Superficia​lly-devoti​onal service and material activities look the same

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Hare Krsna to all
All glories to Srila Prabhupada
Here is a few short paragraphs in which Prabhupada  quickly explains
why the most common devotee, is light years ahead of even the greatest of  materialists.
Why is that? Because the materialist is only furthering his  implication
in Karma, while the devotee is getting free of this nasty thing called  karma.(repeated birth and death)
Damaghosa das
761228SB.VRN                    Lectures
  Sometimes bhakti is observed as similar to the activities of  the karmis, but there is difference. One is bhakti,  one is going back to home, back to Godhead; and the other is going forward to  the hellish condition of life by the same activities. This is the  technique. How it is possible? It is possible. By practical example,  it is said in the sastras… Just like if you take more quantity of  milk preparation, you get diarrhea. But the same milk preparation,  yogurt, is there. It will stop diarrhea. Both of them are milk  preparation. One has created the disease diarrhea, and another is  stopping diarrhea. So why? Cikirsitam.
One is by medical process and the other is without any medical  process. The medical process is to  satisfy Krsna. Here the building is being constructed to satisfy  Krsna. To satisfy Krsna. And in other places the building is constructed  to satisfy senses. This is the difference, material and  spiritual.    Material means to satisfy one’s  senses. Nunam pramattah kurute vikarma yad indriya-pritaya aprnoti.  Karma means they are working very hard like dogs and hogs, but the purpose  is indriya-priti. Nunam pramattah: they are mad. They  should not… And why mad? Because the karma means you are creating  another body. And as soon as there is another body, dehantara-praptir, so  long you have got this material
body, you’ll suffer. That is the law of nature. Karmanu bandhah.  Yavan priti mayi deve… tavat karmanu bandhanah. The karmanu-bandha  will continue. Therefore in the sastra it is recommended, yajnarthe  karma anyatra karma-bandhanah. Don’t act anything except for  the satisfaction of Krsna. That is Krsna consciousness movement. If you  do anything for your sense gratification, that means you are being  bound up by the laws of karma. Laws of karma, it is very strict according  to the modes of activities. Purusah prakrti-stho hi bhunkte  karma-jan gunan.    So we should be very much careful not to be  afflicted by the karma. Karmanu bandha. This is very delicate task….
Bg 3.9  T                       Karma-yoga
Work done as a sacrifice for Visnu has to be performed, otherwise work  binds one to this material world. Therefore, O son of Kunti, perform your  prescribed duties for His satisfaction, and in that way you will always  remain unattached and free from bondage.

The Lord is situated in everyones heart-now find Him out, by the yoga system-SP

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Hare Krsna to all
All glories to Srila Prabhupada
Here in a few short sentences, Srila Prabhupada cuts thru volumes of  sastra and so nicely explains
our problems and how to simply solve them.
Our problem, is we love matter much more than Krsna.
He nicely explains how this is simply corrected which will give us the  highest pleasures-Krsna Prema !
740614mw.par                 Conversations
Paramahamsa: It’s also said that if you follow perfectly the rules  and regulations, but don’t develop love for Krsna, then you have  wasted your time.
Prabhupada: Yes, but if you follow the rules and  regulations, automatically, you’ll love Krsna. Sadhakanam ayam premnah  pradurbhave bhavet kramah. These are the stepping-stones. The  devotional service develops by association. So if the associates  are pure devotees, anyone who will come to that association will become  devotee. (break) …just like a young man and young woman. The devotion  is there, love is there, but in the beginning, they should mix, or some  presentation should be given, some, something eatable should be accepted,  should be given. In this way, when the association is thick and thin, the  love is there. The love is already there. It has to awakened by a  certain process. Dadati pratigrhnati bhunkte bhojayate guhyam akhyati  prcchati ca sad-vidham priti-laksanam. These are six types of  loving principles, that you give, if you want to love somebody, you  give something. And whatever he or she offers, you take from him.  Dadati pratigrhnati. You give him something to eat, and whatever he or  she gives, you eat. Bhunkte bhojayate ca. And guhyam akhyati prcchati.  And you try to understand his heart, and your heart be disclosed to him  or her. If you follow these principles, automatically the  loving propensity will awaken. It is already there. It is not artificial.  It has simply to be awakened by a certain process. So that process we  are
prescribing, to rise early in the morning, have  mangala-aratrika, worship Deity, offer food stuff, eat prasadam, chant Hare  Krsna. Anyone who will follow this principle, he will become  purified.
There is no need of education, because the devotion is  already there. By following these rules and regulations, it will be  awakened. As, as, as in this straw, there is fire. Now, you ignite it,  and just fan it, and the fire will come. It is already there, fire. But  you know, you must know the process how to ignite fire. Huge fire will  come. You can burn the whole garden from this straw. Is it not? So you  must know the process, how to ignite fire. Fire is already there, in these  trees, in these straws, in this grass. Fire is already there. That, that is  the process. First of all, you must know that fire is already there.  Now ignite. Then it comes more. Then burning, blazing. So the blazing  fire is required. But that will come gradually. If you follow the  process. That is described by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu in the  Siksastakam, ceto-darpana-marjanam. The first step will be  cleansing of the heart. And in the heart there is God,  already. Isvarah sarva-bhutanam hrd-dese ‘rjuna tisthati. The Lord is  situated in everyone’s heart. So actually yoga system is to find out the  Lord within the heart. That is meditation. Lord is there already: simply we  have to find it out.
That, that if, if you are informed that within this park there is  one hundred weight of gold is lying there. Now you have to find out.  But the indication is there. Isvarah sarva-bhutanam hrd-dese  ‘rjuna tisthati. The Lord, the Supreme Lord, is situated in  everyone’s heart. Now find him out. That is yoga system.

