So

we have to elevate ourselves from material devotional stage to the

second platform when one can understand what is a devotee, what is a

nondevotee, what is God, what is atheist. These discriminations are

there. And in paramahamsa stage there is no such discrimination. He

sees everyone is engaged in service of the Lord. He does not envy

Revatinandana: You must be higher than the paramahamsa stage,


Prabhupada: I am lower than you. I am lower than you.

Revatinandana: You are so beautiful. You are paramahamsa, but still,

you are preaching to us.

Prabhupada: No, I am lower than you. I am the lowest of the all

creatures. I am simply trying to execute the order of my spiritual

master. That’s all. That should be the business of everyone. Try best.

Try your best to execute the higher order. That is the safest way of

progressing. One may be in the lowest stage, but if he tries to

execute the duty entrusted upon him, he is perfect. He may be in

lowest stage, but because he is trying to execute the duty entrusted

to him, then he is perfect. That is the consideration. (break) Back to

701219SB.SUR                   Lectures                  228374/530501

are eating sins, and therefore the world is in trouble. Simply

committing. There is no necessity of killing animals. But here in

India they are killing ten thousand cows daily, what to speak of

Western countries. So people are so much addicted to sinful

activities. How they can be happy? They are condemned. Only this

movement, Krsna consciousness, if they take to this movement, they can

be saved. Otherwise, there is no saving.

701219SB.SUR                   Lectures                  228385/530501

the nondevotees are taken. Those who are devotees, they are not taken.

That is… You will find in the Bhagavata, Srimad-Bhagavatam, Yamaraja

especially instructs that “Those who are Vaisnavas, you should not go

there. You should offer your respect to them.” Somebody asked me that

“Swamiji, why these tulasi beads in your neck or your devotees’ neck?”

So I replied, “Just like a pet dog has got a collar, similarly we are

pet dogs of God. We have got this collar. And Yamaraja will understand

that ‘He is God’s dog. He should not be shot down.’ ” (laughter)

701219SB.SUR                   Lectures                  228397/530501

Devotee (3): Prabhupada, you said that the greatest offense is to

chant thinking that “My sins will be washed away” and commit sins, or

wants to.(?) So what is the result that that person gets if he dies in

that condition?

Prabhupada: He dies a sinful. Because he does not want to go back to

Godhead, he wants to make some profit, so he dies sinful, and he has

to be punished for that reason, in spite of his false this tilaka and

false mala. He’ll be punished. Yes?

750719SB.SF                    Lectures                  228417/530501

So the question is, they are challenged, “What is dharma and what

is adharma? If you are servant of Dharmaraja, you must distinguish

what is dharma.” So even though the Yamadutas, they are not very

good-looking as the Visnudutas, still, this question was put to them

to explain. They are not very much civilized, you may say. Still, they

are expected to know this distinction. Just see. Even the Yamadutas

were how much advanced, and how we are advanced? We do not know what

is dharma, what is adharma. We don’t make any distinction. Dharma

is… We have repeatedly said: dharma means to surrender to Krsna,

simple. And adharma means everything except this. If you don’t

surrender to Krsna, then whatever you are doing, that is adharma,

means nonreligious. Therefore in the Srimad-Bhagavatam it is said,

dharmah projjhita-kaitavah atra. Kaitava means cheating, false, (sic:)

pretendous. So all kinds of cheating religion is kicked out. Cheating

religions, they are teaching that “We can create God. As we can create

television, similarly, we can create God.” They are teaching, “This is

dharma.” Just see how degraded they have… And these things are going

on as dharma. Bruta dharmasya nas tattvam. Tattvam. Tattvam means

truth. “Don’t talk nonsense. Don’t waste time.” Tattvam: “In truth,

what is dharma?” Bruta dharmasya nas tattvam yac ca adharmasya

laksanam: “And how you distinguish from adharma, nonreligious thing?”

Knowledge means you should know both things, not one side. You must

know what is religious system and what is not religious system. Simply

one side is not full knowledge. Upayam ca cintayet prajna, apayam ca

cintayet(?). Just like if you want to do some business, you have

calculated that “I shall invest so much money, and I shall get so much

profit. So let us do this business. It is very nice.” But sastra says,

“No, you have simply calculated the profit, and you also calculate no

profit, not one-sided.” Similarly, to know dharma, you must know

adharma also, the opposite side. If you know white, you should know

what is black. Otherwise the knowledge is not… Relative. This world

is… If you know the father, then you must know the son. Or if you

know the son, then you must know the father. So in the religious

system, if one knows the son, the further improvement is to know the

father. That is required. Otherwise incomplete. If you simply know the

son of God, then it is incomplete. If you know the father of the son

of God, then it is complete.

760604SB.LA                    Lectures                  228446/530501

This is very nice challenge. Suppose if somebody, if you say that

“We are Krsna conscious persons.” So one may challenge you, “First of

all, explain what do you know about Krsna?” That is quite natural. If

you do not know about Krsna, you have no right to say that “I belong

to the Krsna consciousness movement.” You have not right to say. So

your position is like that, simply if you have a tilaka and a kanthi,

that does not mean that you belong to the Krsna consciousness

movement. Any cheater can do that. You must know the philosophy. If

one challenges, you must reply. Therefore Bhaktivinoda Thakura has

sung a song indicating these cheaters. He says, ei oto ek kalir

cela(?). “Here is a servant of Kali.” What kind of cela? Na te tilal

golai mala (?). “He has got a tilaka and golai mala, bas, that’s all.”

He does not know what is the philosophy. If you do not know the

philosophy of Krsna consciousness, if you simply mark your body with

tilaka and kanthi, then you are not proper servant, you are not

qualified. So tilaka, mala, is necessary. Just like a policeman. A

bogus man, if he dresses like a policeman, he is not a policeman. He

must know what is the police law, criminal law, who is to be punished,

who is not to be punished, what is criminality, what is innocence. All

these things he must know.

760604SB.LA                    Lectures                  228451/530501

This morning I was asking that why there is Sunday first and Monday

second? Who can answer? Is there anyone in this meeting who can answer

my, this simple question? Why, all over the world, the, everyone

accepts Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Sambar, Mangalbar,

Bhurbar, the same thing? There may be different language. And Saturday

is last. Why this arrangement? Who can answer? Is there anyone? I’ve

asked this simple question to so many. Even Svarupa Damodara, our

doctor Ph.D., he has not yet answered. And I’ve asked this question to

Dr. Wolfe also. He’s not present here?

Devotee: “Someone has an answer.”

Prabhupada: You have got answer?

Caitanya-simha: Because Sunday is God’s day. Sunday is Krsna’s day.

Prabhupada: That is your sentiment. Speak scientifically. Nowadays,

the scientific days, you have to speak scientifically.

Devotee: The order of the planets.

Prabhupada: Yes, that is the answer.

760605SB.LA                    Lectures                  228502/530501

Truth means how to see. Pasyanti jnana-caksusa: by the eyes

of knowledge. Pasyanti jnana-caksusa. Sastra-caksusat. Not that if

somebody challenges that “Have you seen God?” “Yes, I have seen.”

“How?” “Through sastra, through sastra.” God reveals. You cannot see,

even God comes before you… Just like Krsna was present… Here is

God before you. But you cannot understand. Unless we are advanced in

Krsna consciousness, we’ll think, “What is this, a statue of stone? He

is God?” Yes, He is God. Otherwise, why we are spending so much money,

wasting time? No, here is God. But how you can see God?

Premanjana-cchurita-bhakti-vilocanena. You have to make the eyes to

see God. Otherwise, God is everywhere. So they may ask that “If God is

everywhere, why you are worshiping an idol?” He’s not idol, He is God,

but he is seeing idol. Unless he has developed love for God, he cannot

see. But it is, God is there. But because our eyes cannot see the

spirit, at the present moment, our dull material eyes… Just like you

are spirit soul, I am spirit soul, your father is spirit soul, your

mother is spirit soul–but are you seeing the spirit soul? When the

spirit soul goes away, you’re crying, “My father is gone, my father is

gone.” Why father is gone? He’s lying on the bed. You have seen the

coat, pants, hands, legs, that is there. Why you say gone? “No, he’s

gone.” So we cannot see the spirit soul even of our father and mother;

how can you see God, the Supreme Spirit? Therefore God comes before

you just like stone, which you can see. It is to favor you. God is

everything. So, in this way, we have to understand God, Krsna. And if

anyone understands, then he becomes immediately fit for going back to

home, back to Godhead. Tyaktva deham punar janma naiti mam eti

kaunteya. Janma karma ca me divyam yo tattvatah.

So therefore we require good association. Adau sraddha tatah

sadhu-sango ‘tha bhajana-kriya tato ‘nartha-nivrttih syat tato nistha

tatah rucis tato bhavas sadhakanam ayam premnah pradurbhave… You

cannot develop love of Godhead in one second. You can, provided you

are so sincere and God is very much pleased upon you. He can give you.

He can give you immediately. That is possible. But that may be some

rare cases. Ordinarily, this is the process. Adau sraddha tatah

sadhu-sango. Just like we have come here in this temple. You have got

some faith, all of us. That is called sraddha, adau sraddha. There are

many hundred thousand in this quarter. Why they are not coming? This

is the beginning. You have got some faith, sraddha. You have come.

