Studying Bhagavad-g​ita As It Is according to the logic of the hen

January 10, 2014 in Ajit Krishna Das, Articles by Nityananda Rama dasa


Studying Bhagavad-gita As It Is according to the logic of the hen

by Ajit Krishna Dasa

“Ardha-kukkuti-nyaya. All rascals, they accept this Bhagavad-gita on the principle of ardha-kukkuti-nyaya. In the nyaya, in the logic. There is a logic, ardha-kukkuti-nyaya. What is that ardha-kukkuti-nyaya?
Kukkuti means the hen. So hen gives one egg every day. So the man, proprietor of the hen, he is considering that “This hen is very good, giving every day one egg. But the, its mouth is expensive. It eats. So let me cut the mouth, simply take the egg.”
So there are rascals, they study Bhagavad-gita on this principle of ardha-kukkuti-nyaya. “Cut this, take this, cut this, take this.” So if you cut the head, there will be no more egg. The rascal does not know. If you cut the head there will be no more production of egg.
So similarly, if you try to study Bhagavad-gita according to your whims, cut this and take this, that is not study of Bhagavad-gita.
That is something else. That is something else. That is something else.”
(Bhagavad-gita 1.28-29 – London, July 22, 1973)