Why, should I, serve God?–SP

May 29, 2014 in Articles, Damaghosa Dasa by Nityananda Rama dasa


Below is a very short part of a week long series of talks between Srila Prabhupada
and Bob Cohen (later to become Brahma tirtha das) a peace corp worker then living in India.
This is a very concise and potent explanation of why every living entity must serve the Supreme Entity-Krsna.

Prabhupada: Then the wings fly there, and the jaws catch the food, and

after all he puts into the mouth. Similarly, as in this body, this

particular example, the stomach is the enjoyer, similarly, the central

figure of whole cosmic manifestation, material or spiritual, the

central figure is Krsna, God. He’s the enjoyer. We can understand. As

in my this particular body, the body is also a creation. The body has

got the same mechanism as you will find out in the whole universe. The

same mechanical, anywhere you go, you find even in animals or human

body or in the cosmic manifestation. Almost the same mechanism. So as

you understand very easily that in this body, my body, your body, the

stomach is the enjoyer. Or there is a central enjoyer. And the stomach

is friend also of everyone. Because if we cannot digest food, you see,

then all other limbs of the body they become weak. Therefore stomach

is the friend. It is digesting and distribute the energy to all the

limbs of the body. Is it not?

Bob: It is so.

Prabhupada: Similarly, the central stomach of the whole creation is

God, or Krsna. He’s the enjoyer and He’s the friend. He’s maintaining

everyone. Eko bahunam vidadhati kaman. Therefore He’s friend of

everyone. And everywhereHe is maintaining means everywhere He’s

the proprietor. Just like a king can maintain the whole country,

citizens, because he’s the proprietor. Without being proprietor, how

he can become everyone’s friend? So these things have to be

understood, that Krsna is the enjoyer, Krsna is the proprietor, and

Krsna is friend. If you know these three things, then your knowledge

is full. You do not require to understand anything more. Yasmin

vijnate sarvam evam vijnatam bhavati. If you simply understand Krsna

by these three formulas, then your knowledge is complete. You don’t

require any more knowledge. But people will not agree. “Why Krsna

shall be proprietor? Hitler shall be proprietor. Yayha Khan should be

proprietor. (laughter) Nixon shall be proprietor.” That is going on.

Therefore you are in trouble. But if you understand these three things

only, then your knowledge is finished. But he’ll not accept, he’ll put

forward so many impediments for understanding these three things. And

that is the cause of our trouble. But Bhagavad-gita, in the

Bhagavad-gita it is plainly said,

bhoktaram yajna-tapasam


suhrdam sarva-bhutanam

jnatva mam santim rcchati

But we won’t take this. We shall put forward so many false

proprietor, false friends, false enjoyer, and they will fight one

another. This is the situation of the world. If this education is

given and people takes this knowledge, there is peace, santim rcchati.

Immediately there is peace. This is knowledge. And if anyone follows

this principle, he’s honest. He does not claim “It is mine.” He

everything knows it is Krsna’s, so therefore everything should be

utilized for Krsna’s service. That is honesty. If this pencil belongs

to me the etiquette is… Just like my students sometimes do: “Can I

use this pencil?” “Yes.” This is etiquette, I say, “Yes, you can.”

Similarly, if I know that everything belongs to Krsna, without His

permission I’ll not use. That is honesty. And that is knowledge. And

one does not know, he’s ignorant, he’s foolish, and foolish man

commits all criminality. All criminals, they’re foolish men. Out of

ignorance one commits lawbreaking. So ignorance is not bliss, but it

is folly to be wise where ignorance is bliss. That is the difficulty,

our. The whole world is enjoying ignorance, and when we say about

Krsna consciousness, they do not very much appreciate. If I say,

“Krsna is the proprietor, you are not proprietor,” he’ll not be very

much satisfied. (laughs) Just see, ignorance is bliss. So it is my

foolishness to say the real truth. Therefore this is, it is folly to

be wise where ignorance is bliss. So we are taking the risk to offend

people because they’ll think we are fools. If I say, “Birla, Mr.

Birla, you are not proprietor, Krsna is proprietor. So whatever money

you have got spend for Krsna,” he’ll be angry. Murkha upadeso hi

prakopaya na santaye. If you instruct a rascal, he’ll be angry.

Therefore we go as beggar. “My dear Mr. Birla, you are very rich man.

I am sannyasi beggar. So I want to construct a temple if you spare

some money.” So he’ll be, “Oh, here is a beggar, give him some money.”

(laughter) But if I say “Mr. Birla, you have got millions of dollars

at your disposal. That is Krsna’s money. Give it to me. I am Krsna’s

servant.” Oh, he will… (laughter) He’ll not be very satisfied.

Rather, if I go as a beggar, he would give something, and if I tell

him the truth, he’ll not give me a farthing. Therefore we take this

beggar’s dress. We are not beggar. We cheat him as beggar. We are not

beggar. We are Krsna’s servant, we are not beggar. We don’t want

anything from anyone. Because we know Krsna will provide everything.

Bob: Ahh.

Prabhupada: This is knowledge. Just like a child sometimes takes

something important. He’ll not spare it. So we have to flatter, “Oh,

you are so nice, please take these lozenges and give me that paper.

Hundred rupees, it is nothing. It is paper.” (laughter) And he will,

“Oh, yes, take. That’s nice. That two-paise lozenges is very nice. It

is sweet.” So we have to do like that. Why? Because he’ll go to hell

taking Krsna’s money. So some way or other, take some money from him

and engage in Krsna consciousness movement.

Bob: And then he may not go to hell.

Prabhupada: Yes. You save him from going to hell. Because a farthing

spent for Krsna it will be accounted, “Oh, this man has given a

farthing.” This is called ajnata-sukrti. Ajnata-sukrti means doing

pious activities without knowledge. So we give everyone chance to act

very piously without his knowledge. This is Krsna consciousness

movement. Mahad-vicalanam nrnam grhinam dina-cetasam. Dina-cetasam.

They’re very poor in their thought. Therefore the saintly persons

work(?) just to enlighten him little, to give him chance to serve

Krsna. That is saintly person’s study.