Srila Prabhupada’s SB classes-summary file–VOLUME 6 P: I

June 20, 2012 in Articles, Damaghosa Dasa by Nityananda Rama dasa

SB Vol 6

720619SB.LA                    Lectures

So altogether, it is a city of fifty thousand population, but there

are five thousand temples, Krsna. All Radha-Krsna. So this is a

chance, that “Come to Vrndavana, and wherever you go, you see

Radha-Krsna. That will make your life successful.” By seeing, seeing,

Radha-Krsna, Radha-Krsna, seeing, seeing, you’ll get an impression.

And if you continue… The inhabitants of Vrndavana, you’ll find if,

when you go there, that in the morning and evening, all of them, they

are going different temples and seeing the Deity Radha-Krsna. So there

is no need of education, there is no need of philosophy, there is no

need of science. Simply if you visit temples of Visnu, then your life

is successful. This is the Krsna consciousness process. Simply if you

move to the temple and see with your eyes; very simple process. Our,

this Krsna consciousness program is so simple, at the same time

sublime, that you become liberated at the end. Tyaktva deham punar

janma naiti. If you simply think of Krsna in that way.


720618SB.LA                    Lectures

Distress and happiness, they’re already destined, according to our

body. We have discussed this point. Take, for example, you American

boys and girls, you have got a body, by your previous activities. So

your standard of living is better than other country. So actually I

see that even if you go outside your country, your standard of living

is maintained. Because you have got already the body. Deha-yogena



720620SB.LA                    Lectures

There were many poets and writers used to come and visit

Caitanya Mahaprabhu when He was at Jagannatha Puri, and they would

present some writings, but these writings would not be presented

before Caitanya Mahaprabhu unless it was sanctioned by His secretary

Svarupa Damodara. That was the system. So one brahmana, he wrote one

poetry that… The purport of the poetry was that “Jagannatha is

Krsna. But He cannot move. He’s wooden Krsna. And Caitanya Mahaprabhu

is also Krsna, but He is moving Krsna.” That means he distinguished

between Jagannatha and Caitanya Mahaprabhu. So this is not siddhanta.

   This is not conclusion of the sastra. Sastra conclusion is: the

Deity and Krsna, the same. There is no difference. We have many times

explained this. Deity, the worshipful Deity in the temple, is not

different from Krsna. So Svarupa Damodara did not approve of the

poetry to be presented to Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. At that time, he

chastised him that “You do not know the conclusion, and you dare to

write some poetry. Don’t do this.”


720622SB.LA                    Lectures

Prabhupada: So here is one word, “steel-framed.” Nowadays, the medical

science is changing the heart, steel-framed. So this modern science is

making steel-framed hearts, but we can understand that formerly, also,

there were steel-framed hearts. Otherwise how this word comes? Tad

asma-saram hrdayam batedam. So just like stone or steel does not melt

very easily, similarly, anyone’s heart which does not change after

chanting Hare Krsna mantra regularly, then it is to be understood that

it is steel-framed, made of stone or iron. Actually, harinama… Harer

nama harer nama harer namaiva kevalam. It is especially meant for

cleansing the heart. That every… All misconception is within our

heart, beginning from the wrong identification, that “I am this body.”

That is the beginning of all misconception. So Caitanya Mahaprabhu

says, ceto-darpana-marjanam. So as you go on chanting, gradually the

heart will be cleansed, and you’ll be able to understand that you are

not this body.