The Glories of Lord Nityananda CC Adi ch 5

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The Glories of Lord Nityananda  Balarama   
CC Adi lila chapter 5-selected verses compiled
This is Gauranga Ananta- the combined forms of Lord Gaura (frontside)
 and Lord Nitai (coiled snake on backside)
 Lord  Baladeva in Krsnaloka is Nityananda Prabhu. Therefore Nityananda Prabhu is the original Sankarsana, and Maha-sankarsana and His expansions as the  purusas in the universes are plenary expansions of Nityananda Prabhu.
Adi 5.1      Let me offer my obeisances to Lord  Sri Nityananda, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, whose opulence is  wonderful and unlimited. By His will, even a fool can understand His  identity. Adi 5.10     According to expert opinion,  Balarama, as the chief of the original quadruple forms, is also the original  Sankarsana. Balarama, the first expansion of Krsna, expands Himself in  five forms: (1) Maha-sankarsana, (2) Karanabdhisayi, (3) Garbhodakasayi,  (4) Ksirodakasayi, and (5) Sesa. These five plenary portions  are responsible for both the spiritual and material cosmic  manifestations. In these five forms Lord Balarama assists Lord Krsna  in His activities. The first four of these forms are responsible for  the cosmic manifestations, whereas Sesa is responsible for  personal service to the Lord. Sesa is called Ananta, or unlimited, because  He assists the Personality of Godhead in His unlimited expansions  by performing an unlimited variety of services. Sri Balarama is  the servitor Godhead who serves Lord Krsna in all affairs of existence  and knowledge. Lord Nityananda Prabhu, who is the same servitor  Godhead, Balarama, performs the same service to Lord Gauranga by  constant association.
Adi 5.18   The abode known as Vrndavana or Gokula is also known  as Goloka. The Brahma-samhita states that Gokula, the highest region of the  kingdom of God, resembles a lotus flower with thousands of petals. The  outer portion of that lotuslike planet is a square place known  as Svetadvipa. In the inner portion of Gokula there is an  elaborate arrangement for Sri Krsna’s residence with His eternal associates  such as Nanda and Yasoda. That transcendental abode exists by the energy  of Sri Baladeva, who is the original whole of Sesa, or Ananta.  The tantras also confirm this description by stating that the abode of  Sri Anantadeva, the plenary portion of Baladeva, is called the kingdom  of God. Vrndavana-dhama is the innermost abode within the  quadrangular realm of Svetadvipa, which lies outside of the boundary of  Gokula Vrndavana.
Adi 5.20     The land there is touchstone [cintamani],  and the forests abound with desire trees. Material eyes see it as an ordinary  place.
   By the grace of the Lord His dhamas and He Himself can all  be present simultaneously, without losing their original importance.  Only when one fully develops in affection and love of Godhead can one  see those dhamas in their original appearance.    Srila  Narottama dasa Thakura, a great acarya in the preceptorial line of Lord Sri  Caitanya Mahaprabhu, has said for our benefit that one can perfectly see  the dhamas only when one completely gives up the mentality of lording it over  material nature. One’s spiritual vision develops proportionately to  one’s giving up the debased mentality of unnecessarily enjoying matter. 
Adi 5.22   In the material world, everything is a  creation. Anything we can think of within our experience, including even  our own bodies and minds, was created. This process of creation began with  the life of Brahma, and the creative principle is prevalent all over the  material universe because of the quality of passion. But since the quality  of passion is conspicuous by its absence in the Vaikuntha  planets, nothing there is created: everything there is eternally existent.  And because there is no mode of ignorance, there is also no question  of annihilation or destruction. In the material world one may try to  make everything permanent by developing the above-mentioned qualities  of goodness, but because the goodness in the material world is mixed  with passion and ignorance, nothing here can exist permanently, despite  all the good plans of the best scientific brains. Therefore in  the material world we have no experience of eternity, bliss and  fullness of knowledge. But in the spiritual world, because of the  complete absence of the qualitative modes, everything is eternal, blissful  and cognizant. Everything can speak, everything can move, everything  can hear, and everything can see in fully blessed existence for  eternity. The situation being so, naturally space and time, in the forms  of past, present and future, have no influence there. In the spiritual
sky there is no change because time has no influence.  Consequently, the influence of maya, the total external energy, which induces  us to become more and more materialistic and forget our relationship  with God, is also absent there.
   The residents of Vaikuntha have brilliantly black  complexions much more fascinating and attractive than the dull white and  black complexions found in the material world. Their bodies,  being spiritual, have no equals in the material world. The beauty  of a bright cloud when lightning flashes on it merely hints at  their beauty. Generally the inhabitants of Vaikuntha dress in  yellow clothing. Their bodies are delicate and attractively built, and  their eyes are like the petals of lotus flowers. Like Lord Visnu,  the residents of Vaikuntha have four hands decorated with a  conchshell, wheel, club and lotus flower. Their chests are beautifully broad  and fully decorated with necklaces of a brilliant diamondlike  metal surrounded by costly jewels never to be found in the material  world. The residents of Vaikuntha are always powerful and effulgent. Some  of them have complexions like red coral cat’s eyes and lotus flowers,  and each of them has earrings of costly jewels. On their heads they  wear flowery crowns resembling garlands.    In the  Vaikunthas there are airplanes, but they make no tumultuous sounds. Material  airplanes are not at all safe: they can fall down and crash at any time, for  matter is imperfect in every respect. In the spiritual sky, however, the  airplanes are also spiritual, and they are
spiritually brilliant and bright. These airplanes do not fly  business executives, politicians or planning commissions as passengers, nor  do they carry cargo or postal bags, for these are all unknown  there. These planes are for pleasure trips only, and the  residents of Vaikuntha fly in them with their heavenly, beautiful,  fairylike consorts. Therefore these airplanes, full of residents of  Vaikuntha, both male and female, increase the beauty of the spiritual sky.  We cannot imagine how beautiful they are, but their beauty may be compared  to the clouds in the sky accompanied by silver branches of electric  lightning. The spiritual sky of Vaikunthaloka is always decorated in this  way.
…. But the poor materialist makes plans to live comfortably here and thus  wastes his valuable human energy in something that is doomed to frustration.  Instead of wasting his time with business speculations, he might have  sought the life of plain living and high spiritual thinking and thus  saved himself from perpetual materialistic unrest….
Adi 5.41   The original quadruple forms Krsna, Baladeva,  Pradyumna and Aniruddha expand into another quadruple, which is present  in the Vaikuntha planets of the spiritual sky. Therefore the quadruple  forms in the spiritual sky are the second manifestation of the  original quadruple in Dvaraka. As explained above, Vasudeva,  Sankarsana, Pradyumna and Aniruddha are all changeless, transcendental  plenary expansions of the Supreme Lord who have no relation to the  material modes. The Sankarsana form in the second quadruple is not only  a representation of Balarama but also the original cause of the  Causal Ocean, where Karanodakasayi Visnu lies asleep, breathing out the  seeds of innumerable universes.
Adi 5.42    There the personal feature of Balarama called  Maha-sankarsana is the shelter of the spiritual energy. He is the primary  cause, the cause of all causes.
Adi 5.45    There is one marginal potency, known as the  jiva. Maha-sankarsana is the shelter of all jivas.
Adi 5.46       Sankarsana is the original  shelter of the purusa, from whom this world is created and in whom it is  dissolved.
Adi 5.47   He [Sankarsana] is the shelter of everything. He  is wonderful in every respect, and His opulences are infinite. Even Ananta  cannot describe His glory.
Adi 5.48    That Sankarsana, who is transcendental pure  goodness, is a partial expansion of Nityananda Balarama.
Adi 5.50     I offer my full obeisances unto the feet  of Sri Nityananda Rama, whose partial representation called Karanodakasayi  Visnu, lying on the Karana Ocean, is the original purusa, the master of the  illusory energy, and the shelter of all the universes.
