Let us all chant, and do nothing-SP

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You cannot expect that your audience should be all highly brain. No.  Preaching is required because they have no brain.Therefore your duty is to tolerate all difficulties and bring  them to the sense of brain. Not that “These people are  animals; we shall not mix with them.” Then you have no missionary  activities. Then you sit down in a place and chant Hare Krsna. Then don’t  open centers. That is also dangerous. If we imitate Haridasa  Thakura, “Let us all chant and do nothing,” then the maya, the women, they  are very expert. They could not conquer over Haridasa  Thakura, but she’ll conquer upon you. And become  victim. Therefore we have to be active. We cannot imitate  Haridasa. Anyone who has imitated the Haridasa Thakura, he has fallen  down. He has fallen. He must fall down because imitating the highest  personality, for which he is not fit. Therefore he’s going to fall down. When  by preaching, by chanting, we will be expert, then it is possible.  …..
Below is our spud field-about 175 plants which should be plenty for our  needs
the next year, which includes home use and all the programs  here
One way to get good potatoes is to soak the roots twice a season with 5  gallon
gallon buckets of water mixed with one cup of molasses. I did 40 gallons  here, twice.
this prevents the spuds from developing any black holes inside and makes  their
skins good for storage yet still very edible.
It’s also good to do it after you have wetted the soil so the liquid really soaks down
deep to the roots.
The Divine Pair to be worshipped in Kali yuga

The No Brain Society-SP

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Hare Krsna to all
All glories to Srila Prabhupada
Last night before taking rest I was reading this below in the  conversation books.
Srila Prabhupada was talking to a Mr Hennis from the United Nations Labor  Organization and he was trying to help this man understand that if human society  had no brain to lead it, then it was simply a dead body with no higher purposes  than animal life.
He also mentioned that devotees should tolerate all difficulties and try to  give these people some knowledge
that will help them both individually and collectively. To sit down  somewhere and just chant is not his idea of a disciple who would then be  imitating Haridas Thakur. If we do this then we will without doubt, become a  victim of Maya.
Damaghosa das
740531r2.gen                 Conversations
 Prabhupada: No, no. We have to go everywhere. Wherever there  is opportunity to instruct about this spiritual subject matter, we must go  there. We should not have such discrimination, that city should be neglected.  No. Why? They are also human being. They are misled. So we have to give them  a little instruction. Everywhere. In cities there is possibility. Whatever  we have collected, our men, that is from city, not from the village. So why  should we neglect city? Where is the question? (break) All hobgoblin, the  last word which I said, “dressing the dead body, decorating the dead  body.” The society has no brain; that means dead  body. When a man’s brain is gone, he is dead body, maybe he is  living. He has no use. Just like a madman. He has got life, but what is the  use of that life? It is already dead. Because his brain is deranged. Is it  not? So if the brain is lost, brain is deranged, therefore it is dead  body. That is the distinction between living body and dead body. A living  man has got brain. He can work with his brain. And the dead bod… The body is there. Why call it dead? Because brain is not working.  Brain is dead. That is the difference. Although the  hand is there. The dead man has also hand. The leg is there. The dead man has  also leg. But why the hand is leg? Because the brain is dead.
….Prabhupada: Everyone is concocting some ideas, and they are going  on as different organization. That’s all. No standard idea. The  standard idea is there in the Bhagavad-gita, that cows should be  given protection, go-raksya. Who is following this? Everyone is making  plan how to kill cows in a more scientific way. This is going on. Who  is taking the instruction of Bhagavad-gita? Nobody is taking. Even  in India where Bhagavad-gita is originally, these rascals also not taking.  And they have become so brainless. Therefore the whole  human society is a dead society. And the dead society’s  dressing, decorating, is useless waste of time. That’s all. Their  education, their advancement… He has no brain. What is the use of  education? That is said by Canakya Pandita, that snake is a  snake. Do you think a snake decorated with a jewel on the hood is gentleman? Similarly, a man without brain, so-called education, is just like a jewel  on the head of a serpent. Kim asau na bhayankara. Canakya Pandita  asks “Whether a snake with jewel on the head is not fearful? He is as  much fearful as the other snake without the jewel.” Similarly, if a  human being has no brain, with his so-called education or no education,  it is as good. The education has no value. He does not know what is  good work, what is bad work, what is my aim of life, what is this  body,
what is the soul? If these things he does not know, then what is  the value of his education? So the man is not satisfied?(Mr Hennis of  U.N. Labor Org)
Guru Gauranga: He was in a hurry to get  out.
Yogesvara: Oh, yes. He asked me to excuse him to you. He had a  meeting to go to.
Prabhupada: I would say “If he has no brain, what is  the use of going to a meeting?” (laughter) Our only…  Sva-vid-varahostra-kharaih samstutah purusah pasuh. The men are like dogs,  hogs, camels and asses. What they will do? Meeting of the dogs, hogs,  camels and asses will be any beneficial to the society? We are very  pessimistic, and our conclusion, that anyone who is not Krsna conscious, he  is dogs, hogs, camels, asses, that’s all. No brain, animal. Animal  has got brain: how to eat, how to sleep, how to have sex life. So  these people, they have got brain for that purposes only. That is  animal life. Actually, they do not know what is the aim of life,  why people should be educated, why human society should be organized. They do  not know. Bahir-artha-maninah. Enamored by these big, big  buildings. That’s all. “Oh, they are so advanced.” And naturally, the  common man comes to the European or American city, he says, “Oh, Americans  are very rich.” “Rich” means they have piled up stones and bricks,  that’s
all. This is their richness. What is there in the richness here?  But people are common men. They think that this piling of bricks and  stone is like real civilization. What do you think? Is that  real civilization?
Yogesvara: No.
Prabhupada: Piling of bricks and stones? Heaps of  stones and bricks? That is emblem of civilization? They have seen. In  Rome they have seen. They also piled like that. Now they have gone. Where  they have gone? Why they left? Why they were obliged to leave? That nobody  is questioning. And if he has got a different body, if he is living  in that house as cats and dogs and rats and ants, then what benefit he has  derived? There is possibility. If you have got an attraction for the body,  for your house, but you are not going to get a human body, then you’ll have  to take your birth in that place, as tree, as plant, as live as rat or cat or  ant. You have to live. Nature will give you advantage. But you must get the  body according to your karma. That you cannot violate. Where is this science  discussed? As soon as we shall speak gentleman like them, they will  say, “I have got meeting.” Yogesvara: Yes, “I must  leave.”

