The difference between material and spiritual opulences–SP

November 22, 2019 in Articles by Damaghosa dasa

In the book called Salagram Sila composed by Padmanabha Goswami of Radha Raman temple in Vrndavana, it says…
“The Brahma Purana states that wherever Salagram sila and dvarka sila sit together, there certainly mukti also resides.In the conversation between Brahma and Narada in the Skanda Purana Brahma says..”O Munisvara Wherever dvarka sila sits in front of the salagrama sila every class of opulence goes on increasing unlimitedly.”
SB 5.24.19...For a pure devotee, the door of liberation is automatically opened. One should not think that Bali Mahārāja was given so much material opulence merely because of his charity. When one becomes a pure devotee in love, he may also be blessed with a good material position by the will of the Supreme Lord. However, one should not mistakenly think that the material opulence of a devotee is the result of his devotional service. The real result of devotional service is the awakening of pure love for the Supreme Personality of Godhead, which continues under all circumstances.
SB 5.24.22-The Supreme Personality of Godhead did not award His mercy to Bali Mahārāja by giving him material happiness and opulence, for these make one forget loving service to the Lord. The result of material opulence is that one can no longer absorb his mind in the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

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