Adau sraddha tatah sadhu-sango. And if you continue… What we are

doing? We are making the association to take lessons from these Vedic

literatures. This is called sadhu-sanga. In the drinking shop we make

one kind of association, in the restaurant we make one association, in

the club we make some association, different places. So here is a

place, here is also association. It is called sadhu-sanga, association

with devotees. Adau sraddha tatah sadhu-sango. And if one is mature,

then he wants to execute devotional service, bhajana-kriya. And as

soon as there is bhajana-kriya, the unnecessary nonsense things will

disappear. No more illicit sex, no more intoxication, no more

drinking, no more gambling. Finished. When anartha-nivrttih syat, all

these rascal habits are gone, then nistha, then firm faith, not to be

agitated. Tato nistha tatah rucis. Then taste. You cannot live outside

this camp. Taste has changed. Tato nistha tatah rucis, tathasaktis,

then attraction. Then bhava. Bhava means ecstasy: “Oh, Krsna.” Then

there is love. There are different stage.

701221SB.SUR                   Lectures                  228530/530501

So smrti is not without Veda. Or Purana… Sometimes people do not

accept the Puranas as Vedic. No. Here it is said by Rupa Gosvami,

sruti-smrti-puranadi. They are all Vedas. Purana means supplementary.

Just like the Vedic knowledge is described in the Mahabharata. It is

in the form of history. But actually the Vedic knowledge is there.

That is also stated in the Srimad-Bhagavatam,

stri-sudra-dvija-bandhunam trayi na sruti-gocarah. Stri, woman, sudra,

and dvija-bandhu… Dvija-bandhu means a person who is born in

brahmana family but he is not advanced in spiritual knowledge. He is

called dvija-bandhu. He is not called a brahmana. Stri, sudra. And

they are classified along with stri and sudra.

Stri-sudra-dvija-bandhunam trayi na sruti-gocarah. For these persons

it is very difficult to undertand the Vedic injunctions. Therefore the

Vedic injunctions are sometimes made into historical stories. The

stories, they are not fiction; they are fact.

701222SB.SUR                   Lectures                  228567/530501

Malati: (break) …that Lord Buddha, he adopted a new type of

religion, but those who were strict followers of Vedas, they would not

accept him. Does that mean that there were still people who were

following those beliefs, scriptures, at his time, or did he convert

all of India?

Prabhupada: Yes. Lord Buddha was patronized by the then emperor,

Ashoka. And anything patronized by the state, it becomes very popular.

Yad yad acarati sresthah lokas tad anuvartate. So Lord Buddha

converted Ashoka, Emperor Ashoka, to this religion. Therefore whole

India became Buddhist. And later on, when Buddhism was driven out of

India, the Jainism and similar other religious principles became

visible. Ahimsa paramo dharmah. Lord Buddha… Ahimsa paramo dharmah

is also Vedic religion, but they stressed especially on ahimsa. In the

Bhagavad-gita you will find: amanitvam adambhitvam ahimsa ksantir

arjavam. These are the different steps of progressing in knowledge and

religion. The first thing is amanitvam. Amanitvam means very humble.

Very humble. And therefore Caitanya Mahaprabhu teaches that trnad api

sunicena, “Just become humbler than the straw in the street or grass.”

To become religious means… Lord Jesus Christ also, he taught like

that–“The humble and meek will attain the kingdom of God.” Is it not

said like that?

701222SB.SUR                   Lectures                  228577/530501

Prabhupada: That is natural. If the state is after some religion…

Just like Christian religion spread in India because there was

Christian government. The Muhammadan religion spread because there was

Muhammadan government. That is natural. If the state is following a

certain type of religion, then naturally… And that is said in the

Bhagavad-gita: yad yad acarati sresthah. Just like in India, at least

in Bengal, we have got the history that educated persons, they saw

that “In Christian religion one can drink, one can eat meat. So why

not become Christian?” So the drunkards and meat-eaters, they became

Christians. Similarly the Muhammadans also, they thought a clue to

deviate from the Vedic principles, and they turned themselves. Just

like Aurangzeb enacted the lidia(?) tax, that all the Hindus will have

to pay this tax. So the untouchables… Because Hindus made these

untouchables, so untouchables, they thought that “Why shall I pay the

tax? Better become Muhammadan.” So so many people, they became

Christians. Similarly the Muhammadans also, they thought a clue to

deviate from the Vedic principles, and they turned themselves. Just

like Aurangzeb enacted the lidia(?) tax, that all the Hindus will have

to pay this tax… So a state controls anything, if the

state… Now the state is secular, atheist. The people are becoming

atheist. They are teaching that “Throw away these scriptures. You eat

everything. What is the wrong in eating flesh, eating meat, eating

chickens?” They are advertising, “Eggs are available here.” When the

state supports, so people follow.

…701222SB.SUR                   Lectures                  228585/530501

a father. If he does not take care of his son to be a man of

character, he becomes a debauchee. That is natural. So according to

Vedic principles, the kings were very much highly trained to see how

the people are advancing in the spiritual knowledge. Just like one

king… You will find in The Nectar of Devotion. There was law that…

He said that, (chuckles) “If I do not find any one of my citizens with

tilaka, then I shall punish him.” So everyone, out of that fear, they

used to have this tilaka. And they were looking all Vaisnavas.

(laughs) Although they had no very much faith in Visnu, but out of

fear of the state orders, they were having tilaka. So sometimes

authority orders are accepted in that, out of fear.

760606SB.LA                    Lectures                  228620/530501

And what is Vedas? Vedo narayana saksat. Absolute. Narayana,

spiritual world, absolute. Nonduality. Narayana, Narayana’s words are

the same. There is no difference. Just like we are reading

Bhagavad-gita. Why we’re interested? Because Bhagavad-gita and the

speaker of Bhagavad-gita, Krsna, they are identical. So you cannot

change the words of Bhagavad-gita. That is foolishness. Anyone who

changes the orders and the words of Bhagavad-gita, they are rascal,

they’ll not get any benefit. Because you cannot correct Krsna, what

Krsna says or God says. That is not in your power. So these rascals,

they want to interpret, “This is like this, this is this, I think it

is this.” No. Krsna did not leave for you, for your thinking rascally.

No. Krsna is completely learned. Whatever He has said, it is perfectly

in order. You cannot change.

760607SB.LA                    Lectures                  228637/530501

So when we speak of Vrndavana, it is not imagination. In the

sastra, there is description, how Krsna is there, what He is doing.

Especially it is mentioned: surabhir abhipalayantam. Krsna has got

this hobby. Just like our hobby–dog–abhipalayantam. We keep, every

one of us, especially in the Western countries, a dog. So why not

Krsna keeping so many cows? What is the difficulty for Him? So He,

intentionally, He becomes a cowherd boy. That is His pleasure. Just

like here, we, a minute particle of God, we have got so many hobbies.

So He has … Because nothing can be present here without being in

Krsna. Therefore Krsna says, aham sarvasya prabhavo. Whatever is there

in this material world, bad or good, similar things are there in the

spiritual world. The difference is here everything, bad, and there

everything, good. That is the difference. Here we have made bad and

good; it has no meaning. Caitanya-caritamrta kaja, Kaviraja Gosvami,

he has explained the conception of bad and good in this material

world. He says, ‘dvaite bhadrabhadra-(jnana,) sakale sama ‘ei bhala,

ei manda’, sab mano-dharma. In the world of duality… This is the

world of duality. So the absolute… There is absolute world. That is

spiritual world. But here there is duality, bad and good. You cannot

understand bad without having some conception of good, and you cannot

understand good without having some conception of bad. You require the

opposite. So in the spiritual world, this duality conception is

absent. Everything is absolute. We have to understand this

theoretically at the present moment. But there, everything is

cintamani. Everything is alive, spiritual.

701223SB.SUR                   Lectures                  228695/530501

Devotee (5): Prabhupada, you mentioned a person who commits sins

because he is in ignorance.

Prabhupada: Yes.

Devotee (5): What if the person knows what he is doing is wrong, and

he knows what the ultimate result of his doings is also wrong, but he

still commits? Is that still ignorance?

Prabhupada: Yes. That is ignorance-rooted, ignorance, heart, rooted in

the heart. That can be… Therefore Caitanya Mahaprabhu recommends

ceto-darpana-marjanam. You have to cleanse your heart. Then, when your

heart is cleansed, then you will say, “No, no. No more I am going to

do this. I have suffered so much. No. No.” That is real knowledge.

Unless your heart is cleansed, then, even though you know that “By

committing theft I will be punished,” you will commit, because the

heart is not clear. Even though one knows that “By doing this, I will

suffer,” still, he will do that. That distinction is always there.

Therefore the only method is this cleansing process in this age, Hare

Krsna maha-mantra.

701223SB.SUR                   Lectures                  228702/530501

Prabhupada: No. Goodness is a chance. If you acquire… Just like if

you become a graduate, there is chance of becoming a lawyer. But if

you do not become a lawyer, you remain only graduate. That’s all. But

without becoming graduate they cannot enter to be a lawyer. Similarly,

goodness is the qualification of a brahmana. A brahmana has a chance.

When you are qualified, you are following the regulative principles,

qualified, you have got the chance of being promoted to become a

Vaisnava. That is the advantage. But in this age… Again, the same

thing. Even one is not a brahmana–he is in the category of

candala–still, if he chants this Hare Krsna mantra, he becomes

elevated to the position more than a brahmana. Yes.

750723SB.LA                    Lectures                  228718/530501

to accept because you are not independent. We foolishly say

independent. “We don’t care for anybody. There is no God.” But there

is death. That you have to believe. So that death is God. Krsna says,

aham mrtyuh sarva-haras ca. One who does not see God during lifetime,

so he will see God at the time of death. So there is no question of

not seeing God. Here is God, Krsna. He is standing. He is so merciful.

