“But if you become servant of Krsna, maya will not touch you” – SP

February 10, 2014 in Damaghosa Dasa by Yasodanandana Dasa


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Pradyumna: This King Yudhisthira is lamenting that the body, this
material body, does not actually belong to us. We can even see
relatively that the material body belongs, while we are inside this
material body, it belongs to the family
. We have debts to pay to so
many living entities–to our forefathers, our family. It belongs to
our country
. Our country takes it and says, “You take your body and
you fight in Vietnam,” or “You do this kind of work” or “You don’t do
this.” It is subject to the religion we are born in. It is subject to
so many rules and regulations beyond ourselves. This body, even while
we are in it, does not belong to us, and before we came into this
body, it was matter, belonging to someone else, and after we leave
this body, as it says in the purport, “While there is life in the body
it is meant for the service of others, and when it is dead it is meant
to be eaten by dogs and jackals or maggots
.” So after death the body
is disposed of in different ways. Some people bury the body; in that
case the worms take the body. Some people burn the body; in that case
it is consumed by fire and becomes ashes.
Prabhupada: This one word, parakyasya is very important. If you
work… Somebody is working very hard, nobody is interested to work
very hard for others. That is not the material philosophy. Everyone
wants his own satisfaction, means sense gratification. So those who
are in the bodily concept of life, they are working for their bodily
sense gratification
. But if we consider philosophically, we’ll see
that even this body does not belong to me
. Therefore it is a very
important word, parakyasya. From the very beginning. The body was
given by father and mother. So if anyone creates something, so that
thing belongs to the creator. If the father and mother has created
this body, then from the very beginning the body belongs to the father
and mother.
And actually, in the childhood, as the father and mother
says, “Sit down here, eat this, don’t go there,” everything is
controlled by the father and mother, and originally given by the
father and mother. So how we can claim, “This is my body”? From the
very beginning. Then somebody maintains you. Suppose you are working
in office, in a factory. So actually that body belongs to him, the
maintainer. Just like a dog. The master maintains it, and the dog’s
body is meant for the service of that master. As soon as the master
indicates, “You do this,” immediately he does it. A dog has no
independence, practical. So in this way the body belongs to the
. In the beginning, body belongs to the father and mother. Then,
if you grow up, then body belongs to your country. In this way, go up
to the death point, and after death also, the body belongs to others.
There are three stages, three different kinds of transformation of
this body after death: stool, ashes and worms, uh, earth or dirt.
According to the Vedic civilization, the body is burnt into ashes. So
the body becomes ashes. And somebody throws the body to be eaten up by
some animal. The Parsee community in India, they throw the body to be
eaten by the vultures. That is their system. So after eating, the
vultures, they pass stool; so body becomes stool. Is there any
scientist to take the stool of vulture and make again a body? The body
has turned to be stool, the body has turned to be ashes. Why not take
little ashes and turn it to again body? Scientific method. Is it
So this is called ajnanam. If you work for your own thing, there is
some sense. But if you are working for others only, you have no claim,
and day and night, hard work, then what is that intelligence? That is
ass’s intelligence. Ass. Ass just like works very hard, not for
himself. He works for the washerman, for carrying tons of cloth on his
back and for a morsel of grass. So in the actual sense also, if you go
to see a gentleman, busy gentleman, businessman, ask him that “We want
to talk with you something about Krsna consciousness.” “Oh, I have no
time. I have no time, sir.” “Why?” “I am very busy.” “Why you are
busy?” “For business.” “What is this business for?” “For maintaining
my family.” So in this way, ultimately, he is thinking he is working
for himself, but he is working for others.
So our intelligence is, if we have to work for others and sacrifice
this body for others, why not for Krsna? That is our philosophy
. If I
am whole time, whole duration of life, I am working for others…
Others means, ultimately, my senses. The senses are others.
Kamadinam ati na katidha palita durnidesah. My senses dictating, “You stick to
this woman and go to hell.” “Yes, I am ready. Yes.” Kama, lust. So I
am servant of the lust. Neither I am servant of the woman or servant
of this man or that man. I am servant of my lust
. And the lust is
dictating that “You do this nonsense.” “Yes, I’ll do. Yes, I’ll do.”
So in this way, we are actually servant of our senses and the
dictation of the senses. This is our position
. Kamadinam kati na
katidha palita durnidesah. Durnidesa means… Nirdesa means direction,
and durnidesa means bad direction. Just like people, they are doing so
many sinful activities for maintaining this body. But at the ultimate
analysis the body belongs to somebody else. So we are fool, that I am
doing so much sinful activities for others. This is sense. But one…
Everyone is under this ignorance. Although he is working for others,
he is thinking “I am working for myself, for my interest.” Na te viduh
svartha-gatim hi visnum. These rascals, they do not know what is
actually his self-interest. He is working for other’s interest, but he
is thinking that “I am working for my interest
.” This is ajnana.
…Philosophy meansto seethe actual fact. That is called philosophy. So
if we philosophically take all these things, we are working for others
out of ignorance, and I am thinking that “It is my interest. It is my
self-interest…” Actually, you have to work for others. That is your
business. And that other is Krsna, not this material world. I have to
work for others. Because I am servant originally. Jivera svarupa haya
nitya-krsna-dasa. That is the constitutional position of every living
entity, a servant. He cannot be master. If you don’t become servant of
Krsna, then you have to become a servant of maya
. You cannot be master
of maya. That is not possible. Master of maya is Krsna. Mama maya.
Daivi hy esa gunamayi mama maya. A master can control maya, but we are
not master. We are servant. How we can control maya? It is impossible.
But if you become servant of Krsna, maya will not touch you. That’s
all. Mam eva ye prapadyante mayam etam taranti te. You cannot control
maya. That is not possible, because you are servant. If you don’t
become servant of Krsna, you must become servant of maya.
750714mw.phi                Conversations
Svarupa Damodara: Actually the trees are absolutely necessary for the
survival of animals.
Prabhupada: That is another thing. We say nothing is necessary, simply
Krsna is necessary. That is material conception: “This is necessary.
This is necessary.” But Krsna says, “Nothing is necessary
Sarva-dharman parityajya. You are simply planning and becoming
entangled with so-called “necessary
Svarupa Damodara: But that is on the spiritual platform.
Prabhupada: You can create spiritual platform immediately. Sa gunan
samatityaitan. If you fully engage yourself in devotional service,
immediately you are above this material conception.
Here below is a couple side point about why not to become servant of maya…

