Compendium of Prabhupada quotes

September 26, 2020 in Articles by Laksman dasa

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“And another thing, just like we are holding this ceremony, initiation ceremony. It should not be accepted just we are functioning some ritualistic ceremony. No. It is different from ritualistic ceremony. Although it appears like ritualistic, it is transcendental.” (SP Talk, Initiation Lecture, and Ten Offenses Lecture Los Angeles, December 1, 1968)

“So diksa means the initiation to begin transcendental activities. That is called initiation. Therefore, we take promise from the disciple that “You chant so many times,” “Yes, sir.” “You observe these rules and regulations,” “Yes, sir.” That is initiation. He has to observe; he has to chant. Then everything comes automatically. In the beginning he is faulty; then how he can make progress?” SP Lecture Srimad-Bhagavatam 6.1.15 — Auckland, February 22, 1973)

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