He has come to this temple so that we can take the advantage of seeing

Him, But we are seeing Him still idol or something, stone or wood. He

does not know that because we cannot see now at the present moment

without being wood or stone or something material, so Krsna has very

kindly come to me so that I can see Him in a form which I can see.

That is His mercy. We have repeatedly said this.

Therefore we should never think, arcye visnu sila-dhih, the

worshipable Deity, Krsna, Visnu, as made of stone. In the higher

sense, stone is also Krsna, because Krsna’s energy. Just like if you

go to the street, you may see the sun in the sky, but when you are

within the room, you may not see the sun in the sky directly. But

because it is daytime, therefore we can understand there is sun on the

sky. Similarly, we do not require to see God directly. We can see Him

through His energy. Just like in a telephone hanger, as soon as

somebody speaks, immediately see him. How it is possible? By his word,

immediately see him. You are in a closed room, somebody knocking, and

you say, “Who is it?” He says, “I am.” So immediately by his voice,

you can see him. So why do you want to see directly? We can see

anything by his energy. Just like if you feel heat here, then

immediately you becomes alert, “Oh, there must be some fire.” If there

is some smoke, immediately you can understand that there is fire. So

by intelligence and by the energy of God, you can see God. That is

intelligence. So Krsna says,

bhumir apo ‘nalo vayuh

kham mano buddhir eva ca

ahankara iti me

bhinna prakrtih astadha

“It is My energy.” So stone is also energy of Krsna, but you have not

eyes to see Krsna in the stone. That is your defect. Krsna says that

“This is My energy.” Just like you can see, by energy, you can see the

energetic, similarly, by seeing Krsna’s energy, you can see Krsna.

   Therefore those who are advanced devotee, for them, there is

nothing material; everything is Krsna. Sthavara-jangama dekhe na dekhe

tara murti. Actually, a Vaisnava is factually monist because he does

not see anything except Krsna. Anything he sees, he will think, “This

is Krsna’s energy.” So why it is not Krsna? So Krsna also says in the

Bhagavad-gita, maya tatam idam sarvam: “I am expanded everywhere.”

Avyakta-murtina. Avyakta means not manifest. He is in the fire. He is

in the water. He is in the land. He is in the sky–everywhere. He is

in the mind. He is in intelligence. He is soul. He’s part and So Krsna

is everywhere; simply you have to make your eyes how to see Him. That

is required. That is prema. Premanjana-cchurita-bhakti-vilocanena

santah sadaiva hrdayesu vilokayanti. Those who are santah, saintly

person, they always see Krsna. Why? Premanjana-cchurita, because he is

in love with Krsna. Just like you have your beloved child. Although he

is out of sight, you can see him in his shoe, in his cloth, in his

toy: “Oh, it is my child.” That requires prema. Similarly, if you have

knowledge, theoretical knowledge even, that everything is Krsna’s

energy and if you have love for Krsna, with reference to the context,

whatever you see, you see Krsna. That is Krsna consciousness.

Perfection of Krsna consciousness. You cannot see anywhere where there

is no Krsna. This is for the devotee. For the ordinary person these

are the description, that the surya, the sun is also Krsna, the fire

is also Krsna, the sky is also Krsna, the air is also Krsna, the moon

is also Krsna, the evening is Krsna, daytime is Krsna. Then how you

can avoid Krsna? Krsna says that “I am…” Mattah smrtir jnanam

apohanam ca. Krsna is everywhere. You cannot avoid Krsna. Simply on

account of your foolishness, maya is covering your eyes to see Krsna.

So mam eva ye prapadyante mayam etam taranti te. If you surrender to

Krsna, then maya’s curtain will be taken away and you will see Krsna,

Krsna, Krsna, Hare Krsna. That’s all. This is required. Then you

become perfect as soon as you learn how to see Krsna everywhere. This

is the art, transcendental art, spiritual art, how to see Krsna. Then

you become perfect. That is wanted.

750724SB.LA                    Lectures                  228764/530501

Nitai: “The candidates for punishment are those who are confirmed by

these many witnesses to have deviated from the prescribed regulative

duties. Everyone engaged in fruitive activities is suitable to be

subjected to punishment according to his different sinful activities.”

…   Everyone is deserving to be punished, beginning from Lord Brahma

down to the ant, every living entity. Dandam arhanti. And the final

dandam… Danda means punishment. The final danda is death.

750724SB.LA                    Lectures                  228772/530501

jiva bhoga vancha kare, pasate maya tare japatiya dhare. The living

entity, forgetting his real position as maidservant of God or servant

of God, when he wants to enjoy this material world, that is maya. Maya

tare japatiya dhare. Immediately. That is sinful.

So this disease is there even in Lord Brahma down to the small ant.

Everyone is trying to enjoy this material… The whole material

civilization means everyone is trying to enjoy this world, that

civilization. So many cars are running here and there, but what is the

purpose? The purpose is everyone is trying to enjoy. That is sinful.

That is sinful, because you cannot enjoy. Enjoyer is Krsna.

750724SB.LA                    Lectures                  228776/530501

So every living entity who has forgotten Krsna, trying to imitate

Krsna, that is sinful. So these sinful activities we are doing in

ignorance, in lower grade of life. Just like cats and dogs and birds

and trees and the…, they do not know, there is no capacity.


750724SB.LA                    Lectures                  228777/530501

but nrloke, in the human society, the body which you have got, or the

person who has got this human form of body, kastan kaman na arhate,

for such animal, having this material body, human body, it is not

meant for working so hard. That is first-class civilization when

people are not working very hard, living very peacefully, and getting

their necessities of life. That is first-class civilization, not that

to work day and night like hogs and dog, and get a cup of tea and

little morsel of bread. That is not civilization. Therefore sastra

says, nayam deho deha-bhajam nrloke kastan kaman arhate vid-bhu…

This kind of hard labor for sense gratification little, it is done by

the hogs and dogs. So to teach people to work day and night for simply

eating purposes, sense gratification, that is hog civilization,

according to sastra. Nayam deha deho-bhajam nrloke kastan kaman arhate

…750724SB.LA                    Lectures                  228777/530501

opportunity is given by nature and God combined. God has ordered

nature to give me this machine, human form of body. If we do not

utilize it as human being, that is sinful. That is sinful.

So there are so many witnesses, as we have already discussed.

760609SB.LA                    Lectures                  228794/530501

them to understand what is God, what is devotion. So therefore Lord

Buddha propounded the philosophy, “Make all your nonsense activities

zero, so much. First of all make zero, then positive we shall say.”

That is zero movement, sunyavadi. At least, if a rascal children is

always doing something nonsense, then first of all stop him. Make him

zero. Then good lesson: “Come. Do this.” So this Buddhist movement

means to make their atheistic activities zero. At least that is good.

It is better not to… Maunam, silent. Instead of talking all

nonsense, better be silent; don’t create disturbance. So… And the

other movement, nirvisesa-vadi, are giving little hint, Sankaracarya,

Mayavada, that “Yes, this zero is not sufficient. There is positive.”

Brahma satyam jagan mithya. His movement was that “This material world

is false; make it zero. But there is a positive thing which is

Brahman.” What is that Brahman, he did not disclose.

750726SB.LB                    Lectures                  228863/530501

all, he is a living being–that “There are some Vaisnavas. So let me

go with them if they will give us shelter.” That is the purpose. He

was coming. You were making, “Hut!” (laughter) But he wanted some

master, because a dog without master, his position is very precarious.

Without master… So we are all servant. Every one of us, we are all

servants of maya. Maya means we are servant of our desires. We are

servant of our different desires. Somebody is thinking, “I shall be

happy in this way”; somebody is thinking, “I shall be happy in this

way.” In this way we have got different desires, and we are servant of

the desires. So servant of desire means just like the street dog. He

is also desiring: “If these gentleman will accept me as his dog?” But

he is going there, and he is driven away: “Hut! Hut!” He is going to

some house, moving his tail, “My dear sir, will you give me some

food?” “No, no. Go away.” We are also going also: “My dear sir, will

you give me some service?” “No vacancy. Get out.” This is our

position. Hana mayara dasa kori nana abhilasa. Because we are

constitutionally servant of God, but we have given up that service, we

have now become the servant of maya. Therefore our life is frustrated,

because you do not know “What is my actual position.” Caitanya

Mahaprabhu teaches, jivera svarupa haya nitya krsna dasa. Caitanya

Mahaprabhu’s teaching, that “Why you are going door to door like a

dog: ‘Will you give me some food, give me some duty? I am prepared to

serve you,’ and refusing, nana abhilasa, and desiring again and again,

this way, that way?” But I do not know what is my real destination,

how I shall be happy. That information is given by Sri Caitanya

Mahaprabhu, that “You are suffering in this way for a permanent

service to become happy. Why you are going here and there? You are

servant of Krsna. Go there. Then you will be happy.”

750726SB.LB                    Lectures                  228866/530501

So we are, at the present moment in different conditions of life on

account of our different activities, pious and impious, dharma,

adharma. So pious activities means to be controlled by Krsna, and

impious activities means to be controlled by maya. We have to be

controlled. Our position is such that we cannot become controller.

That is not possible. If we want to become controller, that is my

artificial desire. And the resultant action we will have to suffer.