A man   controlled by woman is plaything in her hands..means no advancement


SB 4.3.11 P        Talks Between Lord Siva and Sati
world. “But as far as I am concerned,” Sati said, “I do not have much
knowledge about self-realization. I am poor because I do not know the
actual facts. I am attracted by my birthplace, and I want to see it.”
One who has attraction for his birthplace, for his body, and for other
such items mentioned in the Bhagavatam is considered to be like an ass
or a cow. Sati might have heard all this many times from her husband,
Lord Siva, but because she was a woman, yosit, she still hankered
after the same material objects of affection. The word yosit means
“one who is enjoyed.” Therefore woman is called yosit. In spiritual
advancement, association with yosit is always restricted because if
one is like a play doll in the hands of yosit, then all his spiritual
advancement is at once stopped.
It is said, “Those who are just like
playthings in the hands of a woman (yosit-krida-mrgesu) cannot make
any advancement in spiritual realization.”


SB 4.28.19 P  Puranjana Becomes a Woman in the Next Life  
   A wife is always supposed to be submissive to her husband.
Submission, mild behavior and subservience are qualities in a wife
which make a husband very thoughtful of her.
For family life it is
very good for a husband to be attached to his wife, but it is not very
good for spiritual advancement
Thus Krsna consciousness must be
established in every home. If a husband and wife are very much
attached to one another in Krsna consciousness, they will both benefit
because Krsna is the center of their existence.
Otherwise, if the
husband is too much attached to his wife, he becomes a woman in his
next life.
The woman, being overly attached to her husband, becomes a
man in her next life. Of course, it is an advantage for a woman to
become a man, but it is not at all advantageous for the man to become
a woman.