Two things-cows and grains can solve all our eating needs-SP

May 29, 2014 in Articles, Damaghosa Dasa by Nityananda Rama dasa


SB 3.2.29 Purport…..
With only these two things, cows and grain, humanity can solve its eating problem.Human society needs only sufficient grain and sufficient cows to solve
its economic problems. All other things but these two are artificial
necessities created by man to kill his valuable life at the human
level and waste his time in things which are not needed.

just so there is no mistake out there about how much “fun” it is to grow your own
food-here is a shot of the lake of rain water drowning all of the 140 brassica plant
starts I had in this section by the greenhouse. It was and is still an experiment
in seeing how by planting different varieties of the same plant (like cawly for ex) at the
same time, one can get staggered harvests over many months of time. I re-seeded
everything again and all of the 140 new plants are now again coming up in pots.
The rows in the foreground are all potatoes and all of them survived this mass of
water. We had record rains here for three months.

below here are the bean poles with netting,and everything is nicely coming up

Meanwhile here in the greenhouse, more sugar peas than we can offer and eat. And
around 72 tomato plants are all coming along nicely. Spinach and turnips line the edges.

more tomaotes in two outside raised beds