Disturbed by Dualities of the mode of Material Nature

January 11, 2022 in Articles by Laksman dasa

Dear Learned Prabhupadanugas,


” icchā-dveṣa-samutthena BG.7-27  ,”  

Disturbed by Dualities of the mode of Material Nature on account of the motivated attitude and behaviour ( in this case of the Webmaster prabhupadanugas.eu website and Jitarati das Prabhu )  being BIAS both have lost their respective Value what they believe in to protect and promote Original Srila Prabhupada VANI and His BOOKS,  in collaboration with each other promoting adulterated – changed Red Set of SB. and, thus,  have ruined their respective Virtue demonstrated by allegedly accusing  Yasodanandana Prabhu as brought out in the following articles links provided below ; 

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Srila Prabhupada Amrtam Updated

January 11, 2022 in Articles by Laksman dasa

Srila Prabhupada Amrtam Updated

Compiled by Yasoda nandana dasa

Hare Krsna. All glories to His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and to all Vaisnavas.

Please find the following links to Srila Prabhupada’s Original works. It is hoped that all devotees will be benefited. 


Please find a link to a Google drive with Srila Prabhupada’s first edition unrevised, non adulterated, original books.

Another folder for Srimad Bhagavatam 1972 on-wards first edition original books:



In 2019 the Bhaktivedanta Archives released last installments of the original unedited recordings of Srila Prabhupada’s classes, room conversations, morning walks, etc.

For those used to listening to Srila Prabhupada on a daily basis, now the entire archive – a total of 4,120 mp3-files (except musical recordings,recitals and book dictations since they did not have a date) – is also available sorted by the day of the year that Srila Prabhupada spoke them on. In other words, each of 366 days of a year now has a corresponding folder with Srila Prabhupada’s audios that were recorded on that day of the year.

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Original Srimad-Bhagavatam 30 volume set

January 11, 2022 in Articles by Laksman dasa

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Srila Prabhupada that spoke of swans and crows

January 11, 2022 in Articles by Laksman dasa

by Haripada dasa
I share that yesterday I saw a video of Srila Prabhupada that spoke of swans and crows, this is very interesting, pure devotees of God or Krishna are compared to swans, swans have the ability to extract from a mixture of milk and water only milk and leave the water, likewise the pure devotees of God or Krishna have the ability to extract the spiritual part of everything and leave the material part, swans like to live in clean places, with clear water full of lotus flowers, likewise pure devotees of God or Krishna like good philosophy, take food offered to God or Krishna, go to temples where there is a peaceful atmosphere with incense, crows do not like that, People who are like crows do not like that, they go to dirty places, where meat, fish and eggs are eaten, nightclubs, where there is alcohol and drugs, it is a practical fact that birds of the same plumage fly together, crows they don’t go where the swans, they don’t like it, and swans don’t go where crows are, they don’t like it, another difference between people who are like swans and those who are like crows is that pure devotees of God or Krishna are free from lust and of greed, and those who are like ravens, are full of lust and greed.
Once some reporters went to do an interview with Srila Prabhupada, one of them told him that all great spiritual personalities like you do great miracles, what miracles you have done, Srila Prabhupada was surrounded by his disciples and he replied that you see all these people Before coming to Krishna consciousness they were addicted to all kinds of sinful activities, they ate meat, fish and eggs, they were addicted to alcohol and drugs, they played games of chance and they also had illicit sex, they were like crows, now They are swans, now they only eat prasada or food offered to God or Krishna, they only drink pure water, they do not play games of chance because they are completely satisfied with what they have, and if they marry they only have sex to procreate and if not they practice celibacy, Turning crows into swans seems a little miracle.

Which SB set is the best? Look at ALL the evidence from both sides of this issue

January 11, 2022 in Articles by Laksman dasa

Jan 15 1974 Hawaii

Prabhupāda: They are rascals. Therefore I always say, “Kick them on their face with your shoes, so-called scientists.” “Accident.” There is no question of accident. Mūḍha. Therefore they have been described in the Bhagavad-gītā as mūḍhāḥ, rascals, narādhama. Narādhama, the lowest of the mankind. Because they got this opportunity to appreciate the work of Kṛṣṇa, but they avoid it, they are narādhama. No, they are so big, big graduate, scientists, and…” māyayāpahṛta-jñānāḥ [Bg. 7.15]. Their real knowledge is taken away, simply childish proposing something, so-called scientists. Real knowledge is to see everywhere Kṛṣṇamayādhyakṣeṇa prakṛtiḥ sūyate sacarācaram [Bg. 9.10]. The supervision of Kṛṣṇa. That is real knowledge. Not only to appreciate, but to explain it also. Kaniṣṭhaadhikārī will appreciate, but cannot explain how it is being done. Madhyamaadhikārī will explain. That is preacher. And uttamaadhikārī, he thinks that everyone knows, everyone knows. He does not see that somebody knows, somebody does not know. He sees everyone knows. That is uttamaadhikārī. He does not make any distinction.

Some Conclusions–Srila Prabhupada mentions above one of the differences between kanistha and madhyama adhikari devotees. The materialistic devotee cannot explain in detail how things are going on but the madhyama can explain because he is more advanced in many ways, chiefly  in intelligence.

So when one investigates this book change issue, we have to see who has gone deeply into the problem and has shown the best and most convincing evidence. And  the best evidence comes from Srila Prabhupada himself in quoted statements.

Then we can make a logical and without  passion, or arrogance  or name calling —conclusion as to which version of the SB sets is the best.

We must be cool headed not hot headed. As Prabhupada often said, when you lose your temper and get angry, you lose the debate!

Hare Krsna

damaghosa das

It is the argument, logic. They should continue. And to become angry and to go away, that means defeat.

January 11, 2022 in Articles by Laksman dasa

Amar Puri writes:

Dear Learned Readers,

It is the argument, logic. JITARATI PRABHU and the supporters of the Red Set of SB.  should continue. And to become angry and to go away, that means defeat.

Since they know that their nonsense cannot be upheld, therefore,  they resort to Ad Hominem attacks. malign character. Their OWN character is vulgar i.e. promoting and protecting the UNAUTHORIZED – CHANGED BOOKS printed and financed by Shriman Jatarati das for his personal vested interest, so, they use vulgar language on others.  It is that simple

Allow me plese to quote ;  Srila Prabhupada did not care for these sorts of barking and bickering :  

” Let the dogs bark, the caravan will pass.”


Prabhupāda:So many agitators came and gone, but the Vedic process will go on. Let the dogs bark, the caravan will pass.

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