So this verse suggests that if a person is chanting Hare Krsna

mantra, but his eyes are not tearful or there is no ecstatic shivering

of the body, then that means he’s not coming to the perfectional


So if we chant this Hare Krsna mantra without offense, according

to, and observing the regulative principles and numerical strength …

Sankhya-purvaka-nama-gana-natibhih. The Gosvamis, in Vrndavana, they

used to chant keeping in numerical strength. They were all liberated

persons; still, for teaching us an example, they also used to chant

keeping a numerical strength. Haridasa Thakura, he used to chant Hare

Krsna mantra keeping a numerical strength–300,000 times. 300,000

times. So our prescription is only 25,000. Not 100,000. So it is not

very difficult; it takes utmost 2 hours. We can find out, out of 24

hours, 2 hours. We can find out time. So if we actually follow the

rules and regulations and chant Hare Krsna mantra, then these symptoms

will come. Netre jalam gatra-ruhesu harsah. When this comes then you

know that “I am coming to perfection.” And if it is not coming, then

it is to be understood the heart is steel-framed. Steel-framed. So it

is steel only. Stone. Stone, if we keep our heart stone or

steel-framed, then it cannot be melted. This… These symptoms mean

heart is melting or changing…

… Now anyone is manufacturing

his own way of self realization, and there are rascals who are

supporting, that “Everyone, we are independent. We can find out our

own way of worship.” But Rupa Gosvami says, “This is simply creating

disturbance.” That is very natural to understand. Suppose here, in our

temple, we have got some regulative principles. But if everyone says

that “I can manufacture my own way of worshiping the Deity,” then what

will be the condition?

   It will be simply pandemonium. You see? So that is going on.

…authorized by the disciplic succession. We reject immediately. There

is example that inIndiathere is a tree, sagu, sagu(?) tree. I do not

know whether it is in your country. That, that tree has a very, I mean

to say, thick trunk. But a little jerking, it will break. A little

jerking. Sagu. And there is another tree which is called tamarind

tree. So even a fingerlike stem, you cannot break. It is so strong. So

our policy should be that when we are falling down, we must take

shelter of this tamarind tree, not that sagu tree. The tamarind tree

is Vedic instruction, infallible, without any mistake

..   Even if you say “primitive,” the primitive life is very nice.

Primitive life means simple life. Keeping pace with the nature’s law.

It is very nice. Primitive life … It gives you anxiety-free life,

and therefore, even if you take it as primitive, the saintly persons,

sages, they used to live long, long years, and their brain was so

sharp, because they were taking natural food, fruits, grains, and milk

that helps to develop human brain for understanding subtle subject

matter. So even Vyasadeva… You have seen the picture of Vyasadeva.

He’s writing books just near a cottage only. But he’s writing. Nobody

can create such literature. But he was leading very simple life, in a

cottage. Even, say, 2,000 years ago or little more, there was Canakya

Pandita. Canakya Pandita, he was a brahmana, but great politician. His

politics are studied even now in M.A. class. And because he was a

great politician, diplomat, under his name in ourIndia, inNew   Delhi,

the capital, there is a neighborhood which is called Canakya Puri, and

all the foreign embassies are there.


720624SB.LA                    Lectures

Prabhupada: So it takes not more than five minutes. If you practice,

then you become learned scholars, simply by chanting these mantras,

and the translation, transcendental vibration, will keep you fit for

spiritual advancement. Every verse in Vedic literatures, especially

Bhagavad-gita or Srimad-Bhagavatam, they are not ordinary sounds.

Simply if you chant the mantras, you become purified. Srnvatam

sva-kathah krsnah punya-sravana-kirtanah. Punya-sravana-kirtanah.

Simply by hearing and chanting you become pious.

Punya-sravana-kirtanah. Even you don’t understand the meaning, the

very sound vibration will help you.

…parampara system. The parampara system means… Just like we claim

parampara system from Krsna. So whatever Krsna says or He said 5,000

years ago, we are repeating the same thing. That is called parampara

system. Not that “The world has changed. Scientific advancement is

very great. Now we can interpret in this way and that way.” This is

all nonsense. All nonsense. You cannot change a single alphabet. They

are all unmistakable. They cannot be changed. So that is niscayam


If you want to know positively, what is God, then we should take

lesson from a self-realized soul who has understood, who has seen.