Adi 5.51     Outside the Vaikuntha planets is the  impersonal Brahman effulgence, and beyond that effulgence is the Karana  Ocean, or Causal Ocean. Purport-. Neither Krsna in Goloka nor Narayana in  Vaikuntha comes directly in contact with the material creation. They are  completely aloof from the material energy.    It is the  function of Maha-sankarsana in the form of Karanodakasayi Visnu to glance  over the material creation, which is situated beyond the limits of the  Causal Ocean. Material nature is connected with the Personality of  Godhead by His glance over her and nothing more. It is said that  she is impregnated by the energy of His glance. The material energy, maya,  never even touches the Causal Ocean, for the Lord’s glance focuses upon her  from a great distance away.    The glancing power of the Lord  agitates the entire cosmic energy, and thus its actions begin at once. This indicates that matter, however powerful she may be, has no power by  herself. Her activity begins by the grace of the Lord, and then the  entire cosmic creation is manifested in a systematic way. The example of a  woman’s conception can help us understand this subject to a certain extent.  The mother is passive, but the father puts his energy within the mother, and  thus she conceives. She supplies the ingredients for the birth of the  child in her womb. Similarly, the Lord activates material nature, which  then supplies the ingredients for cosmic development.
   Material nature has two different phases. The aspect  called pradhana supplies the material ingredients for cosmic development,  and the aspect called maya causes the manifestation of her  ingredients, which are temporary, like foam in the ocean. In reality, the  temporary manifestations of material nature are originally caused by  the spiritual glance of the Lord. The Personality of Godhead is  the direct, or remote, cause of creation, and material nature is  the indirect, or immediate, cause. Materialistic scientists, puffed-up  by the magical changes their so-called inventions have brought  about, cannot see the real potency of Godhead behind matter. Therefore  the jugglery of science is gradually leading people to a  godless civilization at the cost of the goal of human life. Having missed  the goal of life, materialists run after self-sufficiency, not  knowing that material nature is already self-sufficient by the grace of  God. Thus creating a colossal hoax in the name of civilization, they  create an imbalance in the natural self-sufficiency of material nature.
Adi 5.52     Surrounding Vaikuntha is a mass of  water that is endless, unfathomed and unlimited.
Adi 5.53    The earth, water, fire, air and ether of  Vaikuntha are all spiritual. Material elements are not found there. Adi  5.54     The water of the Karana Ocean, which is the  original cause, is therefore spiritual. The sacred Ganges, which is but a  drop of it, purifies the fallen souls. Adi  5.55       In that ocean lies one plenary portion  of Lord Sankarsana.
Adi 5.56     He is known as the first purusa, the  creator of the total material energy. He, the cause of the universes, the  first incarnation, casts His glance over maya.
 Maya-sakti resides outside the Causal Ocean. Maya cannot touch  its waters.
Adi 5.58      Maya has two varieties of existence.  One is called pradhana or prakrti. It supplies the ingredients of the  material  world.
Maya, the external energy of the Supreme Personality of  Godhead, is divided into two parts. Maya is the cause and the ingredient  of the cosmic manifestation. As the cause of the cosmic manifestation  she is known as maya, and as the agent supplying the  ingredients of the cosmic manifestation she is known as pradhana.  An explicit description of these divisions of external energy is given in  Srimad-Bhagavatam (11.24.1-4).
 Elsewhere in Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.63.26) the ingredients and  cause of the material cosmic manifestation are described as follows: The  body is generated  from activity, and activity is generated from the body,  just as a tree is generated from a seed that is generated from a tree.  This reciprocal cause and effect is called maya. My dear Lord, You can  save me from this cycle of cause and effect. I worship Your lotus  feet.”
Adi 5.63     Just as the original cause of an earthen  pot is the potter, so the creator of the material world is the first purusa  incarnation [Karanarnavasayi Visnu].
Adi 5.64     Lord Krsna is the creator, and maya only  helps Him as an instrument, just like the potter’s wheel and other  instruments, which are the instrumental causes of a pot.
Adi 5.65     The first purusa casts His glance at maya  from a distance, and thus He impregnates her with the seed of life in the  form of the living entities.
Adi 5.66     The reflected rays of His body mix with  maya, and thus maya gives birth to myriads of universes.
PURPORT-   . In the conditioned state the living entities of  the marginal energy are a mixture of spiritual and material energies. The  marginal energy is originally under the control of the spiritual energy, but,  under the control of the material energy, the living entities have  been wandering in forgetfulness within the material world since  time immemorial…
.. The marginal jiva, or living entity, misuses his independence and  becomes averse to the eternal service attitude when he independently  thinks he is not energy but the energetic. This misconception of his own  existence leads him to the attitude of
lording it over material nature…
….but a person who is engaged in devotional service in full  Krsna consciousness and who is therefore already situated in the  spiritual energy can understand that the material energy has no  independent powers: whatever actions are going on are due to the help of  the spiritual energy. The material energy, which is a perverted form  of the spiritual energy, presents everything pervertedly, thus  causing misconceptions and duality.
When a living entity is liberated, however, from the conditioned  life of matter, he can understand the two different activities of  material nature, namely covering and bewildering.
Adi 5.67   The purusa enters each and every one of the countless  universes. He manifests Himself in as many separate forms as there are  universes.
Adi 5.68     When the purusa exhales, the universes  become manifest with each outward breath.
Adi 5.69     Thereafter, when He inhales, all the  universes again enter His body. Adi 5.70      Just as atomic particles of dust pass through the openings of a window, so  the networks of universes pass through the pores of the skin of the  purusa. Adi 5.72    “Where am I,[Lord  Brahma] a small creature of seven spans the measure of my  own hand? I am enclosed in the universe composed of material nature,  the total material energy, false ego, ether, air, water and earth.  And what is Your glory? Unlimited universes pass through the pores of  Your body just like particles of dust passing through the opening of  a window.”
   When Lord Brahma, after having stolen all Krsna’s cows and  cowherd boys, returned and saw that the cows and boys were still roaming  with Krsna, he offered this prayer (Bhag. 10.14.11) in his defeat.  A conditioned soul, even one so great as Brahma, who manages the  affairs of the entire universe, cannot compare to the Personality of  Godhead, for He can produce numberless universes simply by the spiritual  rays emanating from the pores of His body. Material scientists should  take lessons from the utterances of Sri Brahma regarding our  insignificance in comparison to God. In these prayers of Brahma there is  much to learn for those who are falsely puffed up by the accumulation  of power.
Adi 5.91   That Maha-purusa [Karanodakasayi Visnu] is known as a  plenary part
of Him who is Lord Nityananda Balarama, the favorite associate of Lord  Caitanya.
 Adi 5.93    I offer my full obeisances unto the feet  of Sri Nityananda Rama, a partial part of whom is Garbhodakasayi Visnu. From  the navel of Garbhodakasayi Visnu sprouts the lotus that is the birthplace  of Brahma, the engineer of the universe. The stem of that lotus is  the resting place of the multitude of planets.
Adi 5.107      That Lord Narayana is a part of a  plenary part of Lord Nityananda
Adi 5.109    I offer my respectful obeisances unto the feet  of Sri Nityananda Rama, whose secondary part is the Visnu lying in the ocean  of milk. That Ksirodakasayi Visnu is the Supersoul of all living entities  and the maintainer of all the universes. Sesa Naga is His further  subpart.
Adi 5.134    Thus Lord Nityananda has unlimited  incarnations. In transcendental emotion He calls Himself a servant of  Lord Caitanya.
Adi 5.135    Sometimes He serves Lord Caitanya as His guru,  sometimes as His friend and sometimes as His servant, just as Lord Balarama  played with Lord Krsna in these three different modes in Vraja.
Adi 5.136     Playing like a bull, Lord Balarama fights  with Krsna head to head. And sometimes Lord Krsna massages the feet of Lord  Balarama. Adi 5.138    “Acting just like ordinary boys, They  played like roaring bulls as They fought each other, and They imitated the  calls of various animals.”
Adi 5.139  “Sometimes when Lord Krsna’s elder brother, Lord  Balarama, felt tired after playing and lay His head on the lap of a cowherd  boy, Lord Krsna Himself served Him by massaging His feet.”
Adi 5.142    Lord Krsna alone is the supreme  controller, and all others are His servants. They dance as He makes them  do so.
Adi 5.143    Thus Lord Caitanya is also the only  controller. All others are His associates or servants.
Adi 5.154    Krsna and Balarama present Themselves as elder  or younger brother, but in the scriptures They are described as the  original Supreme Personality of Godhead and His expansion.
Adi 5.156    Lord Caitanya is the same Lord Krsna,  and Lord Nityananda is Lord Balarama. Lord Nityananda fulfills all  of Lord Caitanya’s desires.
Adi 5.157    The ocean of Lord Nityananda’s glories  is infinite and unfathomable. Only by His mercy can I touch even a drop of  it.