First of all you must understand this, that we are controlled. Either

you agree to be controlled by Krsna or you agree to be controlled by

maya, but you cannot become controller. Is there anyone here who can

say that “I am controller”? Is there anyone who will answer this? So I

may think that “I am controller,” but I am controlled by drugs, by

sense gratification, desires–kama krodha lobha moha matsarya. So

there is no question of the living entity’s being independent. That is

not possible. He is dependent. But if he becomes dependent on Krsna,

then life is successful. Exactly the position, the dog. The dog is

loitering without being controlled by somebody, he is seeking,

“Somebody may control me.” He’s seeking position. But if he does not

get anybody to control him, his life is very precarious; he is not

happy. Therefore, if you want to be happy, then we must return to our

own original position: to be controlled by Krsna. This is perfection

of life.

750721SB.SF                    Lectures                  228600/530501

Similarly, you cannot manufacture any

religion. Narayana saksat. Narayana, God, He can make. You cannot make

at your home, “I have manufactured a type of religion.” No. That you

cannot do. Nowadays this is going on. Yata mata tata patha: “You can

manufacture your own religion.” This is going on. “You are okay, I am

okay.” “I manufacture my religion. You manufacture your religion.

Don’t fight. Let us become brother.” This is going on. So how you can

be brother? The dog remains a dog. How they can become brother? It is

not possible. Therefore so many religious systems, they are all

rascaldom. One religion: that is the order of God. That is religion.

If you want one religion, then you must know who is God and you must

abide by the order of God. That is religion, very simple thing. You

cannot manufacture, concoction. That is not religion. Therefore

Bhagavata, it is said, dharmah projjhita-kaitavah: “All these cheating

type of religion is rejected, kicked out from Srimad-Bhagavatam.” What

is that religion there? Param satyam dhimahi: “The Supreme Truth, the

Absolute Truth, we are accepting.” This is religion.

701222SB.SUR                   Lectures                  228549/530501

So we were speaking this verse yesterday morning. So vedo narayanah

saksat. That is to be understood–why Vedas are given so much

importance. Here it is explained that Veda means directly Narayana.

Why? Because Narayana is absolute, God is absolute; therefore the

words of God are also God. You cannot make any differentiation.

Saksat, directly. So this is to be understood, that God–His form, His

quality, His pastimes, His entourage–everything of God is God. Even

sometimes… Why sometimes? Always, the devotee of God is also God.

Just like we chanted this mantra, saksad-dharitvena samasta-sastraih,

that “In every scripture the spiritual master is identified as

directly God.” Saksad-dharitvena samasta-sastraih. Visvanatha

Cakravarti said, not that any section sastra, but all sastra, all

scriptures, they admit that the spiritual master is God directly.

Saksad-dharitvena samasta-sastrair uktah: “It is said. It is

mentioned. Authoritative sastra, actually bona fide sastra, it is

said.” Saksad-dharitvena samasta-sastrair uktah: “It is said.” And

saksad-dharitvena samasta-sastrair uktas tatha bhavyata eva sadbhih:

“And that is accepted by all strict followers of transcendental

science.” Not that somebody admits or somebody does not admit. No.

Everyone, sadbhih. Sadbhih means “by the transcendentalists, those who

are actually making progress in transcendental science and those who

are…, objective is to reach the Supreme.” They are doing.

Then again, Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura says, kintu prabhor yah

priya eva tasya. Why the spiritual master should be accepted directly

as Narayana and God? The Mayavada philosophers, they say, “Yes,

spiritual master is God and I am God, you are God–everyone is God.”

No. That is rectified. Everyone is not God. God is God, and living

entities are living entities. In the Vedas it is…, nityo nityanam

cetanas cetananam: “He is the prime entity of all entities.” So there

cannot be two Gods. One God. As such, if God is one, there cannot be

two religion also, because religion means to understand God, to love

God. That is religion. And religion means the words of God, just as it

is said. So why there should be two religions? There cannot be two

religions. There may be some difference according to climate, country,

population. There may be some difference in the execution of religion.

But on principle there cannot be two religions because God is one and

religion means the words of God. So how there can be two religions? We

have made two, three, four, five, six, increasing the number of

religion. Just like in New York we have seen the United Nations

organization. It is said they are united, but there are thousands of

750726SB.LB                    Lectures                  228870/530501

life–there are so many varieties of birds, beginning from the eagle.

There is a big eagle bird. We have no information. They are very big

bird. They are flying in the sky, and their rest is from one planet to

another. Just like here you find the birds, they are flying from one

tree to another. Similarly, there are so big birds… They are called

garuda. So garuda, these birds, they start their flying from one

planet and sits in another planet. Just try to understand what is

their flying. Not only that, they also lay eggs while flying, and the

eggs, while falling down, it becomes another bird. And these birds can

pick up elephants for eating. So this is God’s creation. So if you

want to become such a big bird, you can become. (laughter) Yes. Ye

750727SB.SD                    Lectures                  228892/530501

Pratyaksa, anumana, and sruta. According to Vedic principles, there

are three different types of evidences. Everything must be proved by

evidence. So these are primarily three evidences. Pratyaksa, direct

perception, pratyaksa; anumana; and sruti. Anumana means I cannot see

directly, but by the symptoms I can imagine. That is anumana. Just

like I have seen that in the month of April, May, June, we can get

mangoes. That is our direct experience. So similarly, we can say, in

the month of January, we can say that “In the month of April, May,

June, we shall have mangoes.” In the January there is no mango. But

because I know, I experienced in my last April, May, June, so

similarly, this intuition is nothing but experience of my last life.

That is called intuition. The rascals, they say that there is no

experience. Whatever life we have got just now, here experience. No.

The intuition… Just like a dog’s cub born, it is also trying to find

out milk from the body of the mother, and exactly in the same place

putting his mouth. Or human child also. This is last experience. That

proves that life is continual. Just like I came here about two, three

years ago? So I immediately, while getting down, I immediately

understood, “Oh, the same house.” So this is called intuition, means

past experience.

750729SB.DAL                   Lectures                  228931/530501

So my real problem is how to

become again eternal, not accepting any more birth, death, old age.

That is my real business.” But because I am infected with the material

modes of nature, we are making different plans. Everyone is busy.

Everyone is busy in different plans, forgetting his real business.

This is called maya. Maya means…, ma means not; ya means this.

Therefore maya means when you understand, “This is not my business,”

then you are out of maya. “This is not,” ma-ya.

750729SB.DAL                   Lectures                  228932/530501

Jaghanya, they do not know how to live, just like animal, less than

animal. Animal has got also sense. The modern civilization is less

than animal. Animal does not kill its own son. The human being is

killing his own son.

Just like a pig. It is very much fond of eating stool. So if you

want to ask, “Why this animal is fond of eating stool?”… So dharma

adharma jnapaka, because in the past life this living entity practiced

tamo-guna, no discrimination of eating… Tamo-guna means no

discrimination. Eating… We have got four businesses in this life, so

long we have got this material body: ahara-nidra-bhaya-maithunam ca,

eating, sleeping and sex and defense. These are primary business of

the body. So why there are different types of eating, different types

of sleeping? Why different types of mating, sex intercourse, and

750729SB.DAL                   Lectures                  228935/530501

So these are all due to different infection of the guna. Tamo-guna

means shameless, tamo-guna. Rajo-guna means lusty desire. And

sattva-guna means knowledge, to see things as they are. So just like

here in the temple, we are cultivating sattva-guna, or more than that,

above sattva-guna. Above sattva-guna. It is said in the sastra that to

live in the forest is sattva-guna. Sattva-guna, people have got

tendency to live in a secluded place, solitary place, without any

disturbance. That is sign of sattva-guna. And to live in the cities,

big, big cities, skyscraper building, this is rajo-guna. And to live

in the brothel, in the liquor shop, in the slaughterhouse, this is

tamo-guna. Sattva-guna, rajo-guna, tamo-guna. But to live in the

temple is transcendental. Transcendental. It is above sattva-guna,

rajo-guna, tamo-guna, to live in temple. Therefore we are introducing

this Krsna consciousness movement so that the persons who are in Krsna

consciousness, living in the temple according to the regulative

principles, they are above all these sattva-guna, rajo-guna,

tamo-guna. That is wanted. Nistraigunya. Traigunya means three gunas,

and nih means negative. Nistraigunyo bhavarjuna. That is our aim, that

although we are in this material world, by this Krsna consciousness

process we shall live above these three gunas. These three gunas

cannot touch me. That is confirmed in the Bhagavad-gita: sa gunan

samatityaitan brahma-bhuyaya kalpate. Who? Mam ca vyabhicarini

bhakti-yogena ya sevate. Anyone who is engaged in pure devotional

service avyabhicarini, not mixed up, whimsical, regularly, as they are

ordained, as they are prescribed. So if anyone is engaged in such

transcendental loving service of the Lord, then his position is: he is

above the three gunas. He is not…

750729SB.DAL                   Lectures                  228936/530501

.. Any  person who has studied sastra, and he is in the sattva-guna, to him it

is…, everything is there. He can understand what is this man, what

he is going to be and what he was, past, present, future, everything.

Why? How one can understand past, present, future? Through the sastra.

Sastra-caksusah. There are still astrological calculation in India

called Brghu-samhita. If you consult Brghu-samhita, immediately they

will give you your past, present and future. Immediately they will

give. The astrology science is so perfect. What you were in the past

life, what you are at the present and what you are going to be, these

three things they can be known.

760613SB.DET                   Lectures                  228956/530501

So, so far the Kali-yuga is concerned, the future is very dark.