Jnaninas tattva-darsinah. Just like here it is tattva-niscayam

atmanah. So tattvam, the truth, so one must have seen the truth,

realized the truth. Tad-vijnanartham sa gurum evabhigacchet. That is

guru. Means one who has seen the truth. How he has seen the truth?

Through the parampara system. Krsna said this, and then Brahma said

the same thing, then Narada said the same thing, Vyasadeva said the

same thing, and then disciplic succession, Madhvacarya, Madhavendra

Puri, Isvara Puri, Lord Caitanya, Sad-gosvami, Krsnadasa Kaviraja

Gosvami, Srinivasa Acarya, Narottama dasa Thakura, Visvanatha

Cakravarti Thakura. In this way. Jagannatha dasa Babaji, Gaura Kisora

dasa Babaji, Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati. Then we are speaking. The same

thing. Not that “Because we are modernized… Your modern science has

changed.” Nothing has changed.-


►720624SB.LA                   Lectures

Jnana and tattva-darsi. Simply jnani, simply a-b-c-d knowledge,

academic education will not help. You must be jnani, at the same time,

tattva-darsi. That tattva-darsana cannot be possible by mental



720627SB.LA                    Lectures

   Material thought means these fruitive activities. “I shall work

very hard, and I shall get so much wealth, and for this purpose I can

go to church and temple. If God gives me millions of dollars, then I

am ready to go there.” So real purpose is sense gratification. “If I

take to religious principles, then I’ll get more money without any

hard work, and if I get more money, then I’ll be able to satisfy my

senses.” This is called dharmartha-kama. And there is another stage,

which is called moksa, liberation. So people are not interested for

liberation. They want to become religious for material benefits. But

that is not the real purpose of life. Material benefit, you cannot get

more than what you are destined to have; that is already fixed up.

According to your body… You get the body. We get different types of

body, and according to the body, our material sufferings and enjoyment

are fixed up, already. You cannot have more or less. Otherwise…

you’ll see, one man is working so hard, day and night, and he could

hardly maintain himself or his family. And another man, he’s going to

the market, sits down for one hour, and earns 100,000 dollars,

immediately. You can see. Simply by touching the phone, he simply

asks, “What is the rate of this? What is the rate of that?” and he

makes one transaction, and immediately he gets one thousand dollars.

And this man is working hard, day and night, he could not get even two

sufficient meals.

.. So therefore, the conclusion is that so far material comforts are concerned, you cannot

get more. Or less. You will get. It is already fixed up. Deha-yogena

dehinam. Sukham aindriyakam daitya deha-yogena dehinam, sarvatra

labhyate… eh? Yatha duhkham ayatnatah. Prahlada Maharaja says.

Sarvatra labhyate. So far material comfort is concerned, what you are

destined to get, you’ll get it, in wherever you may live. It doesn’t

matter. Your allotment is already there. That is your body.


750210SB.LA                    Lectures

the Western countries all these philosophers… The Darwin’s theory

He cannot give any reasonable cause. Some theory: “It may be, perhaps,

for millions of years there was no…” Speculate. And he admits that

“Whatever I am presenting, it is all my speculation.” We have seen his

letter, some, from 150 years ago. He wrote a letter to a friend. He

admitted that “Whatever I am presenting, that is speculation.” But

science is not speculation. Science cannot be speculation. That is not

science. “Two plus two equal to four”–this is science. And if you

speculate–“Two plus two equal to five” or “Two plus two equal to

three”–that is not science.


