Eternal presence of spiritual master

November 23, 2020 in Articles by Laksman dasa

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“Regarding the parampara system: there is nothing to wonder for big gaps. We have to pick up the prominent acarya and follow from him.” (12 April, 1968, Letter) [This quote clarifies everything about the “living guru ” issue, a true Guru is eternally present with his sincere disciples, hence leaving no doubts that Srila Prabhupada is the prominent acarya and all should follow him.]
“If you have understood this Krishna philosophy and if you have decided that you will take Krishna consciousness seriously and preach the philosophy to others; that is your initiation. My touch is simply a formality. It is your determination that is initiation.” (Back To Godhead Article, ‘Search for the Divine’)
Reporter: Who will succeed you when you die?Srila Prabhupada: I will never die. I will live forever from my books and you will utilize. (1975, Berkley, Interview)

“Just like Krishna can be present simultaneously in millions of places, similarly the spiritual master also can be present wherever the disciple wants. A spiritual master is the principle, not the body.” (28 May, 1968, Letter)
Tamala Krishna: Can a Christian in this age, without a Spiritual Master, but by reading the Bible, and following Jesus’ words, reach the…
Srila Prabhupada: When you read the Bible, you follow the Spiritual Master. How can you say without? As soon as you read the Bible, that means you are following the instruction of Lord Jesus Christ. That means that you are following the Spiritual Master. So where is the opportunity of being without Spiritual Master?”
Madhudvisa: I was referring to a living Spiritual Master.
Srila Prabhupada: Spiritual Master is not question of…Spiritual Master is eternal…so your question is ‘without Spiritual Master’. Without Spiritual Master you cannot be at any stage of your life. You may accept this Spiritual Master or that Spiritual Master. That is a different thing. But you have to accept. As you say that ‘by reading Bible’, when you read Bible that means you are following the Spiritual Master represented by some priest or some clergyman in the line of Lord Jesus Christ.(21 July, 1975, Room Conversation)