There, everything is described in the Srimad-Bhagavatam. The future of

this Kali-yuga, as it will advance, Kali-yuga… We have only passed

five thousand years out of thirty-two hundred thousands of years. We

have only passed five thousand years, and the miserable condition,

situation, will degrade more and more, more and more. So if you have

to take again birth in this material world, then we’ll have to suffer

more and more. Best thing is that let us finish our business of Krsna

consciousness and go back to home, back to Godhead, so that we haven’t

got to come again to this nonsense material world. That is wanted. Yad

gatva na nivartante tad dhama paramam mama. This should be the aim of

life, that we are not going to take advantage of this so-called

advance of material civilization. We have no business. Ara nare vaka

(indistinct). We should make it a determination that we have enough of

this material civilization; we are not any more concerned about it. We

are interested in Krsna, how to go back to home, back to Godhead,

Krsna. This should be the determination. And if we think, “Let me

taste this also and taste that also…” In Bengal it is said durakhai

tanakakai (indistinct). Not like that.

… For a person who is going back to home, back to Godhead, he should be

niskincana. Niskincana means no more any material necessities.

Niskincana. Niskincanasya bhagavad-bhajanomukhasya. One side, this is

nirvana, finished. And the other side positive. Negative side, no more

material, and positive side, Krsna. Bhagavad-bhajanonmukhasya. How to

go back to home, back to Godhead to serve Krsna–this is one side. And

one side–nil, we don’t want any more anything. Niskincana. For such a

person, visayinam sandarsanam atha yositam ca. For such a person, if

he has become captivated by the material attraction, means money and

material comforts… Woman and material comforts. This is material

civilization. Everyone is after woman. Woman or men, the… It is not

…   So we have… This is the idea. So we must be serious. It is not

that in one day we, all of us, we become paramahamsa. That is not

possible. Don’t try to imitate, but follow the rules and regulation

with vow that “This life I shall go back to home, back to Godhead,

with determination.” Then Krsna will give you intelligence. That is

promised by Krsna in the Bhagavad-gita. Tesam nityabhiyuktanam

bhajatam pritih, satata-yuktanam bhajatam priti-purvakam dadami… If

you are serious, then Krsna is within everyone’s heart, He’ll give you

intelligence. But we must be very serious. Then past, present, future

will be clear before us, and because Krsna is personally directing,

buddhi-yogam dadami. So what knowledge is wanting there when Krsna…

750801SB.NO                    Lectures                  229007/530501

Here there is difference between the man, woman, cows, or trees, or

flowers. No. In the spiritual world there is no such difference. The

flower is also devotee, living. The flower wants to serve Krsna as

flower. The calf wants to serve Krsna as calf. The gopis want to serve

Krsna as gopi. They are all the same, but according to the

varieties–yesterday I was speaking of the variety–varieties of

desires to serve Krsna… So that is spiritual world. And material

world? The same varieties are there, imitation, but everyone wants to

satisfy sense gratification. There is no desire for serving Krsna.

That is the difference between material world and the spiritual world.

In the spiritual world all the varieties are there, and they are all

spirit. There is no touch of matter. They are all conscious. When the

flower is there in the hand of Krsna, in the lotus hand, he is

conscious. He is enjoying that “I wanted to serve Krsna as flower; now

I am enjoying.” That is spiritual. They are all conscious. So in this

way we shall keep ourself always Krsna conscious. Then, even though we

fall down just like Bharata Maharaja fell down, became… He lost one

birth. He became too much attached to that animal. He forgot his daily

routine work. And the description is there in the, I think, which

canto? What?

…750801SB.NO                    Lectures                  229010/530501

rascals are suffering. Let them have some idea about Krsna.” That is

wanted. This is Krsna consciousness movement. So I am very glad that

you are seriously interested, and Krsna is pleased upon you. And that

you are sincerely trying, I can understand from these tulasi plants.

Yes. This is the practical demonstration. Unless there is bhakti, this

tulasi plant will not grow. We must be very much thankful to our

Govinda dasi. She first of all cultivated the tulasi plant in Hawaii.

And now our tulasi plants are distributed. So she has done a great

service. I think I gave her the seeds, and she very nicely done it.

Now everywhere we see tulasi plant. It is very pleasing. So the same

thing–Deity worship and watering the tulasi plants, chanting sixteen

rounds at least, and observing the rules and regulation, regulative

principle… Then your life is successful. Don’t neglect. Very

seriously continue. And in this one life you are going back to home,

back to Godhead. It is sure. I am not flattering you. Krsna says,

man-mana bhava mad-bhakto mad-yaji mam namaskuru, mam evaisyasi

asamsayah. Asamsayah, “Without any doubt, simply following these rules

and regulation,” mam evaisyasi, “you come back to Me.”

So take these words of Krsna, guru-Krsna. The guru will also…,

the same thing, what Krsna has said. And follow the principles. Your

life is successful. Now, this place I see, although I have not seen

all, is a nice place. And the grhasthas may come here, have some small

cottage, and grow your own food grains, vegetables, and have your

cow’s milk. Get nice foodstuff, save time. Why should you go in the

city, hundred miles in car and again hundred miles come back and take

unnecessary trouble? Stick to this spot and grow your own food, your

own cloth, and live peacefully, save time, chant Hare Krsna. Very nice

program. This is actual life. What is this nonsense life, big, big

cities and always people busy? If he wants to see one friend, he has

to go thirty miles. If he has to see a physician, he has to go fifty

miles. If he has to go to work, another hundred miles. So what is this

life? This is not life. Be satisfied. The devotee’s life should be

yavad artha-prayojanam. We require material necessities as much as it

is required, no artificial life. That is spiritual life. Simply

increasing artificial life, even for shaving, a big machine is

required. What is this? Simply wasting time. Devil’s workshop. Make

life very simple. And simple living, high thinking, and always

conscious to go back to home, back to Krsna. That is life. Not this

life, that simply machine, machine, machine, machine.

760615SB.DET                   Lectures                  229027/530501

We do not understand that this deha, this body, is always klesada.

Klesada means giving pains. For the time being, we may feel some

pleasure, but actually it is a reservoir of pain, not pleasure. The

example is given in this connection… Formerly, this was done by the

government servants to criminal, to take a man in the middle of the

river and drown him, and catching his hair, and when he’s almost

suffocating, then they again draw from the water and he takes little

rest and again put him into the water. So that was the system of

punishment. Similarly, whatever little pleasure we are feeling, that

is exactly similarly the man, when he’s taken from the water, that’s

all. Again he’s to be drowned. This material world is like that.

…and inquire from the spiritual master that “Why I am in this condition

of life, always suffering?” Tri-tapa yatana. But we have become so

dull, like the animals. The animals, they cannot question. They are

suffering. Everyone knows animal life is full of suffering, but they

cannot realize. But a human being can realize. And when the question

comes, when he becomes intelligent enough that “Why I am suffering?”

then his human life begins. Otherwise, he is animal. The animal cannot

inquire. An animal is being taken to the slaughterhouse, but he cannot

question or inquire that “Why I am taken by force in this

slaughterhouse?” That is animal. But if you take one human being to be

killed, if he understands, he’ll make a great noise, that “This man is

going, taking me. Why I am being…,” so on, so on. Yes. That is human

life. That is the distinction between human life and animal life, that

one can understand that “Why I am put into this condition of

suffering?” This is called brahma-jijnasa. That is the beginning of

Vedanta philosophy. Athato brahma-jijnasa. Then we understand, one

after another.

So we should take advantage. Not that we shall live like animal,

without any inquiry, without finding out the remedy, how to stop this

miserable condition of life. We are actually trying. Everyone is

working so hard, struggle for existence. He is trying. Why one is

trying to get money? Because he thinks that “If I get money, then the

distressed condition in which I am suffering, it can be mitigated.” So

the struggle for existence is going on. Everyone is trying to become

happy. But that is not in the material way. Material way, we are

trying to get happiness, that means sense gratification. That is not

happiness. Happiness means spiritual happiness. That is happiness.

This material happiness is temporary. That is not happiness, but

perverted happiness. It is exemplified just like we are trying to find

750803SB.DET                   Lectures                  229045/530501

So nasta-jan… I do not know. I do not know means I cannot remember

what I did in my past life and what is going to happen in the next

life, in ignorance, tamasa. Ajnas tamasa upaste. This is tamo-guna.

The present life as it is, we try to enjoy–that’s all–without caring

for the next life, or without understanding what was my past life. But

human being should be intelligent enough that “Why…? I am enjoying

or I am suffering. The other person, he is differently enjoying or

suffering differently. Why the differences are there?” This is

intelligence. Why not one kind of enjoyment? Why not everyone

millionaire? Why not everyone pauper, or poor? There are varieties. So

they do not consider it. They are so fool, they… They should, that

“Why I am put into this condition? Why he is put into another

condition? Why the other is put in another condition?” That is called

tamasa. They do not care to know also. Tamasa. Tamase ca.

750803SB.DET                   Lectures                  229051/530501

So this Krsna consciousness movement means to deliver people from

this ignorant ignorance platform and bring him to the light platform,

or…, and knowledge platform, so that one can understand what is his

constitutional position, how he can stop the sufferings of life, and

how one can become eternally blissful life of knowledge. (break)

…ness. Caitanya Mahaprabhu, He has given us the Siksastaka.

Ceto-darpana-marjanam. By chanting the Hare Krsna mantra… (break) In

the Bhagavata says tapasa. Tapasa means “by undergoing severe

austerities, penances.” Tapasa brahmacaryena samena damena va. This is

the instruction in the sastra. One has to become perfect by tapasa, by

austerities. Tapasa brahmacaryena. And becoming brahmacari, celibate.

What is called? Celibate life? Eh?

Jagadisa: Celibacy.