720420SB.TOK                   Lectures

Prabhupada: No, this same verse. Practice it. In this way you practice

one mantra daily. Each mantra will purify you hundred yards daily. Go

forward. These mantras are very powerful, given by Vyasadeva Gosvami,

vibrated. And spoken by… Suka-mukhad drava-samyutamrtam. That is

explained in the beginning. Just like a ripened fruit in the tree is

already very sweet, and if it is touched by the beak of the parrot, it

becomes sweeter. These are natural course. If the parrot touches the

fruit, he cuts little by his beak, beak. Beak, you call beak? Then it

becomes still sweeter. Suka-mukhad drava-samyutam. Similarly,

Srimad-Bhagavatam is already sublime, transcendental. And when it is

spoken through the mouth of Sukadeva Gosvami, it becomes still sweet,

just like the fruit. The parrot is also called suka. It is called

suka-paksi, suka bird. So this comparison is given.

…And if we chant that… Just like you are chanting

so many songs, similarly, if we chant one or two verses of

Srimad-Bhagavatam, that will make you very quickly advanced for

spiritual realization. We are therefore taking so much trouble to get

this transliteration, the meaning, so that the reader may take

advanced step, full advantage of the mantra. It is not that to show

some scholarship, that “I know so much Sanskrit.” No. It is just

offered with humility to learn the mantra because one who will chant

the mantra… They are all transcendental vibration. Just Hare Krsna

mantra… This is maha-mantra, but they are also mantras, all the

verses from Bhagavad-gita, Srimad-Bhagavatam, spoken by Krsna, spoken

by… Bhagavata also, spoken by Krsna. Vyasadeva is incarnation of

Krsna. They’re also mantras, infallible instructions. So try to get it

by heart, chanting. Either you chant by seeing the book or get it by

heart, it is all the same. But try to chant one, two slokas daily.



720420SB.TOK                   Lectures

next. Come here. So you have to study like that. So many slokas, I am

taking so much labor. If you do not read it carefully… It is not for

that I am making business, for selling only, and not for my students.

You must all read like this, practice. Why so much trouble is being

taken, word to word meaning and then transliteration? If you chant

this mantra, that vibration will cleanse the atmosphere. And wherever

you go, in any part of the world, if you can chant this mantra, oh,

you’ll be received like God. It is so nice. And in India he’ll

actually receive like Gods if you chant this mantra. They will so

offer their respects, so many. Veda-mantra.


720420SB.TOK                   Lectures

Karandhara: “Now the next question will automatically be made as to

why the Lord influences the living entity to such consciousness and

forgetfulness. The answer is that the Lord clearly wishes that every

living entity be engaged in his pure consciousness as the part and

parcel of the Lord, and thus be engaged in loving service of the Lord

as he is constitutionally made. But because the living entity is

partially independent also, he may not be willing to serve the Lord,

but may try to become independent as the Lord is. The whole nondevotee

class of living entities are all desirous of becoming equally as

powerful as the Lord, although they are not fit to become so. The

living entities are…”

.. So the yogic siddhis… So Krsna gives him some power of

yogic siddhi and he thinks that “I have become God,” and some

flatterers, they also think, “Oh, you are God.” The same dream. And as

soon as death comes, everything finished, your Godhood and everything

finished. Now becomes doghood, come to the stage of doghood. Again,

another dream: “I am dog.” First of all “I am God,” then next stage,

“I am dog.” This is going on. Therefore Bhaktivinoda Thakura said,

keno mayar bose jaccho bhese’: “Why you are being washed away by the

waves of maya? Just fix up. Stand up.” Jiv krsna-das ei viswas korle

to ar duhkho nai. You simply remain fixed up on this standpoint, that,

“I am eternal servant of Krsna.” Then there is no more dream. And if

you allow yourself to be washed away, Krsna gives you facility, “All

right, come on. Be washed away.” Then?

.. Therefore the first sinful will of the

living entity is to become the Lord, and the consequent will of the

Lord is that the living entity forgets his actual life and thus dreams

of the land of utopia where he may become one like the Lord. The child

cries to have the moon from the mother and the mother gives the child

a mirror to satisfy the crying and disturbing child with the shadow of

the moon. Similarly the crying child of the Lord is given over to the

shadow of the material world to lord it over as a karmi and to give

this up in frustration to become one with the Lord. Both these stages

are dreaming illusions only. There is no necessity of tracing out the

history when the living entity desired this, but the fact is that as

soon as he desired such, he was put under the control of atma-maya by

the direction of the Lord. Therefore the living entity in his material

condition is dreaming falsely that this is ‘mine’ and this is ‘I.’ The

dream is that the conditioned soul thinks of his material body as ‘I’

or falsely thinks that he is the lord and that everything in

connection with the material body is ‘mine.’