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu ki Jaya!

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741221SB.BOM                    Lectures
So we have come to this material world. Krsna is always anxious to get us  back to home, back to Godhead. Therefore He comes. Yada yada hi dharmasya  glanir bhavati. What is that dharma? That dharma is not this dharma, Hindu  dharma, Mussulman dharma. No. That dharma is sarva-dharman parityajya mam  ekam saranam vraja.[surrender] That’s… So in this way, our  position, although we are both in this material world, one is the controller;  one is the controlled. And the one who is controlled by the prakrti, by  the material nature, if he accepts to be controlled by the Supreme  Personality of Godhead, then his controlling by the material nature upon him,  that is finished, no more control. Mam eva ye prapadyante mayam etam  taranti te. This is perfection of life.At the present moment we are being controlled every second, every  step. Padam padam yad vipadam. Every step there is danger. This  control means punishment. You cannot expect very good treatment in the  prison life. So this is prison life, conditioned life. So you cannot  expect any good treatment by the material nature because her business is  to punish us.
That is the business so that we can enquire that “Why I am being  punished?” That is required. That “why” philosophy is very important. That is  the beginning of human life. But we are so dull, in spite of being kicked  every moment by material nature, that “why”
question is not coming, so dull-headed. And we are advanced  in designation.    Thank you very much. Hare Krsna. (end)
Some pictures below of yesterdays Saturday feast program-nobody is  getting
punished or kicked here—its all chanting, dancing, and feasting-such a  sublime
way to live out ones life. And the fortunate ones will take it.
Hare Krsna
Damaghosa das
Here Bhakta Andy is offering Srila Prabhupada a garland he made of  flowers from
his own garden and brought to our temple-such a nice service  he  offers by this.
Here below Daria devi dasi is offering her homemade popsicles  to the  devotees
made from our plums and strawberries out back-simply delicious!