We recruit a person to join us after spending gallons of blood.—SP

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May 2 1972 letter

.I have tried it: any page you open, that is wonderful reading matter. My ambition is to spread these books far and wide all over the world so that everyone shall read at least one of our books and that will change his life. If only 1become devotees, that will change the world. I think that eventually we can print TLC in paperback also.
Srila Prabhupada writes…..If only 1% of the world population becomes devotee-that alone will change this hellish world. 
Note–Therefore when  one soul decides to become a devotee of God, it is very very rare and when we, as already  decided devotees come across another devotee, we should never do anything that will drive them away from Krsna or other devotees. Otherwise Srila Prabhupada tells us we are a total nonsense and we are also offensive to that devotee.  
Now please consider what the bona fide Acarya has to say on this topic.
July 9 1971 letter
And it is very encouraging to hear that so many new devotees are coming. That is an indication of your sincerity. The more sincere you are in pushing this movement forward, so Krishna will reciprocate and send you many new devotees. Thank you very much. So give them protection and instruct them so that they may not go away. We recruit devotees with great difficulty. So they must be well-treated. New men may not always behave so nicely but we must be tolerant. To train a new man is like training a wild animal to be a pet. Just like the tiger is trained in the circus and later on they are dancing to the tune of the master. So the point being stressed is training. A preacher should always be tolerant.
Sept 15 1972
The boy Sharma from Bombay may come there to join you if you want him. By your own work you can recruit men locally, that is the best process. So immediately resume the preaching work amongst the Africans and show yourselves as always meek and humble and refrain from a tough attitude and in this way gain their confidence. Gradually you will recruit men locally and they will be able to share the responsibilities. Our process is slow but sure, not that we must do everything immediately and then later on regret it. Many of our big centers started with only a handful of men and because they were determined to expand by recruiting the local men, that has been their success.

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