Prabhupada: So as soon as you understand that “This is not… I am not

in contact with tiger. It is all a dream,” then you are delivered.

Similarly, as soon as you understand, “All this material condition of

life we are simply dreaming; I am actually servant of Krsna,” then you

are liberated. That is Krsna conscious. If you keep in Krsna

consciousness, that “I am eternal servant of Krsna,” then you are

liberated. Sa gunan samatityaitan brahma-bhuyaa kalpate, Krsna says.

Immediately brahma-bhutah. Brahma-bhutah prasannatma na socati na

kanksati. He has no more lamentation, no more hankering. Samah sarvesu

bhutesu. He can see everyone on equal vision. Because he knows, “Here

is also another living entity.” He is not a Chinaman. He is a part and

parcel of God. He is not a Christian. He is not a Hindu. He is simply

thinking like that. So give him Krsna consciousness. That is real

benefit, to bring him to the original position. Yes?

.. Trivikrama: This feeling that we have, that we are fallen, that we are

very fallen…

Prabhupada: That is also illusion. That is also illusion. You are

fallen means you have got some certain desires except service of

Krsna. Therefore the conclusion is that if you keep yourself tightly

in Krsna’s service, there is no question of falling down or there is

no question of maya. You see?

Devotee: Even at that state, still the body is affected by the modes

of nature. We are experiencing desires.

Prabhupada: You are not experiencing. Your body is experiencing. You

are feeling cold due to this body. You are not feeling cold. You are

not feeling cold.

Devotee: But I think I am feeling cold.

Prabhupada: You are thinking. That is illusion. That is illusion.

Devotee: So rise above that.

Prabhupada: Yes. But not artificially, but this is the fact. You have

to gradually rise to that platform. The fact is this. Just like when

you are feverish, actually you are healthy, but it has come. So in the

feverish condition you are thinking, “I am now feverish.” But this

feverish will not, condition, will not stay. You will come to the

…these are coming and going. So if there is some feeling of pain and

pleasure, simply just tolerate it, but don’t be absorbed in that

thought. That’s all. Therefore titiksava. The first symptoms of a

saintly person is titiksava, tolerant. Tolerant. So go on reading, go

on understanding. Everything will be clear



720404SB.MEL                   Lectures

In this way, when we think that we are servant of the

servant of the servant of the servant of Krsna, that is our

perfection. Otherwise, even if we think that “I am not brahmana. I

have got sacred thread. I am very clean. I am taking bath.” That is

required, of course, because if you are actually servant of servant of

Krsna, then these qualities will be there as subordinate.

Just like when you have earned 100,000’s of dollars, it is not that

the ten dollar is not there. Ten dollar is there, but it is not very

important. Similarly, to become a servant of the servant of servant of

Krsna means that the brahminical qualification which is worth ten

dollars, that must be also there. But even at that stage, if your ten

dollar quality is lacking, then you cannot become proud of becoming

the servant of the servant. You cannot become proud of possessing

100,000’s of dollars if you cannot pay ten dollars. Do you follow? If

you say, “Now I am in possession of 100,000’s of dollars,” and if I

ask, “Give me ten dollars.” “No. I haven’t got.” So similarly, if you

actually have become transcendental servant of Krsna, if the qualities

of brahmana is lacking, then you are not perfect. The brahminical

qualification must be there. Then you are falsely possessing. If you

falsely say that “I possess 100,000 dollars,” and if I ask, “Give me

ten dollars.” “No. I…” This is false prestige. So these ten dollars

will not serve my purpose. I will have to acquire 100,000 dollars.

