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November 26, 2018 in Articles, Yasoda nandana Dasa by Laksman dasa

Srila Prabhupada explains the unique postilion of Sri Gadadhara dasa Goswami, a close associate of Sri Nityananda Prabhu
compiled by Yasoda nandana dasa

śrī-gadādhara dāsa śākhā sarvopari
kājī-gaṇera mukhe yeṅha bolāila hari


śrī-gadādhara dāsa-of the name Śrī Gadādhara dāsa; śākhā-another branch; sarva-upari-above all; kājī-gaṇera-of the Kāzīs (Muslim magistrates); mukhe-in the mouth; yeṅha-one who; bolāila-caused to speak; hari-the holy name of Hari.


Śrī Gadādhara dāsa, the twenty-third branch, was understood to be the topmost, for he induced all the Muslim Kāzīs to chant the holy name of Lord Hari.


About eight or ten miles from Calcutta on the banks of the Ganges is a village known as Eṅḍiyādaha-grāma. Śrīla Gadādhara dāsa was known as an inhabitant of this village (eṅḍiyādaha-vāsī gadādhara dāsa). The Bhakti-ratnākara (Seventh Wave), informs us that after the disappearance of Lord Caitanya Mahāprabhu, Gadādhara dāsa came from Navadvīpa to Katwa. Thereafter he came to Eṅḍiyādaha and resided there. He is stated to be the luster of the body of Śrīmatī Rādhārāṇī, just as Śrīla Gadādhara Paṇḍita Gosvāmī is an incarnation of Śrīmatī Rādhārāṇī Herself. Caitanya Mahāprabhu is sometimes explained to be rādhā-bhāva-dyuti-suvalita, or characterized by the emotions and bodily luster of Śrīmatī Rādhārāṇī. Gadādhara dāsa is this dyuti, or luster. In the Gaura-gaṇoddeśa-dīpikā he is described to be the expansion potency of Śrīmatī Rādhārāṇī. He counts among the associates of both Śrīla Gaurahari and Nityānanda Prabhu; as a devotee of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu he was one of the associates of Lord Kṛṣṇa in conjugal love, and as a devotee of Lord Nityānanda he is considered to have been one of the friends of Kṛṣṇa in pure devotional service. Even though he was an associate of Lord Nityānanda Prabhu, he was not among the cowherd boys but was situated in the transcendental mellow of conjugal love. He established a temple of Śrī Gaurasundara in Katwa.
In 1434 śakābda (A.D. 1513), when Lord Nityānanda Prabhu was empowered by Lord Caitanya to preach the saṅkīrtana movement in Bengal, Śrī Gadādhara dāsa was one of Lord Nityānanda’s chief assistants. He preached the saṅkīrtana movement by requesting everyone to chant the Hare Kṛṣṇa mahā-mantra. This simple preaching method of Śrīla Gadādhara dāsa can be followed by anyone and everyone in any position of society. One must simply be a sincere and serious servant of Nityānanda Prabhu and preach this cult door to door.

When Śrīla Gadādhara dāsa Prabhu was preaching the cult of hari-kīrtana, there was a magistrate who was very much against his saṅkīrtana movement. Following in the footsteps of Lord Caitanya Mahāprabhu, Śrīla Gadādhara dāsa one night went to the house of the Kāzī and requested him to chant the Hare Kṛṣṇa mahā-mantra. The Kāzī replied, “All right, I shall chant Hare Kṛṣṇa tomorrow.” On hearing this, Śrīla Gadādhara dāsa Prabhu began to dance, and he said, “Why tomorrow? You have already chanted the Hare Kṛṣṇa mantra, so simply continue.”

In the Gaura-gaṇoddeśa-dīpikā (verses 154-55) it is said:
rādhā-vibhūti-rūpā yā
candrakāntiḥ purā vraje
sa śrī-gaurāṅga-nikaṭe
dāsa-vaṁśyo gadādharaḥ
pūrṇānandā vraje yāsīd
sāpi kārya-vaśād eva
prāviśat taṁ gadādharam
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Poem to Sukadeva das by his surviving wife, Narayanai devi dasi

November 26, 2018 in Articles by Damaghosa dasa

Song of Grace by

Narayani devi dasi

I called for help and you came to save me from Putanas and Ravanas

Abused, forgotten and broken, you made me whole

You gave me your valuable time, your unlimited patience and endless forgiveness

You were my psychiatrist, my father and protective brother

You were always praying for me like no other

You wrote poems for me, you cooked for me, you sang to me

I stumbled in amazement – I knew I didn’t deserve so much causeless mercy

You healed my wounds, my modest teacher

There is no one like you, my beautiful preacher

You opened my eyes to see the goodness in life, my Mister Right, my Shining Knight.

You are humble and strong, soft metal, fragrant petals

You are mysterious like a gorgeous lion

You are pure happiness, my King of Glory, true messenger of Krishna’s story

Alpha and Omega, beginning and end, you are my life and soul to attend

Every moment with you is a joyous adventure

You are my song of grace, no one else can tell what I see in your face

Unique, transcendental, noble and kind, you are a priceless treasure to find

O gentle flower you transmit the shining sun’s power

My master, my guru, you are the friend of everyone

Being with you the rest of my days are the best of my days

O Sukadeva Prabhu, deeper than the ocean, all glories to your devotion!

I wish that every soul will adore and praise you

My love for you is eternal and ever new