Nasal Cleansing: Effective Preventative Hygiene

May 18, 2020 in Articles by Laksman dasa

Nasal Cleansing: Effective Preventative Hygiene

By Narasimha Das

It was reported recently (on that virology scientists have noticed that Thailand has far fewer cases of the COVID-19 virus with fewer deaths than other nations of similar size and density. This is especially odd, considering its proximity to China and its large tourism industry. Some scientists believe Thailand’s low infection rate and low death rate is due to the hygiene habits of the Thai people, particularly their widespread habit of flushing out their nasal passages once or twice daily using salt water and/or herbal-water mixtures.

When a virus first enters the body, it usually does so through the nasal passages, where it first sits in mucus membranes before moving down the throat to the lungs and stomach. Vigorous nasal cleanses can immediately flush out bacteria and viruses before they can enter further into our bodies.

Daily nasal cleansing is also well-known as a highly valuable health regimen in India. The ancient medical science known as Ayurveda teaches elaborate methods of nasal cleansing, but these techniques require some time and practice.

The easiest and most pleasant way to cleanse your nasal passages is by inhaling Sita’s Colloidal Silver. This can be done in three ways:

1. Place a teaspoon of Sita’s Colloidal Silver in the clean palm of your hand. While pressing closed one nostril, inhale strongly through the other, keeping it close to the silver solution in your palm. Repeat this process using your other nostril.

2. With a quality sprayer, simply spray a fine mist of Sita’s Colloidal Silver into your nostrils–either one at a time or together–and inhale deeply.

3. Use a strong nebulizer to inhale the silver solution through your nose.

Colloidal silver spray can also be used to make face masks more effective and safer. Research studies show that silver solutions remain effective on clothing and masks and countertops for several hours.

Why is this information regarding silver solutions not more widely promoted? Until the 1930s silver was highly valued for its antibiotic and antiviral potential and was widely used in hospitals worldwide, but Big Pharma and their servants in government squashed its widespread and institutional use as soon as more marketable forms of antibiotics and antivirals were discovered and patented.

Colloidal silver remains the most safe and effective of many antibiotic and antiviral remedies. The antibiotics marketed by pharmaceutical companies, which are over prescribed by their bankrolled doctors, help create new highly resistant strains of staph (MRSA). Colloidal silver kills MRSA infections better than other antibiotics, and, moreover, staph strains cannot develop a resistance to it, as they do with regular antibiotics.

So, again, the question: why has safe and effective colloidal silver been sidelined my mainstream medicine? Answer: It is too easy and inexpensive to produce to make anyone rich. Thus, its many traditional uses are ignored by the FDA and the AMA on the plea of insufficient clinical studies, which they refuse to do.