Potency of BTG disquisition by Sabhapati dasa

September 15, 2017 in Articles, Sabhapati Dasa by Laksman dasa

Dear Prabhus.
I very much appreciate Gauridas Pandita,s concerns about the Back to Godhead magazine.
As he stated, Srila Prabhpada saw the BTG and Hari Nama Sankirtana as the back bone of the movement.
I came across a BT G in late 72 and I was immediately mesmerised by its transcendental potency.My life changed forever after reading it.
After joining at the Melbourne Rathyartra in June 1973,Caru(Utah)preached to me so nicely about the importance of book distribution,and asked me If I would like to go out distributing books.
Having been fully convinced about the potency of Srila Prabhupadas books I had no hesitation in going out.
I had fully realised what effect Srila Prabhupadas books had on me,and how they bought me to Krishna Consciousness.In such a short time the experience of Rathyartra,the incredible Madhudvisa kirtans,prasadam and the amazing energy of all the devotees who were on fire due to Rathyartra altered my consciousness.In just 1 week I experienced this higher taste,and all I wanted to do was to share it with the world by distributing Srila Prabhupadas books.
So just 3 days after shaving up,I was out selling BTG!s.
Srila Prabhupada wanted the BTG to be as big as Time magazine.And in the mid 70,s there was a time when 1 million BTG,s were being sold monthly.
When distributing books on the street,first I would offer a book,and If they declined the book I would then offer the much smaller BTG,which most people would accept.I set myself the quota of 1 box of BTG,S per day.
Mid 1975 my self and Bhakta Peter( Adi Purush)distributed 70 boxes of BTG,s and with that luxmi we purchased our TS Bus.For 18 months we travelled all over Australia preaching and holding programs fully funded from BTG sales.
A BTG Tale.

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Srila Prabhupadas mercy

August 10, 2017 in Articles, Sabhapati Dasa by Laksman dasa

In 1974,Srila Prabhupada came to Melbourne to attend the Rathyatra festival.He had just come from a preaching tour in Europe.Madhudvisa prabhu had learnt that Srila Prabhupada had changed his preaching activities to include more external types of programmes and to preach to VIP,s.Recently in Europe he had met with Cardinals and city mayors.Before this ,most  of Srila Prabhupadas preaching was just to his followers.
My service was to arrange with VIP,s to meet with Srila Prabhupada.So I made arrangements for Srila Prabhupada to meet with the Catholic Bishop of Melbourne,the head of the Australian Jesuits,The moderator of the Presbyterian church,various Govt departmental heads,and scientists from the CSIRO.
Also I arranged public speaking programmes at the Melbourne town hall,Ormond hall,Saint Pascals Franciscan seminary college and at Latrobe University.
All of these programs were a resounding success and Srila Prabhupada was so pleased.Everything was wonderful except for the University Pragram at La Trobe University.
We had plastered the University with posters advertising Srila Prabhupadas lecture.
The programme was held in the Universitys main lecture hall.More than 500 students came,all the seats were full and many had to stand in the side aisles.
But unbeknown to us ,a group of radical left wing students had come to disturb Srila Prabhupadas lecture.
The vietnam war had just ended,but the radical students were still trying to disrupt civil society,and were still very militant.
Srila Prabhupad began to speak.After a couple of minutes one of the students yelled out and accused Srila Prabhupada of being a puppet of the CIA.We were all totally confused,why was this guy yelling at Srila Prabhupada? Srila Prabhupada stopped speaking momentarily,the abuse stopped,Srila Prabhupada continued to speak.After another minute the student again yelled out abusing Srila Prabhada.Again Srila Prabhupada stopped,then resumed speaking.By this time the devotees were becoming disturbed by the students abuse The audience were also becoming unsettled.
 The 3rd time the student yelled at Srila Prabhupada.That was it ,we had had enough.
Immediately Myself,Buddhi Manta,Ugrasrava(there was one other devotee,I cant remember,It may have been Caru)charged through the crowd ,grabbed the offender and dragged him out the side door.Many in the crowed booed us,and said leave him alone,you are supposed to be a religion of peace.No one fought with us,because Buddhi Manta and Ugrasrava are big guys,6ft3,and no one wanted to meddle with them.

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