Prabhupada: Celibacy, yes. Life of celibacy, controlling the sex

desire. This is tapasya. Tapasa brahmacaryena samena damena va. These

things are education. And what is this nonsense education how to

become a big mechanics of motorcar parts? This is not education. This

is sudra, sudra education. It is not education. It is called silpa.

Silpa-vidya, brahma-vidya. Vidya means brahma-vidya. Therefore, in the

Vedic society, education was meant for the brahmanas. Education was

not meant for the sudras. Education was meant for the brahmanas, and

partially of the ksatriyas, neither of the vaisyas nor of the sudras.

What education? Vaisyas livelihood is, or his occupational duty is,

how to produce food, how to give protection to the cows, and if there

is excess stock, how to trade with it. So anyone can learn by seeing

only. It doesn’t require any high education. If the father is tilling

the field, the son can learn it by seeing it. If the father… Just

like in Vrndavana, we… Krsna… Krsna was going to tend the cows and

calves of Nanda Maharaja. There was no education. It can be learned

simply by seeing others doing that. So at the present moment education

means many Indians are coming to America to learn how to polish

motorcar parts or how to create technology. So this is not education.

This is not ed… But the Europeans and Americans, they are going to

India for learning brahma-vidya. That is education. The Europeans and

Americans, when they go to Vrndavana and Mayapur, they do not go there

to see how we have manufacturd cycle and machine for sewing. They have

seen enough of this. We may be very proud in India: “Now we are

manufacturing cycle and sewing machine or some motor parts, advanced.”

This is not advanced. Education means how to make one brahmana, how to

teach him how he become sense controlled, sama, dama, mind control,

how to become truthful, how to become clean, how to become simple, how

to become full of knowledge, how to apply knowledge in practical life,

how to know God. This is education. This is education.

So the present situation of the human civilization is very, very

dark, tamasa. They want to live in the city without working for

producing their food. And there are butchers, they kill innocent

animals. And in the city they eat the meat, and to digest they drink

and work like hogs and dogs whole day and night. This is civilization.

This is not civilization. This is darkness, darkness of life. So we

…750803SB.DET                   Lectures                  229057/530501

Krsna made condition. Krsna is personal Supreme Personality of Godhead

Himself. He came to show His mercy, and therefore He left

Bhagavad-gita to be read by common… Any common man can understand.

But the rascals are so rigid that they will misinterpret. Krsna left

it for reading it by everyone. Any common man can understand.

Dharma-ksetre kuru-ksetre samaveta yuyutsavah. This is the beginning.

Any common man can understand. The Kuruksetra is still there, and it

is dharma-ksetra. Still people go there to take bath in the

Brahma-kunda during lunar and solar eclipse. It is a great

dharma-ksetra. But they will interpret, “Dharma-ksetra kuru-ksetra

means this body.” Where they get this meaning? Where is the

dictionary? No, because he is scholar, he has invented some meaning.

This is going on, and people are misled.

So the time is very, very, bad, and even there is attempt to

deliver them, they are so rigid and so stubborn, dog obstinacy, they

want to remain in the doggish condition of life. It is very, very

difficult. But Caitanya Mahaprabhu is so kind. Krsna said in the


760616SB.DET                   Lectures                  229077/530501

Therefore our business is… “Artificially, I shall not see

anything.” Now how it is possible? You’ll see in the mind. Suppose you

close your eyes, but there are so many impressions, they will come

within the mind. Even if you close your eyes. The so-called meditation

means he has closed his eyes but he’s thinking of his beloved or his

business or something like, something like that. So is not possible.

First of all, you have to fix up your mind in Krsna. Always think of

Krsna. That is advised by Krsna. Man-mana bhava mad-bhakto mad-yaji

mam namaskuru. These four principles guarantees, Krsna says. Mam

evaisyasi asamsayah. If you simply execute these four things, then

Krsna guarantees, asamsaya, without any doubt you are coming back to

me, back to home, back to Godhead. It is so nice. So mind engaged in

Krsna. Always think of Krsna. We are seeing Krsna here so nicely

dressed, decorated, and immediately there is impression with the mind

and you can think the whole day. And Krsna says he is first-class yogi


760616SB.DET                   Lectures                  229087/530501

janma naiti mam eti. That is success. That after giving up this

body… This body means the combination of the so many, twenty-four

elements. So long we’ll be entangled within this network of

twenty-four elements, it is called conditioned life. And mukti,

liberated, means no more entanglement. Muktir hitva anyatha rupam. We

are now entangled in these twenty-four elements, and mukti means we

are not entangled. Muktir hitva anyatha rupam. Because we are

entangled, we are thinking otherwise. “I am American,” “I am Indian,”

“I am this,” “I am that,” “I am that,” “I have got so many duties.”

These things. But when one understands that these so-called duties and

entanglement of these twenty-four elements of matter, “I do not belong

this. I am aloof, I aloof,” this understanding is called brahma-bhutah

prasannatma. At least theoretically if we understand, then our duty

changes. Prasannatma, fixed up. That whatever I am doing now, I am

doing with this material, for the benefit of this material, not for my

personal benefit. I am not these twenty-four elements. This is called


750805SB.DET                   Lectures                  229116/530501

So this principle they do not know, that this human life, actually

the desire is like that, that “Let me earn some money. Then I shall go

in a village or in a secluded place I shall live very peacefully.” And

those who have got money, at the weekend they go out for peaceful

living. So that is the tendency, not to work hard, but live

peacefully. That can be done. Everyone can do that, provided he lives

in the village, he lives in the village and produces his own food,

little labor, vegetable, food grains. Anyone can produce. This is

human civilization. Therefore… Not that all, everyone has to do. The

third class… First-class men, they should cultivate knowledge to

guide the human society, brahmana. Sama dama titiksa… They should

learn, ideal men. Under their advice… Brahmana is considered to be

the guru of other sections: ksatriya, vaisya, sudra. So anyone can

live very peacefully without any hard labor. What is this

civilization? For getting foodstuff one has to go hundred miles away

from home, daily passengers. And some of them are going in the foreign

countries also. Recently there was news that in Africa, Uganda, that,

the President Amin, he asked some very respectable English gentleman

to carry his palanquin just to insult them. But the Englishmen, now

they are in a precarious condition. The British Empire is now

finished. Now they had to carry this man. And under protest they could

not go away because they have got business. So why one should go so

far distance? Everyone can produce his foodstuff at home. Nature’s

arrangement is so nice. If not, little trade. So it is not meant for

so much hard labor. Sastra says, “This kind of laboring hard simply

for satisfaction of senses is the business of the hog and pig. It is

not the business of the human being.” Nayam deho deha-bhajam nrloke

kastan kaman arhate vid-bhujam ye.

So human society, they should rectify their mode of civilization by

taking this Krsna consciousness movement. Then they will be happy.

750814SB.BOM                   Lectures                  229195/530501

There are two words still current in the Hindu society: suci and

muci. Muci means cobbler, dealing with skin. “I am this skin,” “I am

white skin,” “I am black skin,” “I am American skin,” “I am Indian

skin”–this understanding means muci. And muci is skin expert. “This

is cow skin. This is goat skin. It is lamb skin.” This is… He is

called muci, skin expert. Modern technology has given the title

“tannery expert.” So this “tannery expert,” if you become tannery

expert, then you are muci. So there is a Bengali proverb, muci haya

suci haya, yadi krsna bhaje. Every one of us, we are all tannery

expert and we have created so many “isms” on the basis of becoming a

tannery expert. Therefore they are called muci. So muci haya suci

haya. And suci means brahmana, pure. He has no such sense of becoming

a tannery expert. He is brahmana, brahma-vit. One who knows Brahman,

he is called brahmana. He is suci. He is not more tannery expert. So

therefore, it is said, if from the muci platform if you want to become

suci, really brahmana, purified, then you have to take to Krsna

conscious. Muci haya suci haya, yadi krsna bhaje. If one becomes Krsna

conscious, then from the platform of becoming a muci, one becomes

suci. Therefore we have no caste distinction because our process is to

elevate the muci to the platform of suci, this Krsna consciousness

movement. Actually that is the fact. We are unnecessarily becoming

tannery expert. That is not the aim of life. The aim of life is to

become suci, to become brahmana, or the person who is aware of

Brahman. Brahma janati iti brahmanah. This is the philosophy. But

nobody is interested to become a brahmana. Everyone is interested to

remain a muci and tannery expert. That is not the aim of life. So this

is training. Muci haya suci haya. One can be trained up to become a

suci from the platform of muci. And even though one is born of a suci

family, if by practice he is not Krsna conscious, then he

automatically becomes a muci. Suci haya muci haya, yadi krsna tyaje.

If one gives up Krsna consciousness, even though he is born in a

brahmana family or even though he has practiced brahmanism, still, on

account of his not accepting Krsna consciousness, he is accepted as

muci. Suci haya muci haya, yadi krsna tyaje. And muci haya suci haya,

yadi krsna bhaje: if one is Krsna conscious, then he is suci. This is

710103SB.SUR                   Lectures                  229211/530501

devotee of Lord Siva; still, he was a asura. Hiranyakasipu, he was a

great devotee of Lord Brahma, but he was considered asura. So anyone

who is not devotee of Lord Visnu, he is asura. That is the verdict.

Asuras tad-viparyayah. And this pinda-dana is offered oblations to the

Visnu. So if any man becomes a Vaisnava, he is offering oblations to

Visnu every moment, so his forefathers are delivered without any

trouble. Without any trouble. If one’s son becomes a Vaisnava in the

family, he can deliver fourteen generations, up and down. That is the

verdict. Not only verdict, this is the version in the


…dasi-patir ajamilah. Dasi-pati. He was attached to a prostitute,

dasi-pati. A prostitute is called dasi, and wife is called

dharma-patni. These are distinction. There are distinction of dresses

also, according to Vedic way of life. The prostitute would separate

the hair here, not in the middle. Yes, what is called?

