“But if you become servant of Krsna, maya will not touch you” – SP

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730510SB.LA                    Lectures                  215678/530501
Pradyumna: This King Yudhisthira is lamenting that the body, this
material body, does not actually belong to us. We can even see
relatively that the material body belongs, while we are inside this
material body, it belongs to the family
. We have debts to pay to so
many living entities–to our forefathers, our family. It belongs to
our country
. Our country takes it and says, “You take your body and
you fight in Vietnam,” or “You do this kind of work” or “You don’t do
this.” It is subject to the religion we are born in. It is subject to
so many rules and regulations beyond ourselves. This body, even while
we are in it, does not belong to us, and before we came into this
body, it was matter, belonging to someone else, and after we leave
this body, as it says in the purport, “While there is life in the body
it is meant for the service of others, and when it is dead it is meant
to be eaten by dogs and jackals or maggots
.” So after death the body
is disposed of in different ways. Some people bury the body; in that
case the worms take the body. Some people burn the body; in that case
it is consumed by fire and becomes ashes. Read the rest of this entry →

Sri Ramanujacarya life and( teachings-look for bold font at the end)

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   When the religion of the Vedas became weakened due to the influence of less intelligent men who blindly performed ritualistic ceremonies and wantonly killed animals in the name of Vedic injunctions, Buddha appeared on the scene as a great reformer. Totally rejecting the Vedic literature and substituting his rational, atheistic views, Buddha advocated the path of ahimsa, (nonviolence and nirvana-the negation of reality as we know it) as the ultimate goal of life. Soon after, the philosophy of Shankaracharya overpowered Buddhism and spread throughout India.

The authority of the Upanishads and other Vedic literature were revived by Shankara and employed as weapons to fight the Buddhist doctrine. Interpreting the Vedas to draw a particular conclusion, Shankara established the doctrine of non-dualism, adwaita-vedanta, stating that all living entities were on an equal level with God. He prominently stressed those texts which afforded an answer to the rationalistic atheism of the Buddhists, yet the teachings of Shankara were not wholly theistic, and thus a further unveiling of the ultimate reality was destined. That destiny was fulfilled through Shri Ramanujacharya. Read the rest of this entry →

“under my order: guru hana – become a spiritual master”

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“under my order: guru hana – become a spiritual master

āmāra ājñāya guru hañā tāra’ ei deśa
“Instruct everyone to follow the orders of Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa as they are given in the Bhagavad-gītā and Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam. (CC Madhya 7.128)
Refuting the “open order” to be Diksa guru in ISKCON under the pretext of the āmāra ājñāya guru hañā tāra’ ei deśa quote:
The Anti Ritviks  often mislead devotees to believe that Srila Prabhupada gave the Order to be Diksa guru by quoting:
yāre dekha, tāre kaha ‘kṛṣṇa’-upadeśa
āmāra ājñāya guru hañā tāra’ ei deśa
But this is NOT what the Purport says. The purport is about SIKSA GURU—- AND— following that text of Madhya 7.128 in the Madhya 7.130 states that: IT IS BEST NOT TO ACCEPT ANY DISCIPLES. We are NOT going to accept any CHANGED BOOKS statements to suit ones personal agenda from sahajiyas like Bhakti Viksa who wants to screw out  disciple manufacturing meaning: Read the rest of this entry →

When your dead, your dead? No, here is the proof–SP‏

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751209SB.VRN                   Lectures
Generally the old man does not know what is going to
. He is in the hands of the nature. Ask anybody, any big, big
man, old man, “What you are going to do?” I met some very important
old man in London, one… He was Lord…
Hamsaduta: Brockway. Lord Brockway?
Prabhupada: Brockway, I think. I asked him, “What you will do? What is
the end of your life?” “No, I shall die peacefully.” That’s all. He
does not know that what is going to happen. Because the Christians,
they do not believe in the next life; they think this life is
finished, everything is finished. But that is not the fact.
they cannot find out the soul. But that requires expert knowledge.
Just like gold mine, apparently it appears that it is a stone. But one
who is expert, soil expert, he can understand, “Here is gold.” Just
like when I was in South Africa, even in the city Johannesburg there
are so many gold mines within the city, gold mines. So ordinary man,
how it will… How he’ll know that there is gold in the soil? He must
be expert. To find out the soul within this body, it is not the
business of rascals and fools. He must be very expert, exactly like
the soil expert.
And then, by analysis… This is called neti neti, na
iti. It is very easy.  Read the rest of this entry →

