If you do not get qualified guru, then everything is bogus-SP

December 13, 2012 in Articles, Damaghosa Dasa by Nityananda Rama dasa


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So for that there are so many practices, regulative principles, mentioned  here. The first thing is hamse gurau mayi bhaktyanuvrtya. This is  religion. Adau gurvasrayam. If you do not get a  qualified guru, then everything is bogus. If you, by good fortune, if you  get the association of a guru, qualified hamsa, paramahamsa… Paramahamsa guru means sannyasi’s last stage is  paramahamsa. Kuticaka, bahudaka, parivrajakacarya, and  paramahamsa, these are the different stages. When one takes sannyasa, he  lives outside the village in a kuti, in a cottage, and the family members  goes and delivers him the food, because he is not practiced. So in the  beginning, he keeps up this association of neighborhood or family, but he is  not practiced. He therefore lives outside the village, and if somebody gives  some food, he eats.
Then when he becomes experienced, then he does not  accept food from one, either his own home or one home. He takes  foodstuff from many homes: “Give me a little piece of capati.” So somebody gives half, because they are also not overburdened. If they have to  deliver, so many sannyasis come, and sumptuous food, then how the  grhastha will provide? Therefore though… They do not overburden. There may  be other sannyasis, therefore little only. Madhupuri.  The Gosvamis practiced this madhupuri in Vrndavana.