Guest (1): Part.

Prabhupada: That is… A prostitute should, I mean to say, comb her

hair in that way so that people can understand she is prostitute and

she is chaste woman. And this sindura, the red, red lead, these were

the signs. A vidava(?), one who has no husband, they should wear

without any skirt, sari without any skirt, vidava, without any

bangles. So people will understand, “This woman is without husband,”

“This woman is prostitute,” “This woman is chaste woman,” “This woman

is not married,” “This woman’s husband is away from home.” So

different dresses. Prosita-bhartrka. Prosita-bhartrka. The name was…

A woman whose husband is away from home, she should not dress very

nicely. She should not comb her hair. That is the system. There are so

many systems.

710103SB.SUR                   Lectures                  229219/530501

should be very secretly done. Everyone knows that a husband, wife,

have sex intercourse. But not like cats and dogs. That is human

civilization. Not that on the road the boy or the girl is embracing,

kissing, and having sex life. This is animal life. This is animal

life. Simple they are educated to prostitution. Now, at the present

moment, father, mother, sends the daughter for prostitution: “Find out

a suitable man. Attract a suitable man. Don’t marry abruptly. Just

test this man, this man, this man, this man, this man. Then marry.” So

father-mother, they are teaching daughters prostitution. This is the

condition of the society. How there can be peace? And they are after

peace. They are making conference–“peace.” By conference and passing

resolution there can be peace? And the result is Naxalites,

710103SB.SUR                   Lectures                  229253/530501

Prabhupada: He was not in devotional service.

Devotee (1): He was not serving Visnu?

Prabhupada: He was trained… Visnu worship is not always devotional

service. Caitanya Mahaprabhu, when He was presented by Ramananda Raya

about Visnu worship, He said, “No, no. This is not the right

description. You go further.” You’ll find in the… Yes. “You go

further.” Eho bahya age kaha ara. Because unless they understand what

Visnu…, simple official Visnu worship will not help. One has to

become real devotee. Anyabhilasita… Generally goes to Visnu for

asking something, or any other demigod, they go. People are very much

addicted to material enjoyment. Either he goes to suddha-bhakti…

This bhakti means suddha-bhakti. Anyabhilasita-sunyam. That, that is

transcendental platform. There are viddha-bhakti. Viddha-bhakti. So

one who goes to worship Visnu for some material bene… Just like

Dhruva Maharaja went. That was bhakti, but that was viddha-bhakti,

adulterated. Dhruva Maharaja went to gain his father’s kingdom. That

is artharthi. Artah artharthi. Catur-vidha bhajante mam. Four kinds of

men goes to worship Visnu: arta, those who are distressed; artharthi,

those who are in need of money or material benefit; jijnasu, those who

are inquisitive; and jnani–these four kinds. Out of these, jijnasu

and jnani are better than the arta and artharthi, the distressed and

need of money. So even the jnani and jijnasu, they are not on the pure

devotional service because pure devotional service is beyond jnana

also. Jnana-karmady-anavrtam. Just like gopis, they did not try to

understand Krsna by jnana, whether Krsna is Bhagavan. No. They simply

automatically developed–not automatically; by their previous good

activities–acute love for Krsna. They never tried to understand

Krsna, whether He is God. When Uddhava tried to preach before them

about jnana they did not hear it very attentively. They simply

absorbed in thought of Krsna. That is the perfection of Krsna

consciousness. Never mind Krsna worship, but one loves Krsna. And that

is wanted. That is spontaneous. Real love means that. A lover does not

consider what he is, the opposite party, what he is, whether he is

rich man, whether he is educated man or educated… There is no such

consideration. Love is spontaneous. That is an example also.

Similarly, love for Krsna, that should be simply spontaneous, without

any consideration. Aslisya va pada-ratam pinastu mam: “Either You

trample down under Your feet or embrace me, still, I love You.” That

is love, that kind of love. Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna…

Hamsaduta: Prabhupada?

Prabhupada: Yes.

Hamsaduta: If someone is engaged in devotional service and he commits

an offense at the feet of a pure devotee, whatever he has done up

until that time is not lost? Or he, in his next life he gets…?

Prabhupada: No, if he thinks that he has committed offense, he should

ask pardon, excuse, that’s all.

Hamsaduta: What if he just goes on and he never asks pardon? Is he

finished in…?

Prabhupada: Then that he should. That he should. That he should.

Hamsaduta: He should ask.

Prabhupada: Yes. “Please excuse me. I have done…”

Hamsaduta: But suppose he doesn’t ask and he just…

Prabhupada: That is obstinacy. Why should he not? If he thinks that he

has committed offense, why should he not ask excuse?

Hamsaduta: Well, he may not think so. He may just find himself falling


Prabhupada: Then fallen down, what can be done? To save from this

fallen down she should ask or he should ask, “Please excuse me. I have

done…” That’s all. Finish it. And a devotee is always prepared to

excuse. Why should he not ask? Yes. One should be very cautious, and

if it happens so, then he should ask to be excused. That’s all. Yes.

Devotee (2): That’s the cause of all falldown, committing offenses at

the feet of a pure devotee?

Prabhupada: There are many causes. One should be cautious, that’s all.

710103SB.SUR                   Lectures                  229279/530501

Revatinandana: That service to mankind is service God?

Prabhupada: That is nonsense.

Guest (3): Doctor. For doctor, I mean.

Prabhupada: Well, that is another thing. When doctor gives service to

man, he does not give service to the man; he gives service to the

money. (laughter)

Revatinandana: Srila Prabhupada, hearing(?) from Hamsaduta’s question,

750828SB.VRN                   Lectures                  229302/530501

said, kalau sudra-sambhavah: “In the Kali-yuga the population is all

sudra.” There is no brahminical culture. Brahminical culture means

sama, dama, controlling the mind, controlling the senses. A real

brahmana will never agree to embrace the opposite sex in public way.

No. That is not brahmana’s business. He has been trained up how to

become controller of the mind, controller of the senses. That is the

first business of a brahmana. Sama, dama, satyam. He is truthful,

saucam, clean, thrice taking bath. So you should always… You are

given the chance of becoming brahmana. You should not become again

sudras or mlecchas or candalas. Be careful. This is brahmana business.

If we again come back to candalas or sud… Candala means less than

the sudras. Even sudras, they eat meat under control. But candalas,

they eat meat without any control. So just like in the Vedic society,

although there are meat-eaters, they would eat meat after offering

…the brahmana… Not exactly qualified; otherwise he would not have

fallen. He was on the neophyte stage. Therefore we restrict, “No

illicit sex.” Completely forbidden. Otherwise it will be very

difficult to keep oneself in the brahminical standard and make

spiritual progress. Without being in the platform of brahmana, you

cannot make any spiritual progress. That is not… A sudra, a

vaisya… But they can be trained up. Therefore Krsna said,

mam hi partha vyapasritya

ye ‘pi syuh papa-yonayah

striyo sudras tatha vaisyas

te ‘pi yanti param gatim

In Krsna consciousness, a sudra, a candala, the lowborn, he can be

elevated to the highest stage of Vaisnava. Vaisnava is higher stage

than brahmana.

750828SB.VRN                   Lectures                  229313/530501

So hrd-roga-kama, this hrd-roga, hrc-chaya, is a heart disease. It

is very, very difficult to avoid unless one is fully Krsna conscious.

And that is stated by Yamunacarya:

yadavadhi mama cettah krsna-padaravinde

nava-nava-rasa-dhamany udyatam rantum asit

tadavadhi bata nari-sangame smaryamane

bhavati mukha-vikarah sustu nisthivanam ca

This is the test. Yadavadhi krsna-padaravinde. “Since I have learned

how to take transcendental bliss from the lotus feet of Krsna…” He

is explaining. He was an emperor. He had ample opportunity of

enjoyment, material enjoyment. He was enjoying it. But he said, “Since

I have become Krsna conscious and I am taking pleasure in Krsna

consciousness, from that time,” bata nari-sangame smaryamane,

“whenever I think of enjoying with woman, I spite on it.” This is the

test. This is the test, how I am becoming advanced. You do not require

any certificate from anyone. You can learn yourself. Just like when

you are eating, you do not require any certificate from others,

“Whether I am feeling all right?” Eating means you are hungry, so if

you eat, you will feel satisfied. Your hunger will be satisfied. You

will be getting strength. These are the symptoms that have eaten.

Similarly, when you’ll no longer be attracted by this sex desire, then

you should understand that “I am now making progress in Krsna

consciousness.” This is the test.

So this boy became victimized. Although he was under training, he

was not completely fit. Therefore he fell victimized by seeing this

affair, lusty affairs. So at that time might be one or two cases. Now

the whole world is full with all of these lusty desires, especially in

the Western country. Here also now it has come. No more they are

following the Vedic principles. But it is not so deteriorated as in

the Western countries, and so we should be very, very careful. Not

only… Simply becoming careful will not. We must advance in Krsna

consciousness, and that is very easily done by chanting Hare Krsna

mantra. If you keep yourself always engaged in chanting Hare Krsna,

Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna, then it will be… Ceto-darpana-marjanam.

This is hrc-chaya-vasam. The lusty desire is a disease of the heart.