Today is the appearance of Lord Varaha Dev

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**newruleIn ancient times there were two  brothers named Hiranyakashipu and Hiranyaksha. They were demons born to sage  Kashyapa Muni. They flaunted uncommon bodily features and had steel-like frames  which grew just like mountains.  Their bodies became so tall they seemed to  kiss the sky with the crests of their golden crowns. They blocked the view in  all directions, and while walking shook the earth with their every  step.
The younger demon, Hiranyaksha, was a greedy exploiter of gold. He  exploited enough gold from the earth so as to cause it to spin out of  orbit.  It then fell into the Garbhodaka ocean.

(below, we have two Varaha Salagram  Silas-notice the snouts)
Lord Brahma who was the creator of the Universe was  thinking of how to lift the earth which was submerged in water. At this time,  the small form of a boar came out of his nostril. The measurement of the  creature was not more than the upper portion of a thumb. While Brahma was  looking at it, that boar became situated in the sky like a gigantic elephant.  Then the boar roared like a rolling mountain. Brahma and the other demigods who  saw this came to know that He was an incarnation of Lord Krishna and offered  their prayers.
Playing like an elephant, Lord Varaha (the boar) flew in  the sky, slashing His tail, His hard hairs quivering.  He scattered the  clouds in the sky with His hooves and glittering white tusks. As Lord Krishna  had assumed the form of a boar He searched for the earth by smell.  Diving  into the water like a giant mountain, He split the ocean into two huge waves.  Lord Varaha penetrated the water with His hooves, sharp like arrows. There He  saw the earth, the resting place for all living beings, lying as it was in the  beginning of creation.  Then He easily took the earth on His tusks and  lifted it out of the water. With His anger glowing like molten coal, Lord Varaha  then accosted the demon Hiranyaksha.
Thereupon Lord Varaha killed the  demon, just as a lion kills an elephant. The cheeks and tongue of the Lord  became smeared with the blood of the demon, just as an elephant becomes reddish  from digging in the purple earth.
In this manner the Personality of  Godhead, Lord Krishna, the maintainer of all living entities, raised the earth  from within the water, and having placed it afloat in its orbit, He returned to  His own abode.
Ref: Srimad-Bhagavatam Third Canto  

Lord Rsabhadevs teachings to all yogis-SP

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Hare Krsna to all
Glories to Prabhupada
This is a very nice lecture by Srila Prabhupada-
Because he explains that God is not just an opulent God, surrounded
by millions of  goddesses of fortune and a huge family, not that He
gives us a fragment of transcendental knowledge in His Bhagavad Gita,  not
that He lifts a mountain when He was only 7 years old, but that He  also
exhibits His complete opulences-as vairagya, or renunciation of this  material world.
Krsna did this as Ramchandra when He gave up His princely right to the  throne by
the next day walking out of His fathers palace and into the forest for  exile, as Krsna
when He ran away from fighting some demon king, and as Lord Rsabhadev by  giving
up His world kingdom and assuming the position of an avadhuta/madman who  was
completely oblivious to the material world.
Prabhupada tells us that we must be self realized and completely zero  with material desire before we
leave this body, if we expect to go back Home. But this takes time and one  starts this
process of going back to Godhead by the morning program, getting up early  for mongol arotik,
chanting, worshipping the Deity,tulsi devi, hearing SB daily  ,associating with the devotees,etc etc.
He also gave the example of how Lord Caitanya was once benedicted by a  brahmana on the banks
of the Ganges with a nice wife and happy family life. When He heard  this He blocked His ears not
wanting to hear this “benediction”. Then the brahmana reversed his  blessings saying you will
never be happy in your family life-in other words He, Lord Caitanya would  take sannyasa-This
Lord Gauranga liked very much !!
Only a devotee could understand this benediction.
Hare Krsna
Damaghosa das
761128SB.VRN                    Lectures                   Pradyumna: “Lord Rsabhadeva was the head of all kings and  emperors within this universe, but assuming the dress and language of  an avadhuta, He acted as if dull and materially bound. Consequently,  no one could observe His divine opulence. He adopted this behavior just to  teach yogis how to give up the body. Nonetheless, He maintained His original  position as a plenary expansion of Lord Vasudeva, Krsna. Remaining always in  that state, He gave up His pastimes as Lord Rsabhadeva within the material  world. If, following in the footsteps of Lord Rsabhadeva, one can give up his  subtle body, there is no chance that one will accept a material body  again.”
Prabhupada: So this is also opulence of Krsna. Jadavad avadhuta-vesa.  Although He is the proprietor, sarva-loka-mahesvaram, still, this is  another opulence, how to become renounced. This is another opulence.  It is as good as the other opulences. …
And He says, Krsna, sarva-loka-mahesvaram. Not only in one planet but  all the universes, all the planets within the universes, they are all the  properties of Krsna. Sarva-loka-mahesvaram.
… So yasasah sriyah jnana-vairagya. This is vairagya. Not that  Krsna is simply enjoying sixteen thousand palaces, sixteen thousand queens,  and millions of descendants, yadu-vamsa. This is another side, and this is  another side, vairagya. Jnana-vairagya. Jnana. We can understand  a little piece of His contribution of jnana, Bhagavad-gita. That is a little  piece of His stock of knowledge. Five thousand years He spoke, and still it  is being continued, not only in India, but also all over the world. This is  jnana. So anyway–strength. When He was seven years old, Krsna,  He lifted the Govardhana Hill. Jnana- vairagya, everything complete. That  is God. Nothing less. Not that, that “I am rich man, but I cannot lie  down on the street.” Not that kind of vairagya. He is complete,  completely different from a rich person. Akhila-loka-pala. He is the  controller of the whole universe; still, you see His vairagya.
But here Krsna as Caitanya Mahaprabhu, Krsna as Rsabhadeva, Krsna as  Krsna Himself, They are teaching us how to become pure  devotee, because sva kalevaram jihasur atmanah. Before  leaving your, this body, you must be self-realized. That is the aim of  life. Bahunam janmanam ante.
niskincanasya bhagavad bhajanonmukhasya. Niskincanasya. If  you actually want to become a pure devotee, then you have to make  this material way of life completely zero. Anyabhilasita-sunyam. Then  it will be possible. If you have still a pinch of attraction for  material life, then it will be stopped, your promotion to the other,  spiritual world. Simply attachment to Krsna, that will make you  advanced.
   So anyone who has accepted this material world as  very comfortable… It is not comfortable; it is simply suffering.  Krsna says, duhkhalayam asasvatam. And still, if we want to be happy in  this material world, bahir-artha-maninah. These fools, they are trying  to be happy within this material world. Material means external  energy. Bahir-artha-maninah. Na te viduh svartha gatim hi visnum  durasaya. This is durasaya, the hope which will never be  fulfilled. But this we do not… Maya-sukhaya bharam udvahato  vimudhan. So unless there is vairagya, there is no question of happiness.  But we cannot attain vairagya immediately; therefore the vidhi-marga,  vidhi-marga-bhakti, to rise early in the morning, to attend mangala arati, to  offer Deity flowers, fruits, and in this way we shall be engaged  twenty-four hours. Then vairagya-vidya will gradually develop. Anarthopasamam saksad bhakti-yogam adhoksaje. Then the anartha… This  material life is simply anartha, has no meaning, because we are creating another life. Without  any spiritual knowledge, if we simply give ourself to the action and reaction  of material nature, then we are making progress on the path of mrtyu- samsara  vartmani. And if we attain Krsna, then mam upetya kaunteya duhkhalayam  asasvatam, napnuvanti.
   This sloka can be applicable to Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s  life. He also became a sannyasi, arya-vacasa. One brahmana  cursed him. Caitanya Mahaprabhu, to receive some blessings from  the brahmanas, when He was boy He was voluntarily trying to give some service  to the brahmanas who were engaged in bathing in the Ganges. He’ll clear the  place because the brahmana, after taking bath in the Ganges, would sit  down, would chant mantra. So He’ll cleanse and He’ll wash the cloth,  and in… Voluntarily He was doing that, service. So one brahmana  blessed Him, “My dear boy, You’ll be very happy in your family life.  You’ll have good wife, very opulent position.” And Caitanya Mahaprabhu  was blocking the ears. The brahmana said, “What is this?” “No, this is  not blessing, sir.” “Oh, it is not blessing? Then You’ll never be happy  in Your family life.” “Yes, this is the…” (laughter) “This is  all right.” So therefore He took sannyasa. Arya-vacasa yad agad  aranyam. Similarly, Lord Ramacandra, arya-vacasa yad agad aranyam. These  are the characteristic of the Personality of Godhead. Try to follow  Them, not imitate, but follow them.    Thank you.  (end)

