Remembrances of Krsna Balarama Swami

July 10, 2014 in Articles, Damaghosa Dasa by Nityananda Rama dasa

Hare Krsna to all the devotees there in Freeport Yatra
Obeisances to you all
All glories to Srila Prabhupada

It is with sadness I write these words to remember an old and dear friend of mine-Krsna Balarama Swami.
He and I met in Seattle years ago, probably around 1992 and have continued to be fast friends. Sometimes he would stay at our ashram, etiher in Seattle or here in Sedro Woolley Wash, our present farm. He greatly loved people and nature as well. We shared many good times in Krsna Consciousness together. One time in Seattle on Hari nama, it was just he and I , chanting in the University district, when suddenly one woman stopped and listened to us for a while, then she came up and told us she was the departed Visnujanas Swamis sister ! How often does that happen??
We did many Hari namas together, and he stayed with us for sometimes a month or more before moving on for some other preaching engagements. The last time I saw him was when he stayed here on our farm back in 2001. We visited the gorgeous mountains in this area, (pictures included in this email) and he helped us re plant some overgrown plants on our property. We would share the opportunity of giving class on BG and leading kirtans during our regular weekly Sunday Feast Programs both in Seattle and here in Sedro Woolley Wash. And every Saturday, he would join with us for local Hari nama, when he was here.
Krsna Balarama Swami had the ability to be-friend practically anybody he met and then introduce them to Krsna thru his preaching. He was a gentleman, and a very kind soul. It was a great pleasure and honor of mine to have served Srila Prabhupada with this wonderful Godbrother. He will be sorely missed.

Hare Krsna
Damaghosa das
Sri Sri Gaura Nitai Mandir
Sedro Woolley Wash.