Prabhupada explains Maya and how we are captured & entangle ourselves

June 2, 2014 in Article, Damaghosa Dasa by Nityananda Rama dasa


1.) Conversations 402550/530501
Prabhupada: So anyone who is under the bodily conception of life, either
human beings or dogs, they are the same. But that upadhi (material designations)
amongst human being is stronger than the cats and dogs. The human being, being
advanced in consciousness, they are making this nationalism. But it is
nothing but dogism. Is it not? That’s all. The so-called national
people are sacrificing so many lives, so many politicians, Napoleon
and these big, big leaders. But what is their business? Business is
that doggish mentality: “I am this body.” So it is very difficult to
give up this doggish mentality that “I am this body.” Very, very
Dr. Patel: That is ahankara.
Prabhupada: False ahankara. Because he is not body, it is false
ahankara. So sastra therefore says, bhagavad-bhakti vihinasya jati
japas tapah kriya. A person who has not developed Krsna consciousness,
for him this advancement of nationality, big work, industry, so on, so
on, so on, jati japas tapah kriya… Kriya, these act…
Dr. Patel: Activities.
Prabhupada: :What are these? Apranasya hi dehasya mandanam loka-
ranjanam. It has no value. But people are enamored by these things, “I
belong to great nation. I am American. We have got so many industries.
We have got so many cars.” Attachment. So it is very difficult.
Sarvo-padhi-vinirmuktam. One, after becoming completely freed from all
these false designations, to become a devotee is very, very difficult.
There is no education.
Dr. Patel: Sarva-bhavena, from all sides and from all degrees.
Prabhupada: It is very difficult. So we are dealing with very, very
difficult task. It is not very easy, the Krsna consciousness movement
Naturally we have got attraction for God. That is spiritual kingdom.
Just like Vrndavana. Vrndavana means center is Krsna. The elderly
person like Nanda Maharaja, Yasoda, their friends, their…, they are
also attracted to Krsna. The gopis are attracted to Krsna, the
cowherds boys, they are attracted to Krsna. The cows, calves, animals
and peacock–everyone is attracted to Krsna. The water is attracted to
Krsna. That is Vrndavana. And here in the material world nobody is
attracted by Krsna.
Dr. Patel: Who prevents them, sir? maya.
Prabhupada: :No. He wanted this; therefore maya is there.
Dr. Patel: :So that their position may go on.
Prabhupada: Police is not first. First you become a thief; then police
is there, not that police comes and arrest you unnecessar
y. No. As
soon as you become criminal, then police comes and arrest you. maya
comes next. If you give up your natural attraction for Krsna, if you
are attracted by this material enjoyment, then maya is there
. Again if
you try to…
Dr. Patel: But material, all material, is made up of maya.
Prabhupada: No, no. Nothing is made by maya. maya is made by God.
Dr. Patel: And material is, nothing but the transformation of maya, is
it not?

Prabhupada: No. No. maya means something false. Nobody makes anything.
Everything is made by… Aham sarvasya prabhavah. Krsna is the creator
of everything. maya is also created by Krsna. So just like government
creates police department. But police department is made for that
person who violates the laws of God. The police department is creation
of government. Similarly, maya’s business is to capture, arrest the
criminal who has gone against God, capture him. Mudha janmani janmani.
Mam aprapyaiva. This is the arrangement. Nobody is independent.

2.) Madhya 4.137 One cannot understand Krsna simply by reading Vedic literature. Although
all Vedic literature is meant for understanding Krsna, one cannot
understand Krsna without being a lover of Krsna. Therefore along with
the reading of Vedic literature (svadhyaya), one must engage in
devotional worship of the Deity (arcana-vidhi). Together these will
enhance the devotee’s transcendental understanding of devotional
service. Sravanadi suddha-citte karaye udaya (Cc. ▼Madhya 22.107).
Love of Godhead is dormant within everyone’s heart, and if one simply
follows the standard process of devotional service, it is awakened.

3.) 760312SB.MAY Lectures
Krsna says, “He’s first-class yogi.” Who? “Who is always trying to see
Krsna within the heart.” So it is very difficult task? In our
bhakti-yoga we can teach this art of seeing Krsna within the core of
the heart in one minute. It is so simple. You are seeing Krsna here.
(referring to temple deity) You must have impression and try to keep that impression within your
heart always. Then you become first-class yogi. Why so much gymnastic
and pressing the nose? No. Take directly. If you are engaged
twenty-four hours in the service of the Deity, you cannot see except
the Deity. This bhakti-yoga practice is so simple. Therefore kanistha
adhikari, those who are neophyte, they must take to Deity worship. By
Deity worship he is elevated to the position of seeing the Lord within
the heart. This is very important thing. You can see–He is there–but
you have no knowledge, or even if you have knowledge, you are not
competent to see Him. But if you practice Deity worship…
Therefore it is the duty of guru to engage the neophyte devotee
always in Deity worship.

Srila Prabhupada begins by telling us to give up this doggish mentality of
thinking I am this body is very very difficult, but all these false impressions
must be eliminated BEFORE one becomes Vaisnava. It is not such a cheap
thing to become actual Vaisnava. But it can be done, if one follows the
proper protocol or process of Sahdana Bhakti as prescribed by the Doctor,
Srila Prabhupada. And he ends with one can become a first class yogi
(seeing the Lord in the heart) by learning what he teaches above in “one” minute. We simply have to submit to this bona fide Acarya and actually follow what he tells us.

Hare Krsna
Damaghosa das