That is Vaisnava qualification. But when we are actually in possession

of 100,000 dollars, you must be able to pay ten dollars. You cannot

say, “No. I haven’t got ten dollars.” Then we are falsely advertising

that you have got 100,000.

So the conclusion is the expert manager, the bank manager, so, if

some man in the establishment, is absent, he can do the work

immediately because he has learned all the things. Bank manager

becomes from the lower clerk. When I was manager in Bose’s laboratory

there was a strike. So there was no packer. So I asked all the clerks

to, “Come on. Let us pack.” As soon as we begin packing, the strike

was broken. So a man claiming to be in the high position, he must be

expert in everything. He must be expert in everything. So therefore a

Vaisnava is called daksa, expert. Expert. So our, this Krsna

consciousness movement being the highest, topmost quality, so in case

we require to do the work, some lower quality, we cannot say that “I

do not know.” We must do it.


720404SB.MEL                   Lectures

Anyone who is not Krsna conscious, he

is a rascal. We accept him. He may be very big man, but a very big

means means amongst the rascals, another set of rascals, because they

are also under the influence of maya. Just like in the society of

asses, one ass is singing. (Imitates ass noise.) They ass feeling,

Oh, how nicely he is singing.” (laughter) All asses. One ass is

singing, and they appreciate. “Oh, great singer.” And you are all,

“Stop it! Stop it! Please stop it! Stop it. Stop it.” This is going

on. So all these leaders, all these rascals, they are all rascals. At

least you must know. You may behave gentlemanly. That is your duty.

But you should know that he is a rascal number one.


720405SB.MEL                   Lectures

the association with the modes of material nature, we are getting

different types of body. And according to different types of body, we

are developing different types of consciousness. Is it very difficult

to understand? But when we transcend this bodily concept of life, then

we come to the one standard consciousness. That is Krsna

consciousness. That is Krsna consciousness. Try to understand. If

there is any difficulty, ask. It is very important. Why there are

different consciousness? Everyone could take up this Krsna

consciousness. But they cannot take it because they have got bodily

concept of life. And body means association with the modes of material

nature in a different way. Try to understand. Is there any question on

this point? Say it clearly. If you have understood, explain. It is

very important point…

…   There is sometimes question, “How one who lived in association with

Krsna, how he fell down?” Generally those who are living with Krsna or

Vaikuntha, they never fall down. But those who are in the effulgence

of Krsna, in the impersonal Brahman, they fall down. Because it is the

propensity of the living entity to enjoy. But one cannot enjoy; there

is no ananda. Those who are merging in the Brahman effulgence, they

are getting the department of eternity. The Brahman is sac-cid-ananda.

So they are simply accepting sad-amsa. Sad-amsa means only eternity.

Just like if you are asked to sit down in a place eternally, no, it

will be impossible. You must desire a change, variety, because we are

living entities, living beings. So therefore our Vaisnava philosophy

has varieties of enjoyment.

…make money. Now, if you simply take it formally… Hayagriva has taken

the formality. We have to keep some cows. Never mind we are to take

payment from others. That is not cow protection. Cow protection means

just like Bhagavan, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, He is tending

the cows. He is going, taking the cows personally from His royal

palace going to the forest whole day, working there. Is it not,

cowherds boy? And taken some little fruit, mother, whatever mother has

given. They are playing that. So this is cow protection, not that

“Somebody will give money and we shall keep some third class cows and

feed there and become cow protector.” We must tend the cows very

nicely so that they give us sufficient milk. And with that milk we

shall live. “No, because we are giving protection to cow, you send

money for the cows and the cow protectors, and earn money there and

give us money. We shall eat nicely and sleep.” As soon as this

practice is going on, then next will be: “Give me some LSD, give me

something else.” This will go on. We don’t want that.

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