Vaisnavas take this body to mean death, not living–SP‏

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Hare Krsna to all
All glories to Srila Prabhupada
For some this explanation will seem strange. And for so many others the entire
Vaisnava way of life and philosophy is strange. Why? Dull headed, that’s all.
Prabhupada used to say- cow dung for brain substance.What can one expect if people
are constantly putting as food, dead rotten bodies in their own body, taking intoxication, having
constant illicit sex and speculating about everything?
But for those with some substance in their heads, they will take this information
as nectar and highly useful.
751209SB.VRN                   Lectures                  231546/530501
This life, we are thinking  that “I am eighty years old or ninety years old.” But it is not eighty
years, ninety… It is mrtyu. Mrtyu. You are dying every moment. It is
the life of mrtyu.
Therefore one has to save. Na mocayed yah
samupeta-mrtyum. A child is grown up, five years old. Suppose he’ll
live hundred years. So that means he has already died five years.
Therefore it is mrtyu
. Or we have grown eighty years old. That
means… Suppose I live hundred years. Still, I have already died
eighty years. Read the rest of this entry →

How to change matter to spirit-in our bodies-SP‏

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751209SB.VRN                   Lectures
Now, just like people protest because we are giving the position of
a brahmana to the mlecchas, yavana. Yavanah khasadayah. Khasadayah
means Mongolians, the Chinese, Japanese and the Philipines. So they
are khasadaya. The Manipuris, Assamese, they are considered as
khasadaya. So there is no distinction. Caitanya Mahaprabhu has given
open declaration: krsna-bhajanete nahi jati kuladi vicara. Anyone who
is desirous of becoming Krsna conscious, it is open. Anyone can come
By proper training by the expert spiritual master everyone can be
raised to the brahminical platform and then Vaisnava platform.
sudhyanti. So how sudhyanti? Sudhyanti. So how sudhyanti? The general
process is that unless one is (sic:) not born in brahmana family, he
is not suddha; he is impure by birth. That is fact. But the devotee
can change. This is new birth, undoubtedly
. Just like these, our
European, American students. They are new birth. They have given up
their old birth practices. So birth is changed. Punar janma. So that
is possible only by Krsna consciousness.
If one has to change his body
without changing body… The body is changed, but we see that the same
body…, but it is not the same body. It is cin-maya
. The same
example, that the iron rod put into the fire, it becomes red hot, so
it is no longer iron; it is fire. Similarly, if we constantly keep
ourself in touch with Krsna consciousness, then the body is no longer
material; it is spiritual. 


How to get rid of all our past bad karma–SP‏

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Hare Krsna to all
All glories to Srila Prabhupada
Below are two things in one lecture:
1.) He mentions how to get
rid of all past karma.
2.) Next Srila Prabhupada tells us how to surrender and
get rid of all this bad past karma-chant Hare Krsna Maha Mantra,as
that will solve all the problems of life.
3.) In a separate lecture he tells us how to change fate-same thing, chant Hare Krsna.
Hari bol,
Damaghosa das
(check out the fresh forsythia flowers below-and it still is winter outside !)

Qualifications to become Guru-Paramahamsa order of life–SP‏

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710409SB.BOM                   Lectures                 

   So anyway, our point is that paramahamsa means one who has no such

dirty things in the heart, bhukti-mukti-siddhi. All, they are dirty

things. Bhukti means material enjoyment, mukti means to become, to

merge into the existence of the Supreme Lord, and siddhi means

yoga-siddhi. So they are all dirty things. So such dirty…, a person

with such dirty things, he is not paramahamsa. He may be a sannyasi,

but he’s not a paramahamsa. Paramahamsa means who has no dirty things.




                         anukulyena krsnanu-

                        silanam bhaktir uttama


So all the bhaktas, those who are pure devotees, he is paramahamsa.

   So Krsna comes to teach this highest science of devotion to make

people paramahamsas. Not these dirty karmis, jnanis, and yogis.

Krsna’s business is… Therefore Krsna, first condition, says,

sarva-dharman parityajya mam ekam saranam: “Just you surrender unto Me

and I shall make you a paramahamsa.” Then you will be able to see

always Krsna.  Read the rest of this entry →

Making oneself – Fortunate

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750516ta.per                Conversations
Prabhupada: What is the wrong if I say, “Please chant Hare Krsna.”? If you don’t
chant, that is your choice. There is no difficulty. If you agree that
“Swamiji asking me. We’ll chant,” you can chant. But if you don’t do
it, that is your business. The task it not difficult. Task is very
easy. Even a child can do it. But if you are stubborn, “No, no, I will
not do it,” then what can be done?
(?) Enechi ausadhi maya nasibaro…
You know this song, huh? Caitanya Mahaprabhu says… You have got this
cassette? Jiv jago, jiv jago, gauracanda bole.
Devotee (1): I may have it in my briefcase. Yes.
Prabhupada: So He is canvassing, “Now get up. How you are remaining in
ignorance still? You have got this human form of body; still, you
remain as cats and dogs
. Why is that? This is spell of maya. You get
up.” “No, I am very much… I cannot break out of this. Too much I am
afflicted.” Then he says, “I have got medicine.” Enechi ausadhi. “I
have got the medicine. You take it
.” Enechi ausadhi maya nasibaro
lagi’, hari-nama maha-mantra lao tumi magi’. “You take it from Me,
hari-nama maha-mantra.” Read the rest of this entry →