It is… Practically it has no value. So therefore Caitanya Mahaprabhu

says, ceto-darpana-marjanam. They cleanse the heart with all dirty

things. Ceto-darpana-marjanam. How? Param vijayate

sri-krsna-sankirtanam. This is confirmed in Bhagavatam, kirtanad eva

krsnasya mukta-sangah param vrajet. Simply by chanting, you can keep.

If you follow the rules and regulation and chanting, then you will not

be victimized. You’ll make your progress without any fear.

Thank you very much. Hare Krsna. (end)

750829SB.VRN                   Lectures                  229322/530501

seven to half past eight. So mano madana-vepitam. Cupid is always

disturbing. This material world means this Madana, Cupid, whole

material world. Yan maithunadi-grhamedhi-sukham hi tuccham. Grhamedhi

means those who have decided to prolong this body for sense enjoyment.

That is going on. Everyone is trying so hard. In big, big cities they

are working so hard like hogs and dogs, not for… They say that “We

are hungry. We must work very hard.” But that is not the fact. The

real fact is that “We want to enjoy sex.” So far hunger is concerned,

you can control, but sex desire, it is very difficult to control.

So this material world means that maithunadi. Maithuna means sex

intercourse. That is the beginning of material life. You know very

well how strong is sex desire in the Western countries. Even old man,

going to die, he has also. Although he cannot enjoy sex, still, he is

trying his best by medicine, by other means, by intoxication, by

stimulant. So that is the only happiness of this material world.

750901SB.VRN                   Lectures                  229373/530501

There are three kinds of women: kamini, svairini, and pumscali.

Pumscali. Svairini means free, freedom. Nobody is controller. That is

called svairini. And kamini means to attract, very much attract. And

another, pumscali–living with woman, er, man for some time; giving

up; again another; again another. That is exemplified by the

lightning. You have seen the lightning–immediately, within a second,

from this cloud to that cloud, that cloud to that cloud. So they are

called svairini. So three divisions. Similarly, there are divisions of

men also.

750902SB.VRN                   Lectures                  229382/530501

became sinful immediately. Therefore we stress on marriage. They

cannot understand why this association stresses so much for marriage,

not to live… They live as friend. That is sudra. There is no legal

marrige. Sudra and sudrani. Just like he was living with the

sudrani–he was not married–as friend. So even sudra’s marriage there

  1. For the sudra there is one asrama–that is grhastha asrama. And

for the brahmanas, four asramas: brahmacari, grhastha, vanaprastha,

sannyasa. This is for the brahmanas. For the ksatriya: brahmacari,

grhastha, and vanaprastha. For the vaisyas: brahmacari and grhastha.

And for the sudras: no brahmacari, only family life, and that also

sometimes without marriage. This is the low-grade, first-grade,

second-grade. So now to live as friend, a sudra, that is now current

all over the world. Now marriage is being forgotten. That is also

written the sastra, that “There will be no more marriage. One man and

woman should live together by agreement.” That is going on now in

Kali-yuga. Svikaram eva hy udvahe, it is stated. Simply agree: “Yes,

you become my bedfellow; I become your bedfellow.” That’s all.

Finished. Svikaram eva hy udvahe. That is marriage. No more that

ceremonial marriage. That is being forgotten. This is Kali-yuga now.

Dampatyam eva hi… Ratim eva hi dampatye: “And their so-called unity,

man and woman, means sex.” There is no other meaning. Dampatye, union

of man and woman, means sex. There is no other religious system, that

husband, wife, live together; they should cooperate for advancing in

Krsna consciousness. These things are being forgotten.

So Kali-yuga, these things are very common, but in the previous

yuga, Satya-yuga, they were not very common, but rare. This

combination of the brahmana and the sudrani, this is accidental. It is

not common. So anyway, accidental or organized, it doesn’t matter. One

750903SB.VRN                   Lectures                  229396/530501

Degradation. The first degradation is undesirable association, the

first degradation; then no more respect for scriptural injunction,

second degradation; and then the third step, aghayur asucih, you

become infected with the low-grade quality. Jaghanya-guna-vrtti-stha

adho gacchanti tamasah. The first grade qualification is sattva-guna,

second rajo-guna, and the third, tamo-guna. So they believe in the

evolution. Now, in this human form of life, what is further evolution?

The further evolution is that if you are keeping in sattva-guna, in

goodness, then you can be promoted, elevated, to the higher planetary

system. Urdhvam gacchanti sattva-sthah. And if you keep yourself in

the rajo-guna, then you will keep within this Bhurloka. And if you are

infected with the tamo-guna, then you again go to lower grade life,

again animal life, plant life. This is the nature’s process. You

cannot avoid it. You may be very much proud falsely, but after death,

after giving up this body, you are completely… You are already

completely under the regulative principle of nature. You cannot

violate even. But if you foolishly violate, then you are preparing

your next life according to your karma. Karmana daiva-netrena.

710106SB.CAL                   Lectures                  229430/530501

So this dictation of Krsna comes through the disciplic success, and

if we follow the instruction of acarya, or spiritual master, then we

are directly following the orders of Krsna, and thus I become a

bhagavad-duta. No more I am the duta or the follower of the dictation

of my senses. And one who is bhagavad-duta, he is called gosvami, just

like Rupa Gosvami, Sanatana Gosvami. Whose life is dedicated to follow

the dictation of Krsna, they are gosvami. Gosvami is not a caste

title, just like it has become in India. Gosvami… Rupa Gosvami was a

minister. He was rejected by the brahmana society, but Caitanya

Mahaprabhu made him gosvami. He is the original gosvami. Why? Because

he gave up the dictation of Nawab Shah but he followed the dictation

of Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Therefore he became gosvami, prabhupada. He

became prabhupada. Prabhupada means the title or the respect which is

given to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. That is called… Prabhu

means master and pada means maryada, or the respect or the

distinction. So bhagavad-duta, those who are strictly following the

dictation of Krsna under strict disciplinary chain of disciplic

succession, he is Krsna’s representative and he should be given all

the respect. Saksad-dharitvena samasta-sastraih. That is the verdict of all sastras.

750906SB.VRN                   Lectures                  229490/530501

This is the… Narayana is so kind that although the name of Narayana

was called by Ajamila, meaning his son, still, because he has chanted

the name, holy name of Narayana, it was immediately taken seriously by

Lord Narayana, and His order-carriers, the Visnudutas, were sent to

save this man. Svalpam apy asya dharmasya trayate mahato bhayat.

So this process of Krsna consciousness is so nice that svalpam apy

asya dharmasya, even slightly executed in due time… Because the

process is we are educating people to chant Hare Krsna to practice, so

in due time, Hare Krsna at the time of death especially, if we can

chant this holy name of God, Hare Krsna, then our life is successful.

So unless we practice, how it will be possible to chant at the time of

death? Because at the time of death the whole system,

anatomical-physiological system, becomes disturbed, in bewilderness,

in coma, in unconsciousness. But still, if one has practiced, there is

possibility of chanting the holy name of the Lord, Hare Krsna,

Narayana. Then that is success of life. In a Bengali there is a

proverb, bhajana kara sadhana kara murti janle haya(?), that “Whatever

you are executing as a bhajana, sadhana, that’s all right, but it will

be tested at the time of your death.” It will be test. Just like a

parrot is chanting, “Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna,” but when some cat comes

in, “Kaw, kaw, kaw.” No. Then missing. So parrot life will not help

you. You must be really chanting without any offense. Then it is

possibility that at the time of death….

750909SB.VRN                   Lectures                  229551/530501

So we have to engage our senses. It is not our senses; it is

Krsna’s. We have forgotten it. I am seeing with my eyes. I am very

much proud I can see. But why you cannot see when you are blind? The

eyes are there. Because the master has withdrawn the sight power. You

can be happy with your decoration of the eyes, but you cannot see. So

actually I do not see. Just like I have got this spectacle. The

spectacle does not see; I am seeing. Similarly, with my eyes I am not

seeing; Krsna is seeing. Because Krsna is seeing, therefore I am

seeing. This is the Vedic version. You will find in Upanisad. Because

the Supreme Brahman is seeing, therefore we are seeing. Because the

Brahman is walking… There are many evidences. Just like this ear.

Now I am hearing with this ear. You are also hearing. But when I am

unconscious, this ear is there, and you call me, “Mr. Mo…, Mr. Sir,

Mr. Sir,” but I cannot hear. The machine is there. Why you cannot

hear? Therefore the Brahman is withdrawn.

So sarvam khalv idam brahman. Everything is working because the

Brahman is there. Otherwise it will not work, simply machine. This

body, because the Brahman, the soul, is there, it is working. And as

soon as the soul is out of this body, it is lump of matter. They are

thinking the brain is working. The brain is not working. Brain is a

machine. Just like typing. You are typing. The machine is not typing.

You are typing. Unless there is touch of Brahman, nothing can work. So

when we realize this, that is called brahma-bhutah prasannatma, when

we understand that “I am simply instrumental.” That is also explained

in the Bhagavad-gita. Bhramayan sarva-bhutani yantrarudhani mayaya.

Actually we are under the direction of Krsna, and he has given us this

machine, this body, and we are wandering throughout the whole

…government? There is a Bengali poetry by a Bengali Vaisnava: kaname

janame sabe pita mata paya, krsna guru nahi mile bhajaha e aya.(?) As

soon as you take birth, there is father. Either you take birth as a

snake or you take birth as a human being, without father and mother

there is no question of birth. So father and mother you will get in

every birth. But krsna guru nahi mile bhajaha e aya(?): Krsna and guru

will not be available in every birth. That is very important thing.

You cannot get Krsna in the form of a snake or a cat and a dog, but

you can get Krsna in the form as a human being.