Expose on Indian TV about corruption in ISKCON Mumbai– against Banglore temple‏

December 7, 2014 in ISKCON BANGLORE by Riya

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Please find below a short press note and links to vidoes related to one Subhash Balaji who was trying his best on trying to get ISKCON Bangalore Yatra good name destroyed. He was doing this at the instance of ISKCON Gurus. I thought I will send this to you. May be you might have missed this. This will throw some light on some of the controversies which had shown us in bad light. This will expose as to how low the gurus will stoop. Varada Krishna a disciple of Jayapataka Swami was leaving no stone unturned to see to it that our service to the deities was disturbed.
Here he is exposed as courting a blackmailer.
When will gurus stop these kinds of misadventures by their disciples?
News 9 a regional English channel exposed this.
Press Note
                                                                                                                                    Mystery of the packet received by High court Judges revealed
High Court of Karnataka Issues notice against ISKCON Mumbai and others

Nov 12, 2014
The Honorable High Court of Karnataka today issued notice on criminal contempt of court against ISKCON Mumbai, Doyarama Dasa, Bhīma Dasa ( Secretary ISKCON  Mumbai), Varada Krishna Dasa and Balaji Subhash. The divisional bench consisting of Honorable Justice N Kumar and Hon. Justice Manohar issued the notice while hearing contempt of court proceedings initiated against ISKCON Mumbai and others by Secretary of ISKCON Bangalore.
It may be recalled that on April 17th 2009 City civil court had given a permanent injunction against ISKCON Mumbai stating that it should not interfere in ISKCON Bangalore’s affairs. ISKCON Mumbai had gone on appeal to the Honorable High court against this verdict of the Trial court. The appeal was being heard by a divisional bench headed by Hon. Justice K L Manjunath. On 10th July 2009 a mystery packet was received by Hon. Justice KL Manjunath and Hon. Justice C R Kumaraswamy. The mystery packet contained photographs of Hon. Justice KL Manjunath receiving a photo frame while visiting ISKCON temple in Rajajinagar, Bangalore. The packet also contained an anonymous letter requesting Hon. Justice KL Manjunath to not hear the appeal as the photographs indicate that he is associated with ISKCON Bangalore. Subsequently Hon. Justice KL Manjunath recused from the appeal and it was heard before another bench. While so recusing suo moto contempt of court was initiated against President, Secretary of ISKCON Bangalore and four lawyers. Later on the Honorable High Court acquitted the President and two lawyers from the contempt proceedings.
One, Mr. Balaji Subash in April 2011 had tried to extort money from ISKCON Bangalore and a complaint was filed against him by ISKCON Bangalore. He was later arrested by the police and jailed for 45 days.  Subsequently Central Investigation Department (CID) Karnataka has taken up the investigation of this case and has filed a charge sheet against Balaji Subash under sections 384, 417, 465, 468,471 r/w 34 section of the IPC and section 66(A) of IT Act 2000 (Annexure1). Investigations further revealed that Varada Krishna Das of ISKCON Mumbai abetted to the crime committed by Balaji Subash by instigating him into criminal acts. The CID has also filed charge sheet against Varada Krishna Dasa under sections 384, 417,465,468,471, 120(B) of IPC and section 66(a) of IT Act 2000(Annexure2) vide crime no 78 of 2011. During the course of investigation it was revealed that Varada Krishna dasa was actively in touch with Balaji Subhash and that he had offered him huge amounts of money if he succeeded in maligning ISKCON Bangalore. Both Balaji Subhash and Varada Krishna Dasa are now on bail and have been given specific instructions by courts to co-operate with the investigations. The matter is pending before 1st ACMM court Bangalore.
On 11th April 2011 Balaji Subhash had written an email admitting that he stole the pictures of Hon. Justice Manjunath visiting and receiving photo frame from ISKCON Bangalore temple. He also admitted that he stole the pictures under instructions from ISKCON Mumbai. He also admits that he handed over the pictures to ISKCON Mumbai. The email further reveals that the entire conspiracy was arranged by combined plan of Doyarama Dasa, Bhima Dasa (Secretary) and Varada Krishna of ISKCON Mumbai. ISKCON Mumbai through various unscrupulous means has been making all efforts to malign ISKCON Bangalore. Evidence now strongly points out that the mystery packet containing photographs of the Judge were indeed handy work of ISKCON Mumbai and its leaders in association with Balaji Subhash.
Citing these emails and charge sheet filed by CID, secretary of ISKCON Bangalore had filed a petition to initiate criminal contempt of court against ISKCON Mumbai, Balaji Subhash and others. Advocate General of Karnataka in his order has also given permission to initiate contempt proceedings against Balaji Subhash, Dayarama Dasa and Varada Krishna Dasa. (Annexure 3) Today the matter came up for hearing before the Honorable High Court and it has issued notice to ISKCON Mumbai, Dayarama Dasa, Varada Krishna Dasa, Bhīma Dasa and Balaji Subhash.
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