“You have no feeling for Krsna”–SP

February 8, 2013 in Articles, Damaghosa Dasa by Damaghosa dasa


You have no feeling for Krsna


760623gc.nv                  Conversations                

Devotee (4): The difficulty is that we cannot understand,  we cannot

feel what pleases Krsna now, yet we can feel what pleases  us, and that

is the difficulty?


Prabhupada: You have no feeling, that everyone  knows. Therefore you

have to carry out the order of spiritual master, that’s  all.


Devotee (1) : If we try to please Krsna with all of our  service and

activities, that automatically brings pleasure to the  self?


Prabhupada: You cannot please Krsna directly. You  please your

spiritual master, Krsna will be pleased. If you want to  please

directly Krsna, that is not possible. That is concoction  You cannot

please. Yasya prasadad bhagavat-prasadah. You have to  please your

spiritual master, then Krsna will be pleased. Don’t  jump.

Guru-mukha-padma-vakya, cittete koriya aikya. What is  that song you

daily sing? What is that?


Pradyumna: By the words of the spiritual master our mind  becomes

conclusive from…


Prabhupada: Ara na koriha mane asa. Don’t concoct.  Don’t you sing

daily? Ara na koriha mane asa. Don’t manufacture ideas.  That is

dangerous. Caitanya Mahaprabhu teaches by  His example. Guru more

murkha dekhi’ karila sasana. Caitanya Mahaprabhu said to  Prakasananda

Sarasvati that “My spiritual master saw Me fool number  one, so he has

chastised Me, that ‘Don’t  try to read Vedanta; chant Hare Krsna.’   Just hear………..




1)      So by HEARING—gradually all BRAHMINICAL  QUALITES develop.

2)      Brahmanas qualities—Samo damas tapah saucam….

3)      Every human being expected to become a brahmana  Vaisnava

4)      Without becoming brahmana, nobody can be Vaisnava

5)      You think being a Devotee is such a cheap thing? A 25 cent brahmana  thread??

6)      If everyone was a devotee brahmana, then why so many have fallen  away??

7)      Vaisnava means pure Devotee of God—Sa Gunan samatityaitan brahma bhuyaya  kalpate

8)      So keep on hearing from Srila Prabhupada, develop all brahminal qualities  and then become pure Vaisnava, servant of   God.



Sri Guru is present in all things-by Srila Bhaktisidd​hanta Maharaj

February 8, 2013 in Articles, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura Prabhupada by Nityananda Rama dasa


Sri Guru Is  Present In All Things

by Srila  Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura Prabhupada



Question 1: Are genuine saints (sadhus) respected in this  world?

Answer: In a world full of duplicity, only  duplicitous persons are honoured. Genuine saints, who do not lead the masses  along the wrong path, are not respected in this world. In modern times, simply  getting cheated by those who mislead the masses through a pretentious form of  spiritual discourse has somehow emerged as the religion of the age  (yuga-dharma). And because the true saints wish to expose wicked and  unholy persons (asadhus), those same unholy cheaters bewilder the masses  by condemning the true saints as unholy, duplicitous and thieves themselves in a  ploy to secure their escape. The illusory potency of the Lord, maya,  never allows the jivas to be sincere (niskapata) and to that end  she has even devised various expert strategies for depriving the jivas of  the association of genuine sadhus.

Question 2: Is it possible to have darsana of the Supreme Lord without first having  darsana of sri guru?

Answer: Definitely not. Sri guru is  the fully transcendent (aprakrta) temple of Sri Bhagavan, and Bhagavan  always resides within that temple. Bhagavan Sri Krsna, who is controlled by  love, manifests Himself within sadhu-guru and remains there always. It is  written in the scriptures:

srutim apare smrtim  itare bharatam anye bhajantu bhava-bhitah aham iha nandam  vande yasyalinde param brahma

Padyavali (126)

Others may serve  the Srutis, Smrtis, the Mahabharata and other scriptures, fearing material  existence, but I shall worship Nanda Maharaja, who is so great that the Supreme  Brahman, the Absolute Truth Himself, plays in his  courtyard.

Many people present  themselves as being highly eager to have darsana of Bhagavan, but they do  not understand that darsana of Bhagavan is only possible through  darsana of guru. Without having darsana of sri guru,  having darsana of Bhagavan is not even imaginable. Even bhakti herself does not begin to manifest if the entity known as sri guru is not  present.

Sri guru is the sole medium by which we are  connected to Sri Krsna and given direct audience of His lotus feet. And the way  Sri Krsna demonstrates His infinite mercy is by sending the greatest Vaisnavas,  His dear-most servants, to this world. Indeed, sri guru is the  personification of Krnsa’s infinite mercy. Only he who teaches us about serving  the Deity and the Holy Name is sri gurudeva.

It is not sufficient to  serve sri guru only with awe and reverence from a distance. We must serve  sri guru with intimacy, that is, with deep love and faith (visrambha  guru-seva), just as Srila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami intimately served Sri  Svarupa Damodara Prabhu.

Question 3: What will happen to me if I forget sri guru?

Answer: The moment I deviate from sri  guru, the moment I become forgetful of he who keeps me attracted to his  lotus feet at every single moment, I will, without a doubt, diverge from the  Truth. And when I am thus separated from sri guru, countless misgivings  and deficiencies will engulf me. I shall simply spend my time bathing when I’m  hot and bundling up when I’m cold. In other words, I will become more anxious to  arrange for my own comfort than to serve sri  gurudeva.

If at the beginning of  every year, every month, every day and every moment, I do not remember my  gurudeva, who saves me from absorption in that which has no connection to  my constitutional nature or are separate from krsna-bhakti, then I will  definitely fall into greater and greater difficulty. I will try to present  myself as guru and will be swallowed up by the ill-mentality of believing  that others should worship me as such. This alone is dvitiya abhinivesa –  infatuation with the worthless purposes of our unnatural state. To come and  offer guru-puja just for one day is insufficient. It is our duty to serve  gurudeva at every moment.

Question 4: Who sees shortcomings in the Vaisnavas?

Answer: Only those who are averse to  hari-bhajana, and who are purely dependent on their material senses –  their eyes, ears, nose and so on – which are doomed to perceive only the  external aspect of things, look for faults in the Vaisnavas. In Srimad  Bhagavad-gita, Sri Krsna has declared that a devotee of the Lord is never  touched by inauspiciousness; he never perishes – na me bhaktah pranasyati (Srimad Bhagavad-gita 9.31).

How can those who are  engaged in exclusive bhajana of the Lord ever become degraded? Verily  they attain only the greatest welfare. Because my vision is imperfect, I see  faults in others. Thus I am unable to attain my own  welfare.

If I become completely  dependent on the observations and perceptions of my senses, then I will be  deprived of service to Adhoksaja – the Supreme Personality of Godhead,  who is beyond the reach of the senses – and I will be deprived of service to  sri gurudeva. It is because of my own dismal state that I allow my mind  to happily dwell on the misfortune of others. I am only so attracted to finding  faults in others because I myself am full of faults. If I am able to achieve my  own welfare, then no time will remain for seeing faults in  others.

Question 5: Is sri guru present in everything?

Answer: Yes. The acaryas who comprise  our asraya-jatiya guru-varga* are present in various forms in order to  bestow mercy upon us. All these forms are manifestations of sri gurudeva himself – he who imparts transcendental knowledge (divya-jnana). The  image of the jagad-guru is reflected in various idealistic entities. My  sri gurudeva is being reflected in every entity. The visaya-jatiya aspect of Krsna (Krsna as the object of love) is one half of the Absolute  Reality. The other half is the asraya-jatiya aspect (wherein love of God  takes shelter). The completeness of the Absolute Reality exists in the  variegatedness of the transcendental pastimes of these two aspects. The complete  perception of the visaya-jatiya aspect is Sri Krsna, and the complete  perception of the asraya-jatiya aspect is my sri gurudeva. The  transcendental reflection of the asraya-jatiya aspect in all the  conscious cosmic manifestation is the manifestation of my gurudeva alone,  in diverse forms. He who teaches us at every moment that we should engage in  serving Bhagavan for our entire life is certainly sri gurudeva. This very  same gurudeva is reflected in the heart of every living being. He is  present in every single entity in his asraya-jatiya aspect.

_____________________ *  The line of pure gurus in whose hearts Sri Bhagavan  resides

Question 6: When does someone attain a sphurti (momentary vision) of Bhagavan in his  heart?

Answer: By good fortune, someone may  perceive sri gurudeva wandering in his heart – that is to say, he may  have darsana of sri gurudeva in his heart. Only in such a pure  heart does the momentary vision (sphurti) of Bhagavan take place. There  is no other means to attain service to the Supreme Lord than serving and  pleasing sri guru, he who inspires us to engage in serving Sri Bhagavan  by all means and in every activity.

Question 7: If I do not completely surrender to the lotus feet of sri guru, am I  simply deceiving myself?

Answer: Definitely. I may consider that I  have received mantra from guru, but in real terms, if I am not  prepared to accept full shelter at the lotus feet of sri gurudeva, then  to whatever extent I act with duplicity, I will be  cheated.

Translated by  the Rays of The Harmonist team from Srila Prabhupadera  Upadesamrta Questions re-numbered for this on-line  presentation


CC Madhya 7.130 Bhakti Vikasa Interpolat​ion Vs the Truth

February 7, 2013 in Articles, Mahesh Raja by Nityananda Rama dasa


CC Madhya 7.130 Bhakti Vikasa Interpolation Vs the Truth
Little Bengali abc and they think they know it all:
731208SB.LA                  Lectures    You cannot imagine what my spiritual master said. Or even if you read some books, you cannot understand unless you understand it from me. This is called parampara system. You cannot jump over to the superior guru, neglecting the next acarya, immediate next acarya.
 Bhakti Vikas Maharaja interpolation: One should not try to be an artificially advanced devotee, thinking, “I am a first-class devotee, so It is best not to accept any disciples. Such thinking should be avoided.
From Bhaktiviksa Maharaja Interpolation: So, that purport from CC Madhya 7.130 should read.
Madhya 7.130 The Lord’ s Tour of South India The cult of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is explained here very nicely. One who surrenders to Him and is ready to follow Him with heart and soul does not need to change his location. Nor is it necessary for one to change status. One may remain a householder, a medical practitioner, an engineer or whatever. It doesn’t matter. One only has to follow the instruction of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, chant the Hare Krsna maha-mantra and instruct relatives and friends in the teachings of the Bhagavad-gita and Srimad-Bhagavatam. One has to learn humility and meekness at home, following the instructions of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, and in that way one’s life will be spiritually successful. One should not try to be an artificially advanced devotee, thinking, “I am a first-class devotee, so It is best not to accept any disciples. Such thinking should be avoided. . One has to become purified at home by chanting the Hare Krsna maha-mantra and preaching the principles enunciated by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Thus one can become a spiritual master and be freed from the contamination of material life.
Therefore, one should act as madhyam and preach. Accept as many disciples as is practical.
Lets look at what Bhaktiviksa Maharaja states and think IS IT THE TRUTH? Does what he say make sense?
One should not try to be an artificially advanced devotee, thinking, “I am a first-class devotee, so It is best not to accept any disciples. Such thinking should be avoided.
1) Advanced devotee does he think it is BEST NOT accept disciples? HOW? If that was a FACT then it contradicts Maha-bhagavata as Diksa guru:
“It is stated in the Upadesamrta of Rupa Gosvami that a guru is a gosvami, a controller of the senses and the mind. Such a guru can accept disciples from all over the world. Prthivim sa sisyat. This is the TEST of the guru.”
So HOW can it be ARTIFICIAL thinking?
Madhya 24.330 The Sixty-One Explanations of the Atmarama Verse In the Padma Purana, the characteristics of the guru, the bona fide spiritual master, have been described:
MAHA-BHAGAVATA-srestho brahmano vai gurur nrnam sarvesam eva lokanam asau pujyo yatha harih
maha-kula-prasuto ‘pi sarva-yajnesu DIKSITAH sahasra-sakhadhyayi ca na guruh syad avaisnavah
The guru MUST be situated on the topmost platform of devotional service. There are three classes of devotees, and the guru MUST be accepted from the topmost class. The first-class devotee is the spiritual master for all kinds of people. It is said: gurur nrnam. The word nrnam means “of all human beings.” The guru is not limited to a particular group. It is stated in the Upadesamrta of Rupa Gosvami that a guru is a gosvami, a controller of the senses and the mind. Such a guru can accept disciples from all over the world. Prthivim sa sisyat. This is the TEST of the guru.
2) NOI 5 does NOT ADVISE one to accept DISCIPLES on Kanistha level or Madhyama level It simply states they CAN accept disciples. BUT it strongly advises devotees to ACCEPT Uttama Adhikari as Guru INSTEAD: “Therefore a disciple should be careful to accept an uttama-adhikari as a spiritual master.”
NoI 5 In this verse Srila Rupa Gosvami advises the devotee to be intelligent enough to distinguish between the kanistha-adhikari, madhyama-adhikari and uttama-adhikari. The devotee should also know his own position and should not try to imitate a devotee situated on a higher platform. Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura has given some practical hints to the effect that an uttama-adhikari Vaisnava can be recognized by his ability to convert many fallen souls to Vaisnavism. One should not become a spiritual master unless he has attained the platform of uttama-adhikari. A neophyte Vaisnava or a Vaisnava situated on the intermediate platform can also accept disciples, but such disciples must be on the same platform, and it should be understood that they cannot advance very well toward the ultimate goal of life under his insufficient guidance. Therefore a disciple should be careful to accept an uttama-adhikari as a spiritual master.
3) ALL the disciples in ISKCON belong to Srila Prabhupada
Srila Prabhupada’s 07-09-77, Letter to All G.B.C., All Temple Presidents In the past Temple Presidents have written to Srila Prabhupada recommending a particular devotee’s initiation. Now that Srila Prabhupada has named these representatives, Temple Presidents may henceforward send recommendation for first and second initiation to whichever of these eleven representatives are nearest their temple. After considering the recommendation, these representatives may accept the devotee as an initiated disciple of Srila Prabhupad by giving a spiritual name, or in the case of second initiation, by chanting on the Gayatri thread, just as Srila Prabhupada has done. The newly initiated devotees are disciples of his divine grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta swami Prabhupad, the above eleven senior devotees acting as His representative.

World wars I & II caused by Urgra Karma and Money–SP

February 6, 2013 in Articles, Damaghosa Dasa by Damaghosa dasa


740702rc.mel                 Conversations
   “Following such conclusions, the demoniac, who are lost to themselves and who  have no intelligence, engage in unbeneficial, horrible works meant to destroy  the world.”
Prabhupada: This industry is horrible  work. Simply by tilling your ground you get food grains, and keep  some cows, you get milk–your economic problem is solved. Why  such big, big industries? Ugra-karma. Then? Go  on.
                         kamam asritya  duspuram                          dambha-mana-madanvitah                         mohad  grhitvasad-grahan                         pravartante ‘suci-vratah
   “The demoniac, taking shelter of insatiable lust, pride and  false prestige, and being thus illusioned, are always sworn to unclean  work, attracted by the impermanent.”
Prabhupada: The big two wars of the world happened only on  account of this industry. Do you know that? The cause is the big, big  industry. Germany industrial, they produce goods. They must have  market. But when they go to sell, there is no market. Britishers will not  allow to sell them. The Britisher will take, purchase from them, and stamp  it “Made in England” and sell it. And this is the cause of two big  war. Therefore German declare twice war. Disaster. Therefore it is  said, jagata ahitaya.
Now on the flip side, if we DONT want  Wars—
►750403mw.may                Conversations

Prabhupada: Yes. Why  don’t you solve? There are so many land. Come

here and grow food.  Grow fruit. That is… That is the desire of

Krsna. Annad bhavanti bhutani. Produce food and  … ask, “You have to

pay this price.” And  you have to pay. And if you grow your own food,

there is no such  question. The simple economic problem, solution, this

rascal cannot  take…..


“I wish to  introduce this ideal now. Then if we are successful this cheating  civilization will stop. They have made these cities as hell. If people do  not cooperate with them, then how will the factories run on? And, if the  people are satisfied by this arrangement, then what will the communists  do?”


740314mw.vrn                 Conversations                

Prabhupada: Business  means if you have got extra grains or extra

foodstuff, you can  sell where there is necessity, there is want. That

is business. We  are not going to open mills and factories and… No.

We are not going  to do that. That is sudra business. The real business

is that you  produce enough food grains, as much as possible, and you

eat and  distribute. That’s all. This is business. He does not require

any so high  technical education. Anyone can till the ground and grow

food. Is it  difficult? This is the business. The first thing is that

everyone, man and  animal, especially the cows, they must be properly

fed so become very  stout and strong. Cows will supply milk, and man

will work hard,  without being suffered by dysentery. He must work

hard. Any capacity.  Work as a teacher or work as a ksatriya, work as a

ploughman. Or work  as general assistant. He must work. Everyone should

be employed. And his  employment will be provided from any of these

groups, according to  his capacity. Either as a brahmana, or as a

ksatriya, or as a  vaisya, or as a sudra.

750514mw.per                 Conversations                Amogha:  He was saying that your solution was too simple. He said that people will  not accept it because it is too simple. Prabhupada: That is his  ignorance. They will say it is primitive.

That is the only  solution. According to the Vedic system, you cannot use anything  which you cannot produce. Suppose this we are  using, but according the Vedic system we should not use it because I  cannot produce it. Then the whole solution is there.  Nobody will manufacture this because there will be no customer. If I refuse  this use of this machine, thinking that “I cannot produce it; I should not  use it,” then where is the customer? The so-called industry will  automatically stop, and he has to go to the village  outlying.



770618rc.vrn                                              Upendra: The reason the original faith was placed in the scientists was  because radio, airplanes, tape recorders have been manufactured, and people  are impressed by these originally. Prabhupada: So what is the benefit?  Without radio, people were dying, or with radio they are not  living? Upendra: They say they are living more  comfortably. Prabhupada: Nonsense  comfortably… They have changed the season? Is it comfortable?  We have to take this cooling machine. What is the practical benefit? You  can say that it is comfortable. That’s all right. But that does not mean that  you have moved the uncomfortable situation. You are struggling against.  That much you can take credit. Real benefit is not  there. That is stated in the  Bhagavad-gita. Janma-mrtyu-jara-vyadhi. Real unhappiness is this, that you  are: “Why I am struggling? I don’t want death.” Actually why I am taking  massage and so on, so on? So that I may not die. So where is the  scientists’ guarantee, “No, you’ll not die”? Has he any…? You’ll struggle  only. That’s all. The scientists cannot guarantee, “No, you’ll not  die.” That is real guarantee. “You’ll die  comfortably.” Hm? Die comfortably? Now  there is no appetite. Where is the scientist, assuring, “Take”? What  actual benefit they have done? They are giving some… Nothing

they have given. It is  simply bluff. Things without which  we could do, such things are there. There were no motorcars. There was  horse carriage and bullock carriage. Things were going on. Not that  without this horseless motorcar society would have been vanquished. No.  There are other alternatives. Rather, they were complicated. As soon  as you ride on a car, there is anxiety, especially in  your country, so many cars. When you ride on a car, full of  anxiety… At any moment there may be accident. It is not  comfortable. If you are full of anxiety. Aeroplane may be.  At any moment you can die. It is your time only. They’re going in good faith:  “I shall go there.” But before rising to the sky, finished, crash. So many  airplane has been… So where is  the comfort? As  soon as you get on the aeroplane, you are in full  anxiety that at any moment there may be crash. Is it not?  Then where is comfort? Real comfort is without anxiety. That  is real comfort.

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Position of The Acharya and prcess of Diksha

February 3, 2013 in Articles, Mahesh Raja by Nityananda Rama dasa


Reply to Nimai Pandit Prabhu
Nimai Pandit Das : My desire is to come to understand fully, if it is the Truth(I am keeping the possibility open that it may not be), and to explore the possibility that the process of Diksha is explained so comprehensively, THAT THERE CAN BE NO QUESTION TO ACCEPT THAT ONLY SRILA PRABHUPADA IS THAT DIKSHA GURU, OF ALL OURS. AND THAT AS A SIDE ISSUE JULY 9TH LETTER is of course, so natural. I think to try to prove/disaprove the July 9th letter from the angle of past “ritvik” practices is superficial and a play in logic by both sides.
Mahesh : VERY EASY. Lets consider the following facts:
1)WHY did Srila Prabhupada ARRANGE to have his OWN murti in ALL the temples in ISKCON for worshiping during Guru Puja UNLESS he was GIVER OF the DIVYA Jnana hrdaya prakasito HE GIVES DIVYA JNANA (DIKSA) ONLY a MAHABHAGAVATA is accepted as Worshipable Diksa Guru as per Caitanya Caritamrta Madhya 24.330. Srila Prabhuapada is THE ACARYA of ISKCON.
NOTE: It is ONLY ACARYA that can give DIKSA because even in NOD this is stated REGARDING ACCEPTING INITIATION from the spiritual master it refers to SB 11.17.27 which is ACARYA.
Nectar of Devotion 7 — Evidence Regarding Devotional Principles
REGARDING ACCEPTING INITIATION from the spiritual master, in the Eleventh Canto of Srimad-Bhagavatam, Seventeenth Chapter, verse 27, it is stated by Lord Krsna, “My dear Uddhava, the spiritual master must be accepted not only as My representative, but as My very self. He must never be considered on the same level with an ordinary human being. One should never be envious of the spiritual master, as one may be envious of an ordinary man. The spiritual master should always be seen as the representative of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and by serving the spiritual master one is able to serve all the demigods.”
Srimad-Bhagavatam 6.7.15 Purport — Indra Offends His Spiritual Master, Brhaspati:
“By the mercy of the spiritual master one is benedicted by the mercy of Krsna. Without the grace of the spiritual master, one cannot make any advancement.” A disciple should never be a hypocrite or be unfaithful to his spiritual master. In Srimad-Bhagavatam (11.17.27), THE SPIRITUAL MASTER IS ALSO CALLED ACARYA. Acaryam mam vijaniyan: the Supreme Personality of Godhead says that one should respect the spiritual master, accepting him as the Lord Himself. Navamanyeta karhicit: one should not disrespect the acarya at any time. Na martya-buddhyasuyeta: one should never think the acarya an ordinary person. Familiarity sometimes breeds contempt, but one should be very careful in one’s dealings with the acarya. Agadha-dhisanam dvijam: the acarya is a perfect brahmana and has unlimited intelligence in guiding the activities of his disciple.
2)Srila Prabhupada put it DELIBERATELY in all his books FOUNDER-ACARYA. Srila Prabhupada did NOT say he was only ISKCON founder. There is HYPHEN in between the words Founder AND Acarya which indicates HE IS ALSO ITS CURRENT ACARYA.
3)There is ALSO the FACT that ONLY INITIATED DISCIPLE will be Director. This means HE wanted to REMAIN the INITIATOR for the EXISTENCE of the society: Other WILL Srila Prabhupada’s Will The executive directors who have herein been designated are appointed for life. In the event of death or failure to act for any reason of any of the said directors, a successor director or directors may be appointed by the remaining directors, provided the new director is MY INITIATED DISCIPLE following strictly all the rules and regulations of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness as detailed in my books, and provided that there are never less than three (3) or more than five (5) exeutive directors acting at one time.
4) 75-08-04. Letter: Madhudvisa: The GBC should all be the instructor gurus. I AM IN THE INITIATOR GURU, and you should be the instructor guru by teaching what I am teaching and doing what I am doing. This is not a title, but you must actually come to this platform. This I want.
680312iv.sf Conversations Prabhupada: Yes, I AM the spiritual master of this institution, and ALL the members of the society, they’re supposed to be MY disciples. They follow the rules and regulations which I ask them to follow, and they are initiated by me spiritually. So therefore the spiritual master is called guru. That is Sanskrit language.
5) Disciple belongs to whoever gives DISCIPLINE TO him: In ISKCON we are ALL being DISCIPLINED by Srila Prabhupada (we receive instructions (DISCIPLINE) FROM Srila Prabhupada’s books. Even the most basic discipline, 16 rounds of Hare Krishna Mantra and four Regulative Principles are coming FROM Srila Prabhupada. Common sense — if you ARE being disciplined BY Srila Prabhupada then it follows you ARE Srila Prabhupada’s disciple. How can it be otherwise?
The MEANING of the word “disciple” Srila Prabhupada’s Morning Walk, March 8, 1976 in Mayapur: Prabhupada: “Discipline… Disciple means discipline. The word discipline comes from disciple, or disciple comes from discipline. So unless there is discipline, there is no question of disciple. This discipline must… That should be uniform. Otherwise, sisya… sisya, the word sisya, it comes from the root, verb, sas-dhatu. sas. sas means ruling. From this word, sasana. Sasana means government. sastra. sashtra means weapon, and sastra, scripture, and sisya… These things have come from the one root sas-dhatu. So sas-dhatu means ruling under discipline. There is another English word, that “Obedience is the first law of discipline,” or something. They say, “Obedience is the first law of discipline”? So I am right? “Obedience is…”? That is the… Tamala Krsna: Yes, that’s more or less what it is. Prabhupada: No, what is the word, exact. There is an English word. “Obedience is the first law of discipline.” So unless there is obedience, there cannot be any discipline. And unless there is discipline, there is no question of disciple. DISCIPLE MEANS ONE WHO FOLLOWS DISCIPLINE.” Discipline comes from Srila Prabhupada. We are actually being disciplined by Srila Prabhupada. It is Srila Prabhupada who has given us the regulative principles of no meat, fish or eggs; no intoxication (including tea and coffee), no illicit sex, and no gambling. It is Srila Prabhupada who has made it a regulative principle for us to chant sixteen rounds on the beads HARE KRSNA HARE KRSNA KRSNA KRSNA HARE HARE /HARE RAMA HARE RAMA RAMA RAMA HARE HARE. Srila Prabhupada’s books contain all the instructions, the guidance required for us to get ourselves out of the clutches of the modes of material nature. In fact, Srila Prabhupada is personally present as his books.
Caitanya-caritamra, Adi 1, Text 35: “There is NO DIFFERENCE between the spiritual masters instructions and the spiritual master himself.” Since the instructions of the spiritual master and the spiritual master are not different, one can be the disciple of Srila Prabhupada by following his discipline and can be considered Srila Prabhupada’s disciple. Another point is he can be considered both direct disciple and not direct simultaneously, because Srila Prabhupada is still present in his instruction form (his books). The following example will illustrate the point. Srila Krsnadasa kaviraja is the example of both direct and not direct disciple simultaneously. (THE PHILOSOPHY OF SIMULTANEOUS ONENESS